Op Fernbridge: Haroon ‘Harry’ Kasir Arrested

Haroon aka Harry Kasir-1557828Haroon ‘Harry’ Kasir, 69, who along with his wife Carole Kasir managed the notorious Elm Guest House, has been arrested today on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children and is being held in west London.

Harry Kasir, born 10th April 1944,  and Carole, who died of an insulin overdose in 1990, ran the ‘gay friendly’ guest house until 1982 when it was raided by police. They were both found guilty of keeping a disorderly house (brothel) and fined but it is believed that children from care homes including Grafton Close were abused there by VIPs. Operation Fernbridge is investigating this.

UntitledThis is the third arrest in connection with the Elm Guest House. Earlier this year in February John Stingemore, 70, who until 1981 was the Officer in Charge of Grafton Close children’s home, and  Father Tony McSweeney, 66, became the first two people arrested by the Operation Fernbridge team.

In January, the Police  raided ‘Harry’ Kasir’s home. Following this there were indications that he intended to try and leave the country and it was reported that he had previously boasted of being ‘friends’ with the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile.

The ‘gay friendly’ Elm Guest House was advertised in the ‘paedophile friendly’ Spartatus magazine.


And it was recommended in a newsletter by the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality.

CaptureText reads:


“I am glad to publicise another establishment strongly recommended by members:Elm Guest House, 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes, London, SW13 0BD (tel: 01 878 7303 and 01 876 6525); it is just over Hammersmith Bridge, is well served by underground and bus services and by British Rail (Barnes Station) and is near the M4, A3, A4 and A40; the facilities include a sauna, solarium, and video suite.”
The guest house is believed to have been frequented by, among others, local and national politicians, including the MP Cyril Smith.
Back in February  Peter Spindler of the Met, said: “This is a complex multi-agency investigation supported by the NSPCC, Ceop and Richmond Social Services involving non-recent allegations of sexual assault against children.”

“It is vital that anyone who has been affected by or has information about activity in the early 1980s at the Elm Guest House, or the Grafton Close care home in Barnes, speaks to the NSPCC on its helpline on 0808 8005000, or their local police.”


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27 responses to “Op Fernbridge: Haroon ‘Harry’ Kasir Arrested

  1. I recently read that Carole Kasir was not as innocent as has been reported, i mean how can you run a guest house and not know what’s going on, i do not know if this has any weight but with this arrest it would seem that both were involved deeper than we have been led to believe. Anyone else feel this way??

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  3. gw

    I was under the impression that Spindler has quit – to pursue a secondment of some kind? Can anybody clear this up?

    • You’re quite right. I should have made it clearer that Peter Spindler said that after the first two arrests back in Feb.
      My reason for including it was that I felt it important to include the Fernbridge contact details for any new witnesses.

      It was not my intention to mislead and I’ve corrected it and I hope it’s clearer now.

      Thank you gw, for pointing this out to me.

      • gw

        no problem – I only asked because there have been a few uncertainties (in general, not any specific souce) recently like the manchester investigation being shut down (Exaro was told it had when it wasn’t) and also the fairbank/ fernbridge. At first it was reported that fairbank was a “scoping exercise” which then became fernbridge but now it appears that fairbank is looking into herts and Worcester?

        btw: not sure if this is news but the home office has the dickens documents apparently.

      • gw,
        Fairbank could be said to centre on the raid of Peter Righton’s home but, in my view, geography is misleading.

        PIE members letters could be sent and received out of county.

        Do you have a link to Dicken’s Doc info ? If confidential then email me at – gojam56@gmail.com

  4. Does this suggest that carol kaisir was complicit in running a paedophile brothel then?

  5. If mary moss compiled the list of vistors then where did she get the Names from if carol and harry were in on it ?

    • Mary Moss didn’t compile the list.

    • chris46

      Mary did’nt compile list of names I did. I must point out that this was ONLY a list of people who had stayed at EGH. Far more relevant were the people who booked the sauna/video conference suite. Fernbridge has their names.

  6. Gojam i am quoting you here and doing so it mentioned party in brighton in the ian greer post i made also CHE conference in Brighton as well as mysterious fire death in Brighton as well as assault on a boy in Brighton.

    are witnesses to abuse by ‘Person B’ at a ‘party’ in Brighton, exist but both have “moved on with their lives”. This has to be entirely

    • Hi Bob,
      I think there is always the danger that dots too far apart could be joined to create an inaccurate picture just on the basis of a common denominator, in this case ‘Brighton’.

  7. Anon

    It’s a strange sort of fishing net that lets the big sharks through and only catches the minnows.

    • Sometimes you’ve got to dig for worms first before you can bait the hook and reel in supper.

      • Sweetcheeks

        I have heard a mild solution of water and mustard, poured onto the soil, easily bring worms to the surface. I have a good feeling that we will be reeling the whoppers in very soon ;)

      • Hi Sweetie,

        Very good to meet you face to face the other week. :-)

        I think expectations need to be managed but that said I anticipate a ‘Whopper’ hauled into the boat in the next two months or so. That said I expect other developments in the meantime. Some might be misled into believing these might be regurgitated news but ‘i’s need to be dotted, and ‘t’s crossed. It’s a necessary part of the investigation.

        I know you won’t lose heart, Sweetie, I just hope others won’t either.

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  9. Just in case there is anyone left on planet earth who thinks that Carole Kasir just might have been deaf dumb and blind:


  10. Me thinks that Mr Plod needs to be feeling the collar of a lot more people with higher rank – how about the cabinet minister whose alleged victim was supposedly found in the street and all investigations were stopped once the perp was identified??? These are the ones who need bringing to justice fast.

  11. dpack

    i hope the dickens dossier does still exist and that it will be examined for truth and relevance by decent folk who are able to act properly upon their findings.
    if kasir can be persuaded to make a full and true statement his knowledge might open some industrial sized worm cans and also wipe some herrings clean so as to show their true colour.
    he may even provide shark bait.

  12. Wrathful Dakini.

    Hi gojam

    Thanks for this.

    Do you know why MSM not not reporting his name ?

  13. Sweetcheeks

    Lovely to meet you too, Gojam. I admire your work so was nice to put a face to the name.
    I fully understand that correct procedures must be followed, we do not want any slipping through the net in haste to get a conviction.

  14. In yesterday’s Independent-

    The end is nigh for Savile inquiries

    It sometimes seems that each inquiry thrown up by the Jimmy Savile scandal only begets another inquiry. There are investigations under way at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor, and inside the Department of Health. Sometimes it seems they will go on inquiring forever in an inquiry fest without end. But no… In a little-noticed answer to a Commons question on Monday, the health minister Norman Lamb said: “It is anticipated that the investigations will be completed and the final report published by the end of the year.”

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