Judge Mental: Judge Graham Hume Jones

Judge Mental !

Judge Mental !

This is a going to be a regular new feature on The Needle which will be concerned with Judges who are mentally deficient in their duty.

Today’s ‘Judge Mental’ award goes to Judge Graham Hume Jones.

Two years ago Judge Graham Hume Jones sentenced Callum Evans, now 21 after he admitted six charges of making an indecent image of a child, five charges of causing or inciting a child to take part in pornography and two charges of sexual activity with a child. At that time Judge Graham Hume Jones said that banning him from Facebook would be excessive and isolate him the “social traffic” of his peers.

But less than two years later Judge Graham Hume Jones has been confronted with his own incompetence. At Taunton Crown Court in Somerset he heard how Callum Evans returned to Facebook within weeks of walking free from his court to find yet more victims. Posing as a girl variously named ‘Georgina’, ‘Georgia’, ‘Georgie’ and ‘Jade’, he tried to groom 13 boys and one girl aged between 13 and 15 in 12 months, tricking them into sending pornographic photos of themselves.

Callum Evans was found in possession of 648 sexually explicit images of children with a handful in the serious grade four category.

His Honour Judge Jones has found himself at the centre of controversy over his sentencing in other cases in recent years.

Last July he was condemned when he jailed a racing motorist who killed a schoolgirl for just 18 months.

Leanne Burnell, 21, was racing boyfriend Leonard Jones at up to 80mph in rival cars through Taunton when Jones crashed into tragic Amy Hofmeister, 13.

Jones, 42, was jailed for seven years but Burnell, who was convicted of causing death dangerous driving, was only given 18 months to the fury of Amy’s mother.

Jane Hofmeister said: “I don’t believe I have received justice today. Eighteen months – I don’t understand.

“Eighteen months is five months more than it has taken to get this case to court in the first place.”

Last December the judge stunned police and prosecutors when he freed a Romanian who was part of a gang that fleeced #3 million from 9,000 people in a cash machine con.

Leonid Rotaru, 32, was caught fitting an ATM machine with a skimming device that copied card-holders’ details.

And in April 2011 the judge said he was forced to free a pervert who downloaded over 6,000 sexual images because a prison sentence would not be long enough to rehabilitate him.

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18 responses to “Judge Mental: Judge Graham Hume Jones

  1. Peter Martin

    The above should have read: ‘less than 0.2 milligrams’ and not “0.2 trams”.

  2. Peter Martin

    This dog Hume Jones sentenced me to 9 years for money laundering based solely on the £400,000 seized from me by the corrupt Avon & Somerset police being contaminated with a total of less than: 0.2 grams of heroin. A single grain of salt weighs 1 milligram.

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  4. Judges are always letting paedophiles of with light sentences Stuart Hall 15 months Ovenden a suspended sentence but if they get a child abuse victim (Duncroft girl) and whistleblower like Andrea Davison who caused no-one any harm and caused nobody any loss at all then they give them heavy jail sentences. BBC presenter and Judge Niclas Parry gave Andrea a total of 3 years prison. WHAT LINKS JUDGE NICLAS PARRY ANDREA DAVISON WAT… http://google-law.blogspot.com/2012/12/what-links-judge-niclas-parry-andrea.html?spref=tw The whole justice system is totally corrupt

  5. Eileen. Fairwether on the power of prayer..blimey i thought atos ‘ cured’ sick people..oh well scrap the NHS because praying will cure it all.


    • I would never presume to know the politics of anyone unless they had expressed them. As I hope I’ve made clear in the past I, myself, am apolitical and so perhaps I’m less inclined to leap to conclusions on such issues.

      I’m not in possession of the details of this particular case and so I’m not in a position to comment but what I would say is this; as you will see from my own refutation of the Ben Fellows allegations here- https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/the-ben-fellows-allegations/ it is just as important to expose an allegation that is false as it is to doggedly pursue an allegation that is true, if survivors of child abuse are to receive justice.

      On Cleveland, I can only recommend that you watch Tim Tate’s excellent film for Channel 4 ‘Unspeakable Truths’ here- https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/cleveland-unspeakable-truths/ I believe the evidence and testimony speak for themselves.

    • Hi Bob,
      Eileen Fairweather has an accomplished record in journalism and she knows as much about the circumstances which led to Op Fairbank as anyone after decades of investigation and research.
      What she actually wrote was “the Thatcher aide was linked by circumstances and hearsay”. Given everything I know, and in the absence of new information, I’d be inclined to agree with her, though I think “hearsay” may be too light a word. That said, it does not diminish the importance of the Op Fairbank investigation.

      Please bear in mind that EF has fought consistantly on child protection issues and has seen many ‘false dawns’ and that the piece you’ve linked to was published back in November 2012.

      I hope we’ll soon be able to read more from Eileen Fairweather about the current investigations as her insights are greatly valued and always appreciated.

      • I remain being convinced the torygraph has ex daily mail writers not a good track récord on several matters..the ítem smacked of hypocracy ..it might have well as said. The number ten aide is a lefty plot to cover up their own misdeeds..now i dont know what to think ppl have been praising Tom watson now he is made to look like a lying fat lefty..i am not partisan when it comes to csa…this is telegraph spin to derail the top aide stuff…theyve. planted stuff before to discredit the nhs..even John ward on the. Slog has been suspicious of the telegraph of late…well is Tom watson making it all up or not…we have all these investigations going on because of what Tom watson said….no this doesnt sound right to me..

      • Eileen Fairweather was a journalist for the Evening Standard. Her endeavours formed the basis of the Islington police investigation.

        You need to trust me on this, her bono fides are not in any question.
        But if you can’t trust me then I hope you’ll accept this point of view- http://lizdavies.net/eileen-fairweather/

        It’s not for me to say but I’m not at all sure EF would write the same article today.

  6. Gojam do you know anything about the ian greer rent boy parties at dolphin square?

      • Ok i came across the ian greer stuff recently he was openly gay and ppl like derek laud were there too Its weird as the cooke report were investigating him over cash for questions ..cash for boys. It was called. I will get the article if you want..more coincidences it looks like..

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  8. I left this comment on another site but think it is relevant here.

    I really think there should be minimum sentances in these cases, if you abuse a child, no matter of the context you will go to prison for a fixed term, if you are a person of trust or influance and ultimatly should fucking know better(oveden using art as a cover for child abuse) then the sentance should be even harsher, if you put your victims through the re-abuse of a trial only to be found guilty then your sentance will double, if you are a teacher or social worker, police , judges should know better, and a three strike rule for repeat offenders, when in prison they will not be allowed onto the protection wing and be with the general population. And finnally if found guilty all of your acumulated assets get tranferred to the victim. I am sure these guidlines would make offenders think twice before abusing children, if there is no deterent then it will continue.