Operation Pallial: John Allen Charged

I had been told by a few very reliable sources at the time that the first person arrested in Suffolk was John Allen. However, I’d been told this on condition that I did not publish and that it would be for background only.

 Bryn Alyn Community (Holdings) Ltd  was written with the help of Kaz author of Fighting Back;

Of the four men arrested by Operation Pallial, I’m fairly sure I know who the first three are. None are ‘new’ names.

A 71-year-old man has been charged with 32 serious sexual offences by detectives investigating allegations of historical child abuse in north Wales.

John Allen, of Ipswich, Suffolk, was re-arrested on Wednesday when he answered bail in north Wales.

The charges include 22 indecent assaults and one offence of gross indecency, alleged to have taken place between 1968 and 1989.

He is in custody and is due to appear before Mold Magistrates on Thursday.

BBC News


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8 responses to “Operation Pallial: John Allen Charged

  1. nuggy.

    oh sorry i see now i hadent read the story properly.

  2. nuggy.

    if you told not to publish why have you published.

  3. @gojam the daily mirror found allen working in a hotel fairly recently…

  4. So are these new charges or additions to older charges, having been convicted in 1995 did he make it on to the register and what has he been doing since hies release from prison??

  5. nuggy

    i dident know he was still alive.

  6. Vytta west

    You are quite correct.

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