‘Cover-up over sex beast Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith’

THE identity of whoever ­recommended paedophile politician Cyril Smith for a knighthood is being kept ­secret by Government ­officials

cyril, smith, margaret thatcher, jimmy, saville, paedophile, politician, lib, dem, Cyril Smith was let off the hook by prosecutors even though there was “sufficient evidence” to charge him

Since his death in 2010 it has emerged that the former Liberal Democrat MP was a child abuser who escaped justice.

But details of who in 1988 put 29 stone Smith forward to become a “Sir” are shrouded in secrecy.

A document released to the Daily Star Sunday under Freedom of Information laws reveals the grounds for the recommendation.

But the section saying “By whom recommended” is totally blacked out.

According to the Cabinet Office, headed by Sir Jeremy Heywood, releasing the details would breach Data Protection rules. But an MP who has helped expose Smith’s abuse says it should be made public because concerns about him were well known.

In 1970 – 18 years before the knighthood – police sent the then Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Norman Skelhorn, evidence that Smith had abused eight boys.

But Sir Norman, who died the year Smith was knighted, ruled out charges, saying the allegations were “somewhat stale” and “without corroboration”.

Nine years later, in 1979, two magazines ran details of alleged abuse by Smith but the obese politician – by then a senior Liberal MP – threatened to sue and the case went quiet.

The Star 04/08/13


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9 responses to “‘Cover-up over sex beast Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith’

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    Who suggested paedophile MP Cyril Smith for a knighthood?

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  3. Derek Gough

    For gods sake when are the British public going to wake the hell up and sort all these people in power out once and for all as it makes me sick to my soul that these people have got away with sexual abuse and rape against children and teenagers and let me tell those of you who are reading this it stll continues today August 2013 including MP’S in parliament and Westminister with the full knowledge of other MP’s who it seems value the gravy train their on and look the other way . The so called joking corrupt Prime Minister DavidCameronknow who these people are and including the queer William Hague who hid evidence during his term of Welsh secretary for wales and did absolutely bigger all about it. Before the corrupt Tony Blair became Prime Minister he was charged with cottageing (ie) looking for sex with men in a public convenience in a park in London under the name of Anthony lynton which are his middle names and was fined 500 pounds in total he was fined twice yet he became prime minister and he also knows who in parliament were at it and who still are. Until the stupid British people wake it will continue or better still stop watching coronation street you brain dead idiots .

    • gusbertbrown

      Bit harsh. We know what’s happened/happening but those who can are covering this up. It’s very hard to get anything in the MSM that has a name attached to it especially if it concerns the political elite (of all parties).
      The celebrities are being offered up as sops and the well connected are being protected.
      Some of the sentences that are being given to those few who have been convicted should raise a few eyebrows but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that. Birds and feathers.
      The security services earn their money protecting the powerful and they are very skillfull at house keeping.
      I share your anger and disgust but I despair that anything will change anytime soon no matter how much we want it to.

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  5. misty53

    Reblogged this on NO MORE SHAME and commented:
    the thought of this really ugly man forcing himself on little children makes me vomit!! anyone who put his name forward for a knighthood should be named and shamed!!

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  7. john carey

    David Alloy/Metal/not wood/or mineral etc etc etc