Langton House: Steven’s Story

Steven’s Story, Langton House, Dorset

Langton House

Langton House

I don’t know if there are others whom were in Langton who are now living independent lives as I have not managed to trace anyone.  BMI Healthcare stated that if I continue to make allegations of abuse in relation to Langton House and AMI then I will likely be taken to court and have a gagging order served upon myself which also includes being sued for £8 million.

It seems to me that they want to silence me from telling the truth but like what I told them is that I will not be silenced until the abusers are brought to justice and no matter what threats or action they take I will continue to fight for whats right.

The police say that the case is too old to investigate but I believe that is not the case due to the fact of historical cases coming to light.

BMI have destroyed my records or thats what they say and there are no reports from Langton in my social services records.  This suggests a mass cover up to hide the truth to protect the abusers and AMI.

I am still very angry years later and still heart broken over the abuse.

XX claimed to be a doctor only later to find that he held no qualifications what so ever.  XX was a bully, a thug and got the kicks out of inflicting as much pain as he could on the weak residents.  He would often team up with the residents who were stronger to help him in his humiliation ploy.

I had XX bending my arm up my back then twisted my wrist to the point of breaking.

Despite my screams of pain he would do it harder and ignored my pleads he carried on while laughing and mocking me.  Other staff were just too frightened to step in to protect us.

The manager knew of the abuse and refused to see any resident whom complained of being abused.  All my letters were intercepted by staff to AMI and to my social worker and I got dragged to the secure room and beaten and jabbed just for complaining.

BMI Healthcare were very evasive about my files claiming at one point that I was never there but clearly I was there.  I am not bothered about their threats of suing because I discovered that AMI were in debt so money was their motivation.

I am aware that the MP Rosie Barnes brought up her concerns into the treatment of residents of Langton House in which I believe Virginia Bottomley said there are no plans for a formal enquiry.  I have to disagree because the abuse at Langton House was one of this countries worst abuse cases in recorded history.

I have not forgotten about what happened to us and every time I think about it I get angry knowing that the scum are left to live their lives free from legal proceedings and harassment.  They live in their pretty little houses with their strawberry patch gardens without a worry in the world while we have to live knowing what they did to us.

I offered BMI Healthcare a chance for a meeting with me in which they declined stating that I should leave the past where it belongs and get on with my life.

Well sadly the past is a part of who we are its what makes us what we are today.

I think they declined because it would mean that I would supplied them with question upon question that they could not answer without incriminating themselves or dropping themselves into deep water.

There should be a full enquiry into the abuse at Langton House but that will only happen if others come forward and tell their story of what they went through.

I just want the people whom did this to be brought to justice so they will never hurt anyone ever again.  I want them to know that what they did is wrong and they will pay for what they did.

Note: AMI Healthcare Group plc ran Grafton Manor (18-bed head injury rehabilitation unit); Kneesworth House Hospital; Stockton Hall Hospital and Langton House (36 beds for young people and adolescents).

Written by ‘Steven’


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  1. Louise

    Hi i was at Langton house and suffered at the hands of the staffs abuse.i will never forget what thoes sick vile people done to me and the other children there.

  2. If any1 wants to chat in a more real time, my Twitter is @claretandblue75.

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    This is an item that I stumbled on just now in relation to Stephen Collier who was the director of all companies including the director of Langton House.
    I confronted Stephen Collier about Langton House and the lies he told me a few months a go.
    I have bombarded him with letters asking for the truth and yet gave out more little fairy stories so I applied some more pressure on him in an effort to get to the truth and discovered that he is now resigning from the company but his reasons in this artical are not true
    Is this man resigning because he had been caught out by myself and that he could no longer take the truth being told.
    I would say so as companies normally invent stories in order to hide the real truth which resigning is a get out of jail card but yet he is as guilty as the abusers.
    I am not sure if the link can be clicked on but you may wish to put that in to your seach.
    I will not let this man go quitely until the truth is told

  5. Its been a while since I added any post as I have been really busy but I have been working really hard through all hours that god sends me and there is one thing that really gets my goat and that is the lies that BMI Healthcare have told.
    This company has hidde3n behind their lies for years never admitting to any abuse or responsibility and yet the abusers walk away untouched and allowed to live their sad lives while the victims suffer the rest of their lives.
    I have been investigating the abuse at Langton House for many years and yet I stumble on new stuff all the time.
    I have not given in so I would urge others not to give in

  6. Hi Charlotte I know Middleton Hall very well I use to do building work for the owner Chris when it was bed sits

  7. Steven

    Officially the police have now dropped their investigation using the old Virginia Bottomley ruling in 1992 as an excuse to not investigate.
    But that is ok lets allow these animals to get away with their crimes and allow them to abuse others after all it would seem that the abusers can not be touched.
    Dorset police have now stated that the abusers have a right to a personal life and it would be wrong and unfair to drag those staff through a police investigation.
    Hold on does that mean if offences are committed years a go it means that they have the right to live a normal life free from police harassment while the victims have to live with what those bastards did to us.
    Everything is pointing to cover ups and corruption on a high level starting with AMI/BMI and then local authorities then ministers the police.
    Is it a fact that the victims are entitled to get justice.
    I am starting to think that the police have sat on those files and allowed this to drag on since 2011 and did not investigate but then decide to tell the victims that they have carried out an investigation and that the abusers do not have a case to answer.
    Im sorry but if you commit an act against a person weather or not its a child or an adult then as far as I am concerned you need to be brought to justice.
    I do not care if the offences were 5 seconds a go or 30 years a go the victims deserve justice.
    I watch the news and read the papers and I see how many abusers are brought to justice from the 1950s and I see more recent cases so why not us.
    I am sick of the cover ups via healthcare groups, social workers, ministers and the police and its about time victims of Langton were taken seriously

  8. karen s

    Hi I was in langton house from 1986 – 1988 and too suffered awful abuse at the hands of the staff and was forcibly given drugs without my consent, made to go without food due to the points system and put in the timeout room several times as well as given drugs whilst in there that should have been given with another medication to combat side affects but staff never gave it as they thought the side affects were funny, I was lucky really as was more able to protect myself than some of the others there who werent able to look after themselves the staff were bullies and encouraged some of the other kids to help with their abuse if you did not then you would be picked on and the gym was a good way to abuse the kids as playing bull dog gave them the oppurtunity to pick on certain individuals. Also while I was there one girl had both her arms broken by staff dragging her down the stairs with her arms up her back to the timeout room I jumped from a 3rd story window and went on the run for 2 days to escape as it was such a horrible place I also took a really bad overdose on a home visit in order for my social worker to listen to me but he just sent me back as soon as I was released from hospital. After getting out of langton house I was never the same had no confidence and wouldnt even answer the house phone if I was in the house on my own my lack of confidence led to me being vulnerable in later life to more abuse and was in a extremely abusive relationship for over 12 years and have suffered depression all my adult life please could you put me in touch with steven if possible as would love to help in his fight to get justice for the kids that were abused and see AMI punished.

  9. nice one, will contact you soon

  10. Foi request so far – if anyone can help with any info, please contact me
    The Trust has now had the opportunity of considering your request.
    I can confirm that having searched our records and made enquiries of
    colleagues, the information you requested is not held by Dorset Healthcare
    University NHS Foundation Trust.
    I am told by staff that were with the then Trust, that the enquiry was
    instigated by the then commissioner’s and therefore the FOI request should
    be addressed to the current commissioner, which is Dorset Clinical
    Commissioning Group.
    I have contacted Dorset CCG, hoping that I could transfer the FIO to them.
    But they told me they also did not have the information. Dorset Health
    Authority morphed into Dorset & Somerset Strategic Health Authority which
    was then abolished. Dorset CCG stated that from April 2013 all legacy
    paperwork went to NHS England.
    I then contacted NHS England. They state in this case as the investigation
    concerned a privately run children’s home the information would not have
    been passed to NHS England and may have been passed to either the legacy
    management team of the Department of Health or may be held by the Local
    Authority who contracted the private company to run the home.

    • Hi Cathy you should try an FOI through BMI Healthcare also known as AMI Healthcare who owned Langton House

      • Hiya, I dont think I am allowed to. They are a private company and not subject to FOI Acts unfortunately. This is why I have to go through government or NHS bodies. :( unless you know a way round it or different?

      • I have been in contact with BMI Healthcare and they state that anyone can apply for information under FOI.
        I think it also depends on what type of information you require.
        I will look out their address for you and put it as a message to you.
        Just be warned that I have been dealing with AMI Healthcare and BMI Healthcare since 1983 following my complaints of abuse that I received while I was in their care at Langton House.
        If you require information about Langton House then all you need to do is Email me directly.
        I will do my best to provide you with the information you require.
        My Email address is
        Many thanx

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  12. alison stewart

    Hi Steve

    I was there in 1989/90. Were you there then?


    • steven lee

      No Alison I was there from 1983-1987 so I was there and left before you had arrived but if you wish to contact me Chris will give you my contact details

    • Del K

      was there from 88 till may 91
      Been thinking of those at LH ever since.


      • It is nice to know that there are still old residents around who can remember Langton House.
        I think it is important that the abusers are brought to justice to protect further people from being a victim of abuse.
        I also understand how hard it is for victims to come forward as they may feel that if abuse is reported then they fear that they will not be believed or had the threat that the abusers will come looking for them if the victims report the abuse.
        I would like all the victims to know that the abusers have lost their hold on the victims and what power the abusers had has gone long a go.
        For the victims that have come forward it has taken courage to come forward and by coming forward your voice has been heard.

      • Charlotte

        Hi Del, don’t know if you remember me…Charlotte… but I was there in 1990 with you. And another boy called Carl – we were both in Torquay (Middleton Hall) previously.

  13. “BMI have destroyed my records or thats what they say and there are no reports from Langton in my social services records. This suggests a mass cover up to hide the truth to protect the abusers and AMI.”

    Stafford also told me my records had been destroyed, but they hadn’t, but what has happened is they have been illegally altered to try to do a damage limitation excercise to cover up the way I was treated

  14. steve


  15. Lisa

    They have no right for a gagging order this is against your human rights that’s just a threat. Try and remember names of others who were there same time as you try tracking them on Facebook. Or go to a tv station ie panarama.
    Good luck

    • Steven

      I have tried my best in trying to track those down whom violated my life.
      I know that the abusers are being protected and one can only imagine the abuse I and others endured at Langton House.
      I have been threatened by BMI Healthcare and General Healthcare Group numerous times telling me to stop what I am doing as I am bring bad publicity to their company and destroying their company with bad publicity.
      I dont care about their company or destroying them because I am fighting for justice for those victims and if it means I have to go into BMI looking for my abusers and dragging them out screaming to the police then so be it.
      I will not be silence and I believe that if I back down then the scum have won and got away with it.
      I spoke to Chris Fay last night for a good couple of hours and the insight we provided each other has made me more determined to seek justice.
      A lot of people had died from Langton and I guess only I have not attempted to take my own life because of what I endured.
      I want to do the right thing for the victims and the threat of the gagging order is just another ploy to silence me and silence the truth.
      We were referred to as dearanged children in the swanage floods of 1990.
      We all are as normal as we can get and I resent any slander against any victim of Langton.
      It shows what little or no understanding people have in relation to the abuse at Langton House.
      I sometimes wake up screaming after having the nightmare of what I and others went through and its hard to go through the day without that dream intruding on my day.
      There is not one day that goes by where I do not think of those poor souls and the pain and suffering each one of those victims went through.
      I want to make my abusers scream in pain just like they made me and others scream.
      I can not compare Langton House to Hillend or Winterbourne View as each has its own horrific acts of abuse.
      Chris has been very supportive to me and all the comments I have read have been really kind.
      As I write this on this blog I am close to tears as I remember every small detail of what happened.
      Even though some people believe that the investigation has dried up some what I intend to provide a fresh mind and all the evidence I have to help Chris and co bring justice for the victims.
      I may be beaten but I am not knocked out and not out for the count.
      So come on BMI if thats all you have to throw at me then fine but now its my turn because I do not deal with lies or cover ups I deal with the real world and real people whom dont sit in an office in a healthcare company plotting each move to shaft each and every victim of yours.
      You took our lives and your staff violated us over and over again.
      Sorry to my readers if I sound upset I am passionate and I deeply feel for all those victims.

      • Dp

        What I would say pre -Langton house quite a few of the clients had severe issues , had they not been medicated it would and could have been dangerous to staff and patients. The points system worked for some not for others. I often think back to a lad with Tourette’s how stupid we wee in the 8O”s regarding mental health. Sadly there wee a few kids that should never ever have been there, that was the systems fault . Or parents who paid privately. I saw PH do everything you said he was jobsworth really enjoyed the power. He was a god awful bully to staff too. Especially females when they ignored him!. He was never a marine either. If anyone deserved to be behind those locked doors was him. I have every sympathy with you, but would certainly bring p.h name up as you will find they have had issues since with him.

  16. What is it with virginia bottomley and cover ups ?

  17. lynnie

    Have facebooked this to a friend who lives in Dorset in the hope that someone may read it. How dare they think that can get away with this abuse.

    • chris46

      Hi, if you look at 2swanageview.blogspot for 16/9/10, annonymos posted ” looking after deranged teenagers with no electricity – it was fun. NOT”. This was ref to Langton House and clearly demonstrates they still think its a joke and they did no wrong!!!