Tom Jones.

It wasn’t unusual to find Tom Jones in Cape Town, South Africa in the 1970s.


And below a cropped and pixelated image taken from today’s Sunday People, look familiar ?




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  1. Sorry to be picky here Gojam, but do you really see this as (a) abuse or (b) paedophilia? She looks pretty grown-up to me.
    Nice bet of ‘tec work, all the same.

    • Hi JW,

      I don’t think it is paedophilia.

      But I do think it is abusive if a 26 year old man plies a 14 year old girl with alcohol and then has sex with her.

      • Janine

        a 36 year old man….

      • Annee

        It’s consensual sex with a girl that presents herself clearly as much older than 14. Where’s her brain when she stands at a hotel door getting her photo taken with him and precedes to go in the room with him . Did he also pry open her mouth and pour the champagne down her throat forcefully ? I doubt it.

      • anon


      • I don’t discuss private correspondence or confidential sources.

    • Chaz

      Every rock n roll star has fucked some young teen girl or boy around the world, it’ s the parents fault for not teaching there kids better !

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  3. anon

    This from the Sunday People? Have only seen the front page.

  4. nuggy

    your giving away far to much information this will affect the anonymity of the victim if she is one.

  5. nuggy

    ok its not your fault its the Sunday peoples but you can see what get at cant you.

    • I don’t think I’ve given away any information about the alleged victim that wasn’t in the original story. I’ve only added information concerning who the alleged ‘pop star’ is.

      • Janine

        Many celebrities are also found in ‘abusing their positions’, where their fame and mastery of their charismatic manipulation often culminates in statutory sexual abuse/rape.

        Media motivated psychology and insight of impressionable youngster’s minds and the effects that parental attitude, peer pressure and pop idol status has on them, cuts deep.

        Child abuse not only occurs from a violent aspect, but it challenges us in various disguises, often with the mask of sweet seduction promising the ”Hollywood” life every child dreams of….

        Often in these situations – children are then used to engage in sexual activity with the rich and famous whom have a penchant for young flesh and have been known to punt their monies behind the arms deals internationally, linked to the drug trade and politics etc.

        This is a serious and important issue in today’s environment and it has a strong underlying theme and focus on the abuse of power.

        The story is very profound especially in the light of today’s attitude with regard to information, knowledge, and education in all aspects of life.

        It is of statutory sexual abuse/rape with an international celebrity/star many years ago. With so much recent publicity in the media regarding the increase in child abuse/pornography and abuse of power – from Priests to Presidents , uncles and cousins , celebrities, movie stars and ordinary folk , where do we start and when does it stop?

        How and why does it happen? Who are the instigators, the initiators, and who are the catalysts……………?

        The insight this gives us into the mind of impressionable young teenagers and the effects that parental attitude, peer pressure and pop idol status has on them is critical for educating and raising awareness for a better world for our future generation….

  6. Alan B

    He was born in 1940, so he would have been around 38 at the time.

  7. How bizarre – heard a TJ song on the radio only yesterday and remember thinking that he has (so far) been completely untouched by any adverse allegations, from a time when – from what we have seen developing over the last few months – this behaviour was apparently rife.

  8. I remember when i did a bit of roadie work, at one of the more famous gig’s, the producers/bouncers would pick girls from the crowds leaving to go to the afterparty, these are ment to be over 16 but looked very dubious. This was a good 8 years ago but i cant see anything changing, you think the big names don’t have this kind of perk(if you see it that way). Wonder if that is how Ian Watkins got into abusing minors as it is rife within the music industry, apparently the tv production is pretty much the same as we have seen since the savile story broke.
    Yet still there are no politicians having there collars felt, then there is eddy shar getting cosy with the ideals of the lovely Barbera Hewson, speechless

  9. What a surprise! I would never have guessed it was the sex crazed Tom.

  10. How are the police in the UK gonna arrest thousands of rock/pop singers from the 60s to the present day? It will take donkeys year to arrest all these singers/actors etc. by that time all the living Nobles and aristocarcy and royal will be six foot under.

  11. misty53

    being from that era, I am not shocked, and niether should you be. There were groupies at every performance of every famous person or group. These groupies would do anything to get near their idols, pretty much the same as today, but back then nobody had ever heard of the word paedophile! now its become a sort of witch hunt, I for one dont agree with whats happening! this has nothing to do with anything other than things that went on in a different era!

    • Ros.

      I was young at that time also, but it doesn’t matter what era you are from underage sex is illegal, and to ply a 14 year old girl with alcohol and then have sex with her is statutory rape. I am wholeheartedly sick of these pop stars and other so called celebrities thinking they are above the law.
      I wonder how you feel about Savile and his disgusting antics, or would you also make excuses for his perverted behaviour.

    • Ma Baker

      What? Rape? Ffs!
      She was a 14 year old child, not an opportunistic groupie! Do you know what it was like in SA in 76?
      They didn’t even have tv, remember apartheid? How many celebs do you think were visiting Cape Town back then?
      I can’t believe the ignorance some of you people display, especially the women! What if that was your daughter?
      She was completely innocent, he had a modus operandi!
      He’s a fucking nonce and he took what he wanted, do you know how easy it is to groom a child?
      Especially one who is in awe of a celebrity! I suppose all Savile’s victims were groupies too!
      Ignorant fuckwit!
      People like you make me ashamed to call myself a human being!
      Where’s your compassion for a child?

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    Pity he didn’t stick to Mary with her legs all hairy!

  13. SM

    This article should not be up. There is no evidence to suggest that this women is telling the truth and this article could be damaging to the reputation of Tom Jones who has not been proved to have done any wrongdoing. Things like this should only be made public if true.

    • What proof would be sufficient for you?

      • Janine

        The case is already with the National Prosecution in South Africa, as a charge was laid there and all statements of relevant witnesses at the time have been given in.
        There is of course also a case number.
        Unfortunately these kind of cases can be long and tedious as it happened in South Africa, he lives in Los Angeles but is a British Citizen so they have to do what they have to do to muster through these international hurdles however they do it.
        Bottom line – It is in the hands of the law where it should be.
        Anything else , we will gladly be of assistance where possible.

      • Hi Janine,

        TJ has been charged ?

      • Janine

        A charge has been laid – last August already.
        I have emailed you.

    • Ma Baker

      I do not make slanderous or libellous comments! Tell the prick to sue us!
      He is a rapist and I’ve seen enough evidence thanks very much!
      Gojam has seen it too, but we cannot be sure where his loyalties lie, ask him about Settle!

  14. Reblogged

    Many thanks. xx

  15. Мите

    a child under fourteen !! … but France protecting Roman Polanski…
    On March 10, 1977, Polanski, then aged 43, became embroiled in a scandal involving 13-year-old Samantha Jane Gailey[10] (now Samantha Geimer).[11] A grand jury charged Polanski with five charges:

    rape by use of drugs
    lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen
    furnishing a controlled substance to a minor

  16. SM

    Just because a charge has been made does not make him guilty? How many people have you seen have these charges made against them and they have turned out to be innocent?

    From the article in the People this lady states that she was in a room full of celebrities, including Tom’s backing band and a beauty queen, of whom Tom was having an affair with at this time. You’re telling me that all these people would be happy with Tom raping a minor in the other room? I don’t think so. You’re really telling me that if this case had strong credibility the world press wouldn’t be all over it and something wouldn’t of been done by now? He’s still a big name around the world, of course it would. If this was given to Operation Yewtree in 2013 then do you think the BBC would have given him an extra 2 years on the Voice considering all the negative press they’ve already had?

    Its no secret that Tom enjoys his sex, but you speak to anyone who has met Tom, celebrity or non celebrity and they speak nothing but good words. I am not saying this lady is lying, but until Tom Jones is found you shouldn’t be so sure in your judgement. There is TWO sides to every story.

    • Ma Baker

      So let him tell his side then!
      Ha! People are so ignorant! Money is king! Anyone can be bought off! Why didn’t they extradite him? You know why? He’s a cash cow! Too many people have an interest in keeping the story buried and the money rolling into their accounts! Why do you think he was unceremoniously dumped from The Voice when he was so popular?
      He will be back to doing caberet turns after his ‘farewell’ tour this year!
      Mark my words!
      And yes, he is a hebephile for raping an adolescent! He may also be a paedophile!
      Annee if you’re a woman you’re a disgrace for making that remark!
      What a bunch of judgmental nobs some of you are!

      • SM

        I am sure he will tell his side if it comes out. Don’t give me all this money is king stuff, if the press can ruin a celebrities career, they will. The bigger the star, the better. He was dumped off the Voice because lets be honest, on there he was boring as fuck. There are very strong rumours that ITV will be taking him back, providing he accepts a pay cut. I don’t think ITV would consider that would they if this was any credible. After his removal from the Voice, the BBC did a big tribute charity show for him in October. They didn’t shut him out completely at all and has appeared on there several times since.

        His tours this year are not marketed as a farewell tour, so again another statement that has been put on this blog with zero substance. You’ve got ZERO evidence to suggest to back up those statements that he is a hebephile or a paedophile. There is no substantial evidence to back this up yet and until there is, or it does come out and it is proven in court, then it remains what it is.

        People who go on these types of blogs are always quick to slander people with unsubstantiated claims. Just because it has a case number still does not strengthen the claim. I could call the police now and claim I have just been abused and I’d have a case number.

        At the end of the day, all I am saying is lets not jump to conclusions. It is very easy to get carried away with these things.

    • Leigh

      I agree with you SM. I was at many parties after each concert. I was a minor and I remember specifically a 13 year old girl being at one of the parties and she was escorted out once her age was revealed. He never tried to rape me. I was 17 and it was consensual. This was in 1976. I was not forced or offered any Dom. I just can’t believe with his son right in the same room, he would take a young girl in the next room and rape her.

  17. Ma Baker

    Is this all you have to say about this story even though you have documented evidence? 40 years on 7/3/16
    And for those of you who thinks she looks older, you sound like pedos making excuses! Typical victim shaming/blaming behaviour!

  18. The basic facts of a long drawn out timeline are such, as in this matter:

    1. The incident reported, happened in South Africa
    2. Tom Jones is a British Citizen
    3. Tom Jones has been residing in Los Angeles, USA thereby enabling him to avoid paying high tax returns in the UK.

    This basically means that there are different waters of legal jurisdiction to pass (SA/UK/USA) to make it a viable cost effective court hearing added to which as it already is in the States hands as it is not a Civil Case, the taxpayer is paying the bill for this all and that is something the relevant council and powers that be must fairly take into account on behalf of the community as these type of cases can run into the hundreds of thousands of GBP Sterling.

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  20. malcolm

    i remember this incident clearly The store I was told was not exactly as what was reported