First charges in Richmond paedophile ring scandal

Westminster Confidential

Two people were charged last night by the Met Police after authorisation by the Crown Prosecution Service in the Operation Fernbridge investigation.

John Stingemore,now 71 and the former deputy manager of Grafton Close children’s home was charged with eight counts of indecent assault, one charge of conspiracy with others unknown to commit buggery and two charges of taking indecent images of a child .

Father Tony McSweeney, aged 66,then a trainee Roman Catholic priest was charged with three counts of indecent assault, three counts of making indecent images of children,one charge of taking an indecent image of a child and a charge of possessing indecent images of children.

An updated report is on the Exaro News website.

The assaults involve seven children aged between nine and fifteen in the 1970s and 1980s. Both accused will appear before Westminster magistrates court in September.

Police are continuing their investigation into Elm…

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4 responses to “First charges in Richmond paedophile ring scandal

  1. chris46

    Yes, but a bit of a wory. I understand that Fernbridge want to continue and have asked for more resources. I was asonished to hear tthat excluding salaries they have only spent £25, 000 so far!! this from a very reliable source. Put up against what the Met have spent chasing
    journalists and the millions spent on Saville, you have to wonder about priorities!

    • ex-officer

      Perhaps Fernbridge is a little to close to home. When I saw only 25K had been spent I immediately knew nobody had gone out to South Africa or California to interview former Commander Trestrail who resigned from Special Branch on the 29.7.1982 after his affair with a Brazilian boyfriend was outed – how convienient! Perhaps Fernbridge have all been given Travelcards and are going interview the surviving two of four the Branch was so interested in when they first interviewed Carole Kasir back in 1982.
      May I suggest that if they cannot locate the BOSS IO @ the Elm Plod should look @ the Heathrow immigration records which record C2’s. It may also be prudent to look at Peter Hains file re, the Putney setup.

  2. Bishop Brightly

    Excellent development. More to follow I hope.