Thatcher Cabinet stifled Kincora child sex abuse inquiry 30 years ago

Westminster Confidential

Jim Prior,now Lord Prior. blocked the opportunity for a full-scale public inquiry into the notorious Kincora child abuse scandal, Cabinet minutes released under the 30 year rule revealed today.

The minutes of the Cabinet meeting (see ) reveal on 10 November 1983 Jim Prior, then Northern Ireland Secretary, proposed not to have a full Tribunal of Inquiry – the same mechanism, used to investigate  the Bloody Sunday atrocities, the North Wales child abuse scandal and the Dunblane massacre.
The minutes reveal the Cabinet – who included the now all ennobled Leon Brittan, then home secretary, Michael Heseltine,defence secretary and Norman Fowler, social services secretary, bought the Royal Ulster Constabulary line that there was nothing in it. He said he was being “pressed to hold an inquiry under the Tribunals of Inquiry”. But he didn’t believe Parliament would buy it.
But he said two police investigations had discovered nothing and…

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8 responses to “Thatcher Cabinet stifled Kincora child sex abuse inquiry 30 years ago

  1. Martha Mitchell

    Addendum: source tells me she saw her dentist at 9:00am not 10:00am as I posted earlier.

  2. Martha Mitchell

    What was our former PM doing on Wednesday 25 August 1982? As per usual? lots of meetings? Well no. Actually at 10am she was at the Dentist and at 6pm she was having her hair done and that was her busy day at the office! Really nothing else. Not even a meeting to discuss the Elm with her big beasts and cabinet mandarins Could it be an entry was left out of her official engagement diary because of the busy nature of that day…never mind it was noted somewhere else. Tick Tock…

  3. Small report in. Belfast telegraph page 10 at bottom of page. Prior was sec of state at the time This is front page news Lets see the Sunday papers not holding much hope They can’t get off this time but important people involved Even a royal sailor Hope police stay strong and show no favour to the mighty

  4. dpack

    if i recall correctly there are many still alive that could assist in establishing the truth,i believe mr paisley was informed of some of the situation by the lady who gave him a dossier of what she believed to be true,what else he may know is unknown to me.

    the registry files relating to the events that created kincora and those that are linked to kincora would be educational to police investigations and may probably be vital in preparing legal prosecutions when that is appropriate.if they are released in whole or in part(or as hints towards a good cause) it would be useful in many ways. i recon that registry has part of the story but it seems that some of the events that are connected to kincora were extremely unofficial in the sense that they were arranged between chums in private and needed no paperwork or approval or resources from above or beside to put them into effect,being outside the normal chains of command and secretive by their very nature they will have left few traces apart from their outcomes.

    the events at/related to kincora and the use of kincora derived assets may be better documented than the context .
    the crimes committed need justice,the context needs to be exposed and remedied if possible.

  5. Not any report in Belfast telegraph or any other msm what is going on. This is a major news story a lot more to be revealed ask paisley

  6. dpack

    the parts of the story of the events surrounding kincora that have emerged as extremely plausible so far indicate that the phrase “tip of the iceberg” might be a serious understatement.
    maybe more of the broken off tip of a pan continental landscape of huge glaciers.

    if the psni investigation is allowed to follow the evidence wherever it leads they may well find this node has very serious implications as well as the horrid and well organized abuse of young people.

    the cabinet preventing a full inquiry is interesting maybe the briefing papers for that meeting might shed light on the motives of and amount of information officially available to each member of the cabinet.
    accounts of the private briefings and agreements would also be interesting.

    tis good that this worm can is starting to get back into the msm ,it is important to remember people have got prematurely dead due to the events and people connected to kincora ,many have been scared.
    the survivors/victims deserve respect to privacy and to be heard,they have not yet had justice or full truth both of which will require due process as well as open investigation and sharing of knowledge.

    to try to unravel the threads from the kincora tangle takes patience and care as well as a good tug on the strings to see what is linked to what .
    be patient and realistic as to where the police investigation goes makes sense but im sure the police team include decent folk will work towards truth as best they can.
    major problems i feel the police face is some of the most important witnesses/potential suspects are dead,some will be scared with good reason and some have a great deal to hide and the means to hide it.
    as far as obstructions are bad they do show what is important sometimes.
    to get some justice for the csa victims of ireland might require focus on specifics and awareness of context but truth requires a wider proven context and detail from kincora and elsewhere.

    context is both historical and relevant to current affairs / living people which makes this subject rather sensitive in many ways.

    having had a look at some of the open source stuff and tried to make some sense of context i recon it requires many decent folk to become strange comrades to attempt to fully expose context and detail or at least to expose enough to reduce any such behavior in future if only on the grounds that if you are bad it bites in the bum years later and also demonstrates to those who might use any means necessary how evil tactics can ruin any hope of secrecy for operations that if they must be done as a decent thing to do could be done decently and kept secret for ever.

    sorry to ramble but keeping simple needed a ramble and context is a very complex subject.

  7. I do wonder why John Stalker has kept his counsel to himself all this time given what’s gradually coming to the surface. Prior was probably complicit in the blackening of Stalker’s name