Judge Mental: Judge Lindsey Kushner

They said I’d never be able to make a regular feature out of ‘Judge Mental’ but the judiciary are proving to be extremely helpful !

Judge Lindsey Kushner, looked at a sample of the 1,400 images which she, herself, couldn’t bear to watch, so extreme was it, gave Andrew Townsend a three year community order because he would not learn his lesson behind bars.

Judge Mental !

Judge Mental !

A paedophile who downloaded child pornography so horrific that a judge could not even bear to watch the evidence tapes has been allowed to walk free from court.

Andrew Townsend, 51, of Hulme, Manchester, downloaded hundreds of vile photographs but was allowed to walk free after the judge ruled he would not learn his lesson behind bars.

Judge Lindsey Kushner, who looked at a sample of the 1,400 images before sentencing him, said she could not bear to watch all the contents of one of the videos featuring extremely graphic content.

Townsend admitted 11 counts of downloading and sharing the pictures and videos after police raided his home in April last year. The judge said that what he did was not a victimless crime.

Judge Kusher told him: ‘You must be aware the subjects of these images are not indifferent to what is happening to you. The public must be made aware of just how infectious this material is.

But the judge, sitting at Manchester Crown Court, rejected the option of sending Townsend to prison and instead gave him a three-year community order.

Daily Mail


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12 responses to “Judge Mental: Judge Lindsey Kushner

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  2. Absolutely shocking does this Judge have cold blood/no heart, obviously hasnt got children of her own. Or is it that she couldn’t watch anymore due to herself being caught of liking the same sick crime herself! disgraceful

  3. Principle5000

    Sack this Judge

    The Sentence is an Insult to the Suffering of the Victims

  4. Caroline Hills

    This woman is not fit to be a judge. She’s just ‘opted out’ – she just didn’t want to deal with it got rid of the whole situation as quickly as possible. She should be sacked!

  5. I still think minimum sentencing is the only option, they do not discriminate when choosing a victim so why should they not all go to jail immediately, even for child porn as in every image there is an abused child, just like receiving stolen goods promote’s the stealing in the first place.

  6. iwanthetruth

    Well I will be writing the the AG again. We had success with complaints regarding Ovenden and Stuart Hall – so let’s go for the ‘hat-trick’. Maybe if we keep referring unduly lenient sentences to the AG, who in turn sends them to the Court of Appeal, TPTB might get the message that we are watching and won’t tolerate it any more.

    How to complain

    Contact the Attorney General’s Office as soon as possible after the sentence is passed. The time limit for making a complaint is 28 days after sentencing.

    Provide as much information as you can about the case, eg the:

    name of the person who got the sentence
    date the sentence was given
    court where the case was held
    crime committed

    Attorney General’s Office

  7. Just to show that there is money to be made from child abuse..LS were eventually shut down following raids. However some of their material remains online.sadly…


  8. nuggy

    its not always the judges fault deals are done behind closed doors.

    its the cps you should be looking at.

  9. chess

    I feel a complaint coming on – what’s Dominic Grieves’ address?

  10. Great piece. One thing remains the great unknown in all this: is she just f**king dense, or twisted?

    • Lynnie

      No, not dense or twisted just bereft of any empathy towards the victims. If she had sent him to jail at least he would have got a good ‘pasten’ as we say here in Scotland. I DESPAIR.

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