The Minster Tape.

Now that Exaro News is a free website, I’d like to suggest that readers of The Needle listen to the recorded conversation between Exaro journalist Mark Conrad and former Director of Social Services for Richmond Council, Louis Minster.

Louis Minster denies that he is Louis Minster and the incredulous Mark Conrad, who had spoken to him on a previous occasion, sounds like he’s about to laugh out loud at the strange direction the conversation keeps taking.

Does this sound like a man with something to hide ?

You decide, you can listen to the Louis Minster tape HERE



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2 responses to “The Minster Tape.

  1. Bishop Brightly

    I think Mr Minster along with several others have a lot to hide don’t you?

    Problem is it looks like the Police think historical child abuse is not really worth rocking the boat over.

    Isn’t that right Mr Clarke and Mr Cameron? How’s Leon Brittan and his family, close friends I believe?

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