Kincora, a small footnote to history.

Those who have followed events at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, until it was closed down in a “police” raid in 1982, will know there has always been some dispute over the nature of the raid that took place. Carol Kazir (and her legal team) always insisted that this raid was carried out under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. The police and government have always insisted it was under vice law legislation. All I can say is, Carol gave me the “notice to detained persons” issued under the Act, to stop her talking to a lawyer. This I gave to the coroner at Carol Kazir’s inquest in the summer of 1990.

Why has this always been so important and what did it matter which law was used to conduct the raid? Well, without benefit of counsel, Special Branch were the first to question her. They were not interested in the senior politicians or others in high places who had stayed at the guest house. They questioned her for hours, about Sir Antony Blunt, disgaced former spy and Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures; Richard Langley, a royal aide at Buckingham Palace; Commander Tresstrail, Head of the Royal Protection Squad and Paul Henry, a senior officer in Special Branch.

In an unprecedented move, Blunt had been awarded immunity from prosecution for his spy activities. What is less known, is that this immunity applied to ALL of Blunts unlawful activities, particularly in respect of his activities in Northern Ireland and his part in the abuse of boys from Kincora and other homes.

It was this connection that NAYPIC decided to look into in 1990. We believed it showed a direct connection to events in Barnes with Kincora. I spoke with Carol (and her lawyer) about this. They confirmed that Blunt had been questioned as a “witness” and was on the list of witnesses given to the defence of those who had made witness statements. His statement was never used in court, besides he had conveniently died of a heart attack before the Kazir’s trial. This was not the only event happening around this time. Very reliable sources had told us in 1990 that the Cabinet had been briefed around this time about Kincora. The recent release of cabinet documents has confirmed this DID happen. The same sources also said that the Prime Minister and senior members of the Cabinet had also been briefed on events at Elm Guest House around the 24th August 1982, about 2 weeks after the article about a “report” on Elm had been handed to Scotland Yard, carried by the Times.

We spoke to many people in the “know” about Kincora and other homes in Northern Ireland. Amongst these was the well-respected journalist, Paul Foot. He always dismissed Elm Guest House as a distraction from the real cover-up that was Kincora. In his book, he dismissed as rumour that a cabinet member had been involved at Elm. I had great respect for Paul and admired his work and his integrity as a journalist. But we at NAYPIC disagreed with him. There were victims of serious abuse, from care in both Richmond and Northern Ireland – you cannot dismiss one group as more important than the other. All deserve justice.

Blunt had made it very clear to the security services that if he was going to go down for offences in Barnes, then he was going to take everyone else involved, particularly in Kincora, down with him. Luckily for the government, Blunt died of a heart attack before the trial. So all could be covered up again.

I am acutely aware that, although these events may be seen now as history, there are still victims of Kincora and other homes still alive. They deserve answers and some justice. I saw in the presss that a new inquiry was to be carried out. The victims deserve better than yet another cover-up. There should be a full public inquiry. If any of those who carried out this horrific abuse, or those that covered it up, are still alive, then they should be held to account for their actions and brought to justice.

Now wouldn’t THAT be the best footnote of all to history?
Chris Fay


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  2. re the above post by myself..the irony of that headline along with photo of frank bruno sparring with police officer and bruno being one of savilles best friends too..



    Click to access n_9709lw.pdf

  4. Silly question i know but why was the officer using the womans spectacles?

  5. dpack

    if the semi official story that blunt was close to soviet intelligence from his time at university until at least the 1950’s and that he was “important” to them either as a willing or blackmailed asset is true it seems very probable that he had a high level handler during that period.
    at the time the head of stalins intel (or maybe in some ways stalin’s boss)was a chap called beria who is alleged to have had very unpleasant personal pleasures including fatal sexual sadism with teenage girls.
    the idea that at least some of the things that seem to have occurred may have been beria’s idea of stuffing the british establishment using well placed assets such as blunt to corrupt it and then expose it or control it might be beyond silly but maybe it has taken 80 odds years to bear fruit rather than the time scale he intended.

    another less strange interpretation of blunt’s role is that the semi official /accepted as likely story of blunt’s activities and motivations is smoke and mirrors and that he first took a fall as a soviet spy (and kept his nice job in the palace until that was made public)and later took a posthumous fall as a criminal pervert( he was probably both with or without permission) in a plan to distract attention from other persons and issues.
    that he was in with the in crowd to the end of his days seems likely as he didnt get 42 yrs like george blake or joyce’s rope.
    if he knew too much and was going to go public a tragic loss and some kind words could have avoided a scandal.

    he may well have decieved the soviets rather than his friends.

    smoke and mirrors should carry a health warning and a “here lies madness”sticker.
    blunt was probably a very bad man but it is difficult to work out the detail of bad.

    • chris46

      Hi mate. Thanks for that. I agree with what you say about Blunt and relate to that “here lies madness” quote! As to the truth, I don’t think I’m breaking any confidences if I say the only record of the EGH raid and any interviews carried out, including the alledged interview of Blunt, is now solely the “recollections” of officers around at the time! All official records appear “lost”, I don’t think that will surprise you! DCI Settle (of Fernbridge) informs me that the current practise of HMCS is to destroy all records after 10 years!! You can read the archives of the Dr Crippen trial 100 years ago, but 1983, forget it!!
      As you know, there are always unofficial as well as official channels in everything. Despite what Wallace and Foot were saying there were other voices not heard. I well remember speaking with a catholic priest at the NAYPIC offices. Also a methodist paster and two of his members. There story differed in many ways from the “official” story
      that is now accepted thanks to Foot and Wallace ( I mean no disrespect to either). It seem to us there were two version of the events, the british and the republican view. As to the truth, I doubt we will ever know.

  6. dpack

    fraser was a pie member who seems to share with righton a “scientific” as well as personal interest in the effects of traumatic stress on children.
    this observation may be irrelevant and/or incorrect but put together they reminded me of reports of another chap with similar interests called “dr greenbaum”/”dr green” as mentioned here.

    fraser was suggested as a person who may have been involved in the medical care of the residents of various homes including kincora but as many records are officially missing and no one seems to have publicly recorded the name of the doctor(s) with whom the residents were registered i could not establish the truth from the published information i could find.

    even if fraser was not involved directly with kincora or other homes (or with the people and events linked closely to them)his activities should have become known to the security services,it seems they knew the colour of nearly every sitting room carpet in the province and he was the local expert on war traumatized kids rather than a low profile gp.

    one notable aspect of trying to unravel events that seem linked to mcgrath is the historical,social and geographic scale,there are people of interest/potential witnesses born before ww1 and people of interest/potential witnesses still of working age.

    the broad flag of “clockwork orange” and similar or related military/political intrigues should probably also include righton and pie for several reasons including that his networking must have exposed many potential assets, because his” landlord”at his suffolk address ticks quite a few boxes in several check lists of possible clockwork makers and because he was very well protected.
    to think of “clockwork orange “in isolation from its historical,national or international context or as the” big thing “could be very confusing it may be better to think of the operation as reported by colin wallace et al as being part of efforts aimed at taking control of ni and westminster politics and that it is probably only one strand in a much bigger rope.

    that a very british coup might be a fairly minor part of the whole story seems extreme but it is quite plausible if one looks at the similar international events of the time.
    my interpretation of the time scale of the westminster coup is that it was started around 1963 and became fully effective at the 1979 election.i have not noticed it removed from power so i assume it is still active.

    re walker why would a overt republican be able or inclined to warn of the elm raid?
    how did he know/who told him to mention it ?
    who benefited from his action?
    if it is it true it does seem rather odd but odd things seem to have happened many times .

    • chris46

      I agree with much of what you say. As far as we knew the only connection to NI was Blunt, co-incidence? That was a criticism levelled at us back the, that we were joining dots that were’nt there. Aside from Blunt there were a couple of figures (mentioned by both Bryans and Foot) said to have attended the K&Q parties. What Walkers role was at EGH I don’t know. The suspicion was to obtain blackmail material against prominent establishment figures, but we had no proof. Paul Foot, despite his dismissal of EGH, did find his presence odd to say the least. By their own admission both police and SB had EGH under survaillance for quite some time, but no-one noticed a prominent republican wandering in and out? Another one of those co-incidences then! Clearly there is only one source from which Walker could have learned of the raid. But your right what was the real agenda here??

  7. @chris did the name ‘morris fraser’ ever crop up as he was in northern ireland and was a memeber of PIE which was supported by spartacus …

  8. dpack

    the south african files that relate to ireland and especially the events between 1966 and 1968 might be of special interest to those seeking links and/or answers to a variety of specific questions.
    im fairly sure mcgrath did have trusted friends at functionary level and high level assistance in south africa at this time if only in the procurement of arms and that the south african links in such things continued into the 1970’s and beyond.
    if registry files could be presented or convincingly reported it would be a very good thing.

    re the claim of kill for dickie i have the impression the” inla “made some sort of statement,rather than “pira” .
    inla seem a rather odd group even for those times.
    a big question i have is why would republicans martyr a corrupt royal and only mention it later rather than expose him with their evidence.? if it was for that reason it was a stunning strategic gaffe by folk with considerable military/intel skills.

    my instinct is whoever got dickie also got airie neave as the technology was of similar sophistication and in keeping with specialist military/spooky training rather than the alarm clock/command wire/dont press the torch button or dont pick up the ammo clip school of bombing favored by pira.

    none of the above is a good character reference for any of them but it does illustrate the a few of the complexities of trying to determine context and truth.

    a potential direct link from ireland to south west london being blunt seems too obvious and unproven(so far)and very convenient as he is dead and disgraced already but it is rather plausible.
    the other links from mcgrath et al seem to be relevant to many dark things.

    • chris46

      Hi mate, with ref to the Elm, don’t forget the role of G.R. Walker. He warned Carol about the raid the day before it happened.He was said to be a member of Sinn Fein, to be allowed to wander freely around London in 1982? Wasn’t that a banned organisation? Yet he seemed also to know what Special Branch were planning. Odd to say the least!!!

  9. @CHRIS nicely said btw have youy made sense of the stuff i sent you yet?

  10. Re kincora at the time in Belfast the rumor was that a royal sailor was involved. Hence the coverup These are sick bastards lets hope they don’t get away with it again

    • ex-officer

      Royal Sailor etc who was not there, perhaps the paper file @ Thames House and South African Intelligence Service records should be obtained under an FoI…some hope. Perhaps I need to ask a source, one of the few to have read it, to go public. That would be the Bottoml ine

  11. liz727

    Can’t remember where it was published, but apparently the IRA put out a statement at the time that Kincora – and his involvement in it – was the reason they blew up Mountbatten.

    • chris46

      Hi Liz, we had heard that too. But it was never published in British newspapers. Whether it was in foreign press I don’t know.

    • Frank Randle

      INLA was fighting a low-level war of liberation against Crown Forces, they were NOT arbiters of deviant behaviour outside cultural norms. Mountbatten, being a member of the British Occupation’s “Royalty”, was a high value propaganda target. That is all.

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    This post is worth reading for those following the Kincora and Richmond child sexual abuse scandals after the release of Cabinet papers showing that the Thatcher Cabinet discussed and rejected a full scale inquiry into Kincora in 1983. This post is from Chris Fay, who has tirelessly campaigned for justice for kids abused at Elm Guest House. I am not certain about the claim of a Cabinet committee meeting on August 24 1982 to discuss Elm Guest House raid. But the post shows up what a murky world existed at both Kincora and Richmond and also suggests a link between them which I am becomingly increasingly interested in exploring. Chris Fay should be taken seriously because of his involvement in the case at the time of the first raid.

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  14. Reblogged this on David Hencke and commented:
    This post is worth reading for those following the Kincora and Richmond child sexual abuse scandals after the release of Cabinet papers showing that the Thatcher Cabinet discussed and rejected a full scale inquiry into Kincora in 1983, this post from Chris Fay, who has tirelessly campaigned for justice for kids abused at Elm Guest House. I am not certain about the claim of a Cabinet committee meeting on August 24 1982 to discuss Elm Guest House raid. But the post shows up what a murky world existed at both Kincora and Richmond and also suggests a link between them which I am becomingly increasingly interested in investigating.

    • liz727

      Good on you, Mr. Hencke, with you on the case they’ll be (quite rightly) shaking in their boots!

    • ex-officer

      Sorry David but the meeting did take place but not on the 24th. Please have a look at my update on the Wikipedia site for the Elm under the Fernbridge Scope section. With Chris’s help we have been very busy this week in tracking down an abuser at the centre of power.. That was given to a national newspaper today. Very shortly we will hopefully go public with a national newspaper. The documents we have obtained will show that the Elm coverup happend andis still going on today.

    • dear david i know you are a busy fellow but were you able as yet to give some thought about the brixton threesome connection,, ive updated the EC ltd ie the i say i dont know if they are connected to anything all the same it shows a lot of money being spent by them and the care home ‘business’ still seems weird (buying up a cinema?) add to that the MSM dead journo being dublin born and being guest at EGH at the same time sinn fein people were there and lets not forget the paedo friendly judge as well…

  15. scoobuss

    I lodged a complaint against the police for perjury and the case was handled y counter terrorism and serious crime unit as sex is commonly used for political gain. My against the church state and drug companies and NHS was also investigated by them for those reasons. Child sex crimes cause a great deal of harm to institutions OK, but these institutions murder child and adult victims of the sex grades. So don’t hold back lynch them all.

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