“No Evidence”… Or The Dog That Didn’t Bark In The Night.


“16. No evidence of systemic or institutional misconduct by North Wales Police officers or staff in connection with these matters has been identified.” – Operation Pallial Report

Jimmy Savile presents a cheque to Jersey Police.

“WYP [West Yorkshire Police] has thoroughly investigated the FMC [Friday Morning Club] and no evidence was found of any impropriety or misconduct on behalf of the officers who attended.” – Operation Newgreen Report

Cyril Smith

Tony Robinson, a special branch officer with Lancashire Police in the 1970s, said he saw a police dossier which was “thick” with allegations from boys claiming they had been abused by Sir Cyril.

He said that after taking the file out of the safe at special branch headquarters in Hutton, Preston, he was contacted by an officer from MI5 who told him it needed to be sent to London.

Mr Robinson also disclosed that the then Director of Public Prosecutions had examined the allegations but decided they were “not in the public interest”.

He said: ”The police now say the file is lost. It seems like there was a complete cover up to me.”…

…Mr Robinson, who had a previous interest in the case, said he read Sir Cyril’s file. He said: “I looked through Sir Cyril’s file which was kept in a safe in our office.

“It was thick full of statements from young boys alleging abuse. It had been prepared for prosecution.

“Written across the top of it were the words: ‘No further action, not in the public interest. DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions].’

“Shortly after taking it out I was called by an MI5 officer. They asked if I had the file on Mr Cyril Smith, and said: ‘Please have this sent down to London.”

Daily Telegraph


A senior Tory MP handed an explosive dossier ­alleging VIP child abuse to the Government almost 30 years ago, the Sunday People can reveal.

The 50 pages contained information about suspected paedophile rings, police misconduct and abuse of boys in a care home.

There are suggestions the dossier contained links to the notorious Elm guest house in south-west London which is currently the focus of the Met Police’s investigation Operation Fernbridge.

But the file has disappeared.

It was presented to the Home Office by Geoffrey Dickens MP in 1984.

Later he had a half-hour meeting with the then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan which Mr Dickens described as encouraging.

The MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth said he had been assured his allegations of a UK-wide paedophile ring would be fully investigated.

But there is no evidence Mr Dickens’ findings were ever followed up and the Home Office admits it has no idea where the file is now.

The Mirror


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  1. sandworm

    Pictue, https://theneedleblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/jimmy-saville-and-jersey-police.jpg?w=270&h=213 savile with police was at Shotley bridge, consett Co Duham Not west Yorkshire

  2. what was ” The Branch ” doing with this info, and why didn’t they pass it on to the specialist squad relevent to the crime?

    Dossiers on pollies to have something over them?

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  4. Cover up what cover up ? Virginia bottomley wouldnt allow such a thing

  5. nuggy

    oh i find something a tiny bit worse about west your yorkshire police than just jimmy savile ive just got to find the link and i will post it here.

  6. nuggy

    the police did nothing wrong like the dident nothing wrong in the phone hacking inquiry this is a common them running through all of these inquerrys

    can anybody take them seriously anymore..