“A full and thorough Inquiry”

I was watching TV and heard those dreaded words in response to something or other. Its a phrase we have often heard down the years. It is the standard response of social services depts, local authorities, gov depts and Ministers, etc. Aside from the Hillsborough Panel has anyone ever heard of one that was “full” and “thorough”, particularly when it came to the investigation of abuse of any kind of children in care? I recently offered as an example the Melanie Klein House “Inquiry” that wasn’t.
I do not want to bore you with some 10,000 plus worded report. I thought I could illustrate my point with 2 press cuttings and a letter. A “full and thorough inquiry”? You can make your own mind up…..

A beginning.


A middle.


The end.


Thanks to the sterling work of Det Chief Inspector Richard Thompson and his team of Greenwich Police, they did finally manage to interview one person under caution – a certain Cllr Fay, about the theft of Log Books.

Silly me! “A full and thorough inquiry” We were obviously using different dictionaries. I should look it up on Wikipedia. No I have an idea, why don’t I ask the Metropolitan Police to set up Operation  ‘Ever Hopefull’?

Never mind the abuse of children, I am sure it will be able to get to the real truth – who knicked the Log Books? Oh, hang on a minute. At this point can I make it absolutely clear, that I have no recollection of being handed any Log Books. Oh dear, I seem to have caught that Leon Brittan Syndrome!  I wonder if I can get some tablets from my Doctor for it?


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3 responses to ““A full and thorough Inquiry”

  1. Anon

    It’s OK everyone, he went to church the morning before.

  2. nuggy

    i like they refer to a direct accusation as a whispering campaign.

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