When Journalism Works


One year ago, a group of financial and political journalists put their heads together to tackle a very onerous task: raise awareness about what is happening on the highly influential island of Jersey – the largest of the Channel Islands, a global tax shelter of some stature and a so-called “peculiar possession” of the British Crown known for its sailing and golfing, as well as hiding money and committing unspeakable crimes against children.

The goal was threefold: restore my U.K. visa, eliminate a travel ban initiated by Jersey to keep me off the island and, most importantly, see to it that the children who were victimized for decades at the Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne – nearly 200 of whom are still alive to tell their tale – were no longer willfully ignored.

Today, I am very happy to report that all three of those objectives have been reached, thanks to a group of intrepid journalists whom I am honored to call colleagues.

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7 responses to “When Journalism Works

  1. btw i see john ward has today posted about privatisation of child care services..bean counter mentality (again)….why doesnt the word ”child saftey’ ever come into it?..


  2. @nuggy @ gojam on the two comments and links i posted we have leah posting herself which is nice….however just to show how nasty it can get on both comments you can easily see the twisters and turners and malevalance who seem to trying to discredit her and her supporters is quite astonishing and on that scale too..now i wonder why that is?..

  3. nuggy

    lea said shhe was going to name some names hopefully she will soon.

  4. Us Normans must stick together! You won’t penetrate fortress Jersey! Its impossible as you can see; how long has it been now? Eight years since the last investigation. The Illuminati won’t get our untold millions of £$€¥ that are hidden in the deep impenetrable vault of jersey.

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