New Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry

I can’t wait to see the terms of reference.

My guess is that the Jersey States voted for this in the hope that they might avoid being part of an inquiry which covers the entire British Isles (this way they might be able to exercise political control over the inquiry). I can’t see that with evidence of exchange trips for children in care between Islington and Haut de la Garenne and the illegal transfer of 5 care home children from Birmingham to Jersey (one of these children still unaccounted for) that a wider inquiry can be avoided.

Haute de la Garenne

Haut de la Garenne

Jersey politicians have voted unanimously in favour of having a senior UK judge lead an investigation into historical child abuse.

Deputy High Court Judge Sally Bradley QC will chair the £6m committee of inquiry into abuse in the care system.

She has 35 years of experience in family law and worked on physical, sexual and emotional abuse cases.

The inquiry will look into allegations of abuse in children’s homes and fostering services from 1960.

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4 responses to “New Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry

  1. Why are Jersey (or any other) authorities worried about an inquiry they can’t control? Perhaps the answer lies with the top Jersey official who warned the intrepid cop leading the one honest and thorough Jersey abuse investigation, that exposure had “the power to bring down the UK government.” Perhaps that answer has to do with the fact the excellent chief of police and his lead deputy were replaced by a now disgraced police administration brought in to cover up and lie about the extensive forensic evidence, much of which has mysteriously disappeared from the island without explanation.

    International author and journalist Leah McGrath Goodman, who was formerly banned from Jersey and the UK after admitting she was researching child abuse for a book, has had her Visa reinstated thanks to the UK’s John Hemming MP. Despite the appearance of Jersey-supported social media geared to discredit her, and the head of BBC Jersey refusing to publish evidence now in the public domain, this established author seems poised to expose all in a well-evidenced and meticulously researched book. Will it, in fact, bring down the government? Stay tuned.

  2. Sike

    why does it cost £6 million? and who gets that?

  3. nuggy

    why are they so worried about an inquery they cant control.

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