Jim Davidson will not face sex charges, say prosecutors


Comedian Jim Davidson will face no further action over alleged sexual offences in the UK, the CPS has said.

The 59-year-old was first arrested in January by detectives from Operation Yewtree, which was set up after the Jimmy Savile scandal – although his arrest was not linked to the late DJ.

He was re-arrested in March after further allegations emerged.

His solicitor, Henri Brandman, said that the comedian was “pleased” with the news.

Mr Davidson had consistently denied the allegations against him.

The CPS said it had considered 10 allegations against Mr Davidson but said there was “insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction in relation to all complaints”.

A second man arrested at the same time as Mr Davidson, a 53-year-old from Hampshire, will also face no further action, the CPS said.

BBC 21/08/13


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13 responses to “Jim Davidson will not face sex charges, say prosecutors

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  2. If the cps had any doubts about the cases going to court then they should not have named him publicly, as he now has the right to sue, seems more macalpine distraction technique to me.

  3. OyiaBrown

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  4. Boggins

    I know nothing of Davidson and don’t want to, but talk of ‘lock him up anyway’ smacks of that witch hunt we’ve been hearing about. What next? Vigilante gangs in the streets? Anybody remember a few years ago when a mob attacked a pediatrician because they were too stupid to understand the word and thought he was a pedophile? gw is right – other posters should keep their paranoia to themselves.

    • gw

      agreed. Bear in mind that for most people the idea of endemic CSA in the care system and a VIP ring sounds utterly bonkers. I would suspect that many people would like to keep it that way. If this is to be exposed then facts must come first – conjecture will only empower those who see to decry it as a witch-hunt and conspiracy theory

  5. stevo

    I think someone owes him an apology!

  6. gw

    As much as I respect your research and findings Bob Jim Davidson has nothing to do with Cameron or the Tory PR – given his racism and homophobia to be honest I doubt they want anything to do with him.

    We know next to nothing about the circumstances. In no way am I fan of Davidson but if the CPS have considered it and decided not to press charges then I accept that.


  7. Alastair

    Another smokescreen. Not deemed to be a national treasure by MI5 and thus not granted an injunction by the Masonic massive, after all he was kicked out from the cult that controls our courts all those years ago. Oh hang on I forgot the magic word – ‘allegedly’.

  8. roland the rat

    Exactly.All the sheeple will be paying hundreds of pounds now to go and watch the prick, despicable horrible puss filled dog turd

  9. CHE had a branch in cleveland and a guest house in rottingdean came as ‘spartacus recommended’ ie it was in spartacus gay guide..

  10. nuggy

    lock him up anyway

  11. @gojam can fw my stuff to bishop please id poss all will help if you can thanks

  12. no surprise about this at all he is well placed with scameron doing the tory pr spin