Exclusive: Gotcha! Shocker Sun Tape Reveals the Real Rupe

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Today  I have  read a transcript and heard a rather sensational tape of Rupert Murdoch facing the music  for 45 minutes from his embattled Sun staffers and executives as his organisation hands over loads of information to the Met Police in the current hacking and bribery investigations.

Full amazing story is on Exaro at: http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5025/rupert-murdoch-secretly-admits-i-knew-about-bribing-officials

Exaro provided extracts of the audio to Channel Four News for a special report tonight and a  full transcript – suitably redacted to protect people for legal reasons – is on the Exaro website: http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5026/transcript-rupert-murdoch-recorded-at-meeting-with-sun-staff. Tomorrow you can hear 13 minutes of  the great man, sometimes angry, sometimes put out as a grown man sob about his plight at a private meeting inside  the mighty News International (now News UK) London  HQ. All will be revealed on the Exaro website.

In a series of extraordinary revelations the media mogul reveals:

He knew the practice of…

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8 responses to “Exclusive: Gotcha! Shocker Sun Tape Reveals the Real Rupe

  1. JBC

    News (in the public interest?) kept behind a paywall. Jesus. That’s what the Murdochs started. The tape’s probably the same one Private Eye was ranting about a month or so ago. So much for Exaro’s investigative skill on this occasion, then. For the anti-capitalists, free-speechers, or simply skint, here’s an idea of what you’re missing: http://gawker.com/rupert-murdoch-caught-on-tape-we-will-hit-back-660365967?rev=1372876053&utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_twitter&utm_source=gawker_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow

    • There is a free seven day trial on Exaro.

      I noticed you managed to navigate passed the ‘paywall’ and quote extensively.

      • JBC

        No, someone else leaked the info. I did nothing more than find them. If I’d found the video, I would have posted a link to that, redacted or not.

        I know Exaro do some good work, but I’ve no intention of taking up the free trial, because it condones payment, and I’d only end up with them getting all petulant and screaming ‘copyright theft’ at me.

  2. nuggy

    it would certanly appear so.

  3. Does this mean the end for the old goat?!

  4. nuggy

    i wonder weather he knew about sid fillery.

  5. Anon

    I wonder if the tape is genuine and, if so, whether it is consistent with the evidence he provided to the Court of Parliament.

  6. nuggy

    that means he has lied to Parliament isn’t that a crime.