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Ex-BBC Reporter Clifford Luton On Child Sex Charges

Clifford Luton

Clifford Luton

A former BBC News reporter has appeared in court charged with indecently assaulting two boys aged under 14.

Clifford Luton, 87, of Ashley Road, Poole, also faces 30 counts of possessing indecent images of children.

He is accused of assaulting one of the boys on three occasions between 1971 and 1974 and one attack on the other alleged victim between 1980 and 1981.

The case was adjourned at Bournemouth Crown Court until 16 September. Mr Luton was released on bail.

BBC News


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The Censored Testimony Of Des Frost

I highly recommend you visit Rebecca Television and watch this 16 minute video. The Link is below this accompanying article.

Des Frost

Des Frost

THE NORTH Wales Child Abuse Tribunal is the only full-scale public inquiry ever to be held in Britain into sexual and physical abuse in care homes.

It cost £14 million and produced a substantial 937 page report in 2000.

Rebecca Television has long argued that the Tribunal, chaired by the retired High Court judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse, was “flawed”.

The key piece of evidence concerns a man called Des Frost.

Frost was a senior executive in the privately run Bryn Alyn Community in Wrexham whose boss John Allen was gaoled for child abuse in the 1990s.

Des Frost was potentially a key witness for the Tribunal because he claimed he told police about Allen’s activities a full decade before he was brought to book.

But Frost was never called to give evidence — and the Tribunal prevented the Welsh television company HTV from broadcasting his testimony.

The result was that the Waterhouse Tribunal never heard Frost’s evidence.

As a result, the North Wales Police was cleared of any failure to bring the abuse on its patch to an end ten years before it actually did so.

The video of the censored testimony can be found at Rebecca Television


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Jersey: Island Of Secrets


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Stuart Hall And Bill Roache Judge And ‘Gay Sauna’ Revelation

My apologies for the tabloidesque title.

Under normal circumstances I’d say that a person’s sexuality should not call into doubt that persons ability to do their job but it is not just Judge Andrew Russell’s sexuality that calls into question his judgement but the circumstances which are semi-public (gay sauna).

Judge Andrew Russell’s sentencing of Stuart Hall has been criticised for being too lenient and the 15 month sentence (just over one month for every charge of sexual assault that he pleaded guilty to) has been challenged and the Attorney General will review the sentence.

Judge Andrew Russell will also preside over the trial of Bill Roache and these revelations will call into question Judge Russell’s impartiality in cases like these.


When judge Andrew Russell was caught visiting a gay brothel, it looked like the end of a glittering career.

The part-time Recorder of Bolton and eminent QC quit after his trip to the sauna was exposed in a newspaper sting.

But he bounced back. Mr Russell was later reinstated and went on to become a senior judge.

And last week, the 62-year-old sparked controversy after sentencing former It’s a Knockout host Hall to just 15 months in prison for three decades of sex attacks on young girls.

Judge Russell, recently appointed to oversee Corrie star Bill Roache’s child sex trial, is alleged to have gone into a “dark room” inside the building with a leading doctor and a hospital porter. He was a part-time judge and a prominent Manchester barrister at the time he visited the Greenhouse club in the Walsall, West Mids.

Within days, Judge Russell admitted going into the brothel – today advertised as “the UK’s No1 gay sauna”. But he insisted the ­description of what went on inside was “factually inaccurate in some respects and exaggerated”.

The Mirror


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Alan Rusbridger & convicted paedophile Tom O’Carroll


Below is the latest comment left on this blog by the source of Tom Watson’s PMQ about “a powerful political paedophile ring”. It raises many questions about why The Guardian are still not covering the national scandal of children procured from care homes being abused by rich and poweful paedophiles, while at the same time giving a platform to paedophile activist Tom O’Carroll. When reading this bear in mind that Tom O’Carroll has a conviction for possession of a collection of 50,000 images and films of children as young as 6 being raped and tortured. This was not mentioned in The Guardian’s coverage.

It has just been brought to my attention that Tom O’Carroll has launched a pathetic and infant like attack on the remarkable Liz Davies on his website.

I won’t waste time on responding to that utterly depraved and deluded individual other than to comment that it…

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An unfounded and false allegation

Westminster Confidential

This weekend Exaro News  has published a story by me where a prominent figure has been falsely accused of indecently assaulting a teenage boy. Exceptionally in this case I had personal knowledge of the events surrounding the incident and knew enough about them to give a statement to the  Met Police Paedophile Unit. As a result of my statement and statements from others  the police cleared the person.

The full story is behind the pay wall at Exaro News ( and Like the false accusation against Lord McAlpine, this is  another case of mistaken identity.

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The Ben Fellows Allegations

I’ve had this standing by for a while and now that David Hencke at Exaro has gone public I think it’s OK to post. I should point out that David Hencke is in a position to know. He was the senior journalist working for The Guardian on this investigation with the Cook Report and saw every piece of film.

It’s about time that somebody publicly responded to the allegations made by Ben Fellows concerning Ken Clarke, and I’m very pleased that David Hencke has done so, though I know this will not be popular with some people.

When the allegations first surfaced, I was extremely wary for a number of reasons. I discussed the matter privately with another blogger who I respect greatly and we compared notes, we agreed that the allegations were almost certainly untrue and neither of us have repeated them on our blogs.

However, a few weeks ago I was prompted to look more closely at these allegations. Not because I felt they had substance but because I could see that the story was not going away and that many people were potentially putting themselves in a precarious legal position.

I was extremely lucky in that I was able to talk about this with a few people who were in a position to know what exactly went on during the Cook Report  investigation into Cash for Questions and within a few days I had a broad understanding of the truth of the matter.

The first thing I’d like to make clear is that in regards to the Cook Report I do not believe that Ben Fellows is a liar. That, however, does not mean that his allegations are correct because a number of important details are certainly not true. Ben Fellows did indeed work as an extra for three weeks playing the part of a businessman’s assistant. He was just 18 years old at the time and that may explain why his memory appears to have played him false on some important details.

The most egregious error that he has made, and one that could have far reaching consequences for many others, is the allegation that Ken Clarke molested him. This is completely untrue.Ken Clarke  was never involved in the Cook Report investigation into Cash for Questions in any way, shape, or form. Ken Clarke was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time and the idea that he would be hobnobbing with Ian Greer is simply ridiculous.

That said there is another man who Ben Fellows almost certainly would have met during his time working on the Cook Report and that is Sir Peter Morrison, “a known pederast”, who was so close to Ian Greer that he actually had a desk in Greer Associates’ office.

Could this be a case of mistaken identity ?

Mistaken Identity ?

Sir Peter Morrison
Mistaken Identity ?

Ben Fellows goes on to say that the incident was secretly filmed. There certainly was secret filming but there was never any film of anyone groping Ben Fellows. That is not to say that Ben Fellows was not assaulted, only that there was never any evidence that he was.

And no film means that there was no ‘cover-up’.

So, why didn’t the Cook Report broadcast its Cash for Questions exclusive ?

One very plausible explantion can be found in Roger Cook’s autobiography which, although I do not believe is the full story which is a little more complex, will suffice for now:  The programme was working with The Guardian on the stings, but by the time the then active series finished the investigation wasn’t complete.  It would be another six months before the next series and The Guardian didn’t want to wait, so published.  At which point there was no mileage left in the film for Cook.

I’m not going to go into other details of the allegations that Ben Fellows has made about the Cook Report investigation. I hope that in time the entire story will be published elsewhere.

My greatest concern  is the effect an error, as great as that made by many relating to Lord McAlpine, might have on freedom of speech on the internet and the consequences for victims. Naturally, I feel very sorry for Ken Clarke whose name has been traduced but the people who will suffer the most will be the genuine victims of child abuse as such a high profile error once it has become public, as I feel certain it will, will only serve to increase skepticism about future allegations, especially those made against VIPs.


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World War Z

Mrs gojam and I went to the cinema to watch World War Z last night.  We both love a good zombie movie and we were both looking forward to it.

Was it any good ?

It actually wasn’t too bad. I think it suffers from not living up to expectation, they spent $400 million on it and I left the cinema feeling that with that kind of money they could have made a better movie but it’s not as bad as many reviews have said.

We watched it in 3D and I think that was a mistake, we agreed afterwards that we’d have both enjoyed it more in 2D. 3D in films isn’t really as we experience it in life, it’s like a series of flat 2D sections which give the illusion of perspective. There was no classic 3D moment as an object projects out of the screen and the moments that might have been great in 3D were far too fast. The eyes must have time to refocus. At one point what I assume was a zombie leapt out at the screen but it was just a ghostly blur as I could not refocus quickly enough and it was over before I had had the chance to realise what had happened. So, if you are going to watch it, my advice is to do so in 2D, it might actually be better.

Apparently, they spent $200 million refilming the final act as nobody who saw it liked it. The final act was OK but it does make you wonder how bad it must have been before if OK was an improvement.

Anyway, it’s not a bad film though the narrative ending seemed to just fill in what might have been a better conclusion that would have extended the film for half an hour but at least given the viewer some kind of decent closure. I guess after spending $400 million they decided to just get Brad Pitt to talk through the conclusion that might have made a better film.

Worth a watch for zombie fans.


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The Friday Night Song.


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Suffer The Little Children

The Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation keeps a sex offenders register that nobody outside the church is allowed to see, a former “elder” tells Panorama.

Bill Bowen, who has spent his lifetime as a Jehovah’s Witness and nearly twenty years as an elder, says the organisation covers up abuse by keeping this database secret.

His sources indicate there are 23,720 abusers on the list [from USA, Canada, and Europe] – who are protected by the system.

“They [the Jehovah’s Witnesses] do not want people to know that they have this problem”, he tells Panorama.

“And by covering it up they just hurt one person. By letting it out, then they hurt the image of the church.”



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Robert Bill Arrested In Morocco

When will the authorities accept that paedophiles can not be ‘cured’ ?

Once a paedophile, always a paedophile. You can not jail them for a short period and expect them to come out reformed.

I don’t care if it’s a British child, a Morrocan child, or a child from Thailand. All children deserve to be protected and it shames this country that in effect the UK is exporting paedophilia to other countries around the world.

One can only hope that the Moroccan authorities deal with Robert Bill in a less ‘enlightened’ way than the British judicial system have done.


Robert Bill

A British paedophile freed from prison in the UK last year has been arrested in Morocco after allegedly trying to rape a six-year-old girl.

Robert Bill vanished after emigrating to Spain to exploit a loophole in the sex offenders register despite a police warning he was a ‘high risk’ offender.

Spanish detectives were already hunting him for the attempted abduction of a 12-year-old girl in a Costa del Sol resort weeks after he started his new life in the sun.

Last night he was back behind bars in the northern Moroccan port city of Tetouan after locals stopped him raping his latest target.

He is said to have confessed to two other rapes in the north African country since fleeing there last November when Spanish police identified him as the beast who tried to bundle a schoolgirl into a car near Malaga.

Daily Mail


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Leon Brittan and the Leeds child abuse dossier


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Bill Oddie Defends Rolf Harris

What a silly man.

Firstly, how does he know this ? Did Rolf Harris tell him ? Oh well! that’s OK then because experience ALWAYS tells us that the accused person tells the truth, doesn’t it ?

Secondly, I’ll draw your attention to Bill Roach, Jim Davidson, and Max Clifford, all of whom stuck their oar in a month or so before they themselves were arrested.

Don’t get involved Bill !


Wildlife presenter and comedian Bill Oddie has called for TV star Rolf Harris to be left alone because all he did was have a ‘morning cuddle with his secretary’.

Mr Oddie, 71, expressed his sadness at detectives questioning Harris over historic allegations of sexual offences because the Australian star has endured a tough time with his wife Alwen having been ill.

He said: ‘Leave him alone. He’s a jolly bloke, he would want his morning cuddle from the secretary and she’d be only too happy to give it him

‘It wasn’t molestation or anything like that.’

Talking in an interview on Australian television, Mr Oddie said that Jimmy Savile came across as a ‘weirdo’ in the 1970s but that his impression of Rolf Harris was very different.

There is no suggestion that any of Mr Harris’s former secretaries have made a complaint against him.

Harris is currently on bail.

According to The Daily Mirror, he added that he believes BBC bosses at the time must have known that Savile was preying on young girls.

Daily Mail


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THE PAEDOFILE: Only the nutters can snatch defeat from the jaws of a victory for real parents

The Slog

Professional conspiracy loons do favours for themselves alone

Today’s edition is the a mix of unbelievable defences, disturbing evidence, and – not something I indulge in that much – criticising those whose determination to see paedophilia in everything is, as always, just one of the many factors holding back detection of the real thing.

I have never been shy about outing the lunatic fringe of self-styled paedophile catchers. It’s been obvious to me for nearly two years now that those genuinely involved in amoral denial of systemic abuse rely on a certain number of paranoiacs per month sounding off with wild and completely unfounded accusations. This enables them to justify bizarre decisions, policies and actions by writing off the entire campaign against sexual sadism as ‘rumour and innuendo’ put about by the swivel-eyed.

The tendency I’m talking about is that one typified by Brian Gerrish and his huge army of…

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‘I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,’ says award-winning journalist (2.3.08)


Daily Mail, 2nd March 2008
by Eileen Fairweather

The award-winning journalist who exposed terrible abuse in Islington children’s homes now reveals horrifying links to sinister discoveries at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne.

I met the frightened policeman at an isolated country restaurant, many miles from his home and station. Detective Constable Peter Cook had finally despaired, and decided to blow the whistle to a reporter.

He was risking his career, so made me scribble my notes into a tiny pad beneath the tablecloth.

He had uncovered a vicious child sex ring, with victims in both Britain and the Channel Islands, and he wanted me to get his information to police abuse specialists in London.

Incredibly, he claimed that his superiors had barred him from alerting them.

He feared a cover-up: many ring members were powerful and wealthy. But I did not think him paranoid: I specialised in exposing child abuse…

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Nigel Evans Arrested For Three Further Offences


The Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans, has been arrested on suspicion of three further offences of indecent assault.

Mr Evans had been attending Preston police station to answer bail in connection with earlier rape and indecent assault allegations at the time the new allegations were put to him. All allegations are believed to involve men in their 20s and are alleged to have taken place in Blackpool and London between 2003 and 2011.

A Lancashire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘A 55-year-old man from Pendleton in Lancashire has today answered his bail following his arrest in May on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

‘He has subsequently been further arrested on suspicion of three further offences of indecent assault.

‘He will be interviewed about these allegations at a police station in Lancashire during the course of the day.’

‘We take all allegations of a sexual nature extremely seriously and understand how difficult it can be for victims to have the confidence to come forward.’As a constabulary, we are committed to investigating sexual offences sensitively but robustly recognising the impact that these types of crimes have on victims.

‘We would encourage anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, or who has information about it, to have the confidence to report it to us knowing that we will take it seriously, deal with it sensitively and investigate it thoroughly.’


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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown On Stuart Hall’s Sentence

Stuart Hall

A child abuser with his OBE.

Many refer to Hall’s crimes as ‘historical’ — which seems to suggest they might have happened in Tudor times. But his victims are very much alive, and some are still deeply troubled by those memories, and the inability of their families, communities and institutions to protect them.

Does Hall really get a shorter sentence simply because he was able to hide his perversions for so long? Tell me how that makes sense or can, in any way, be right or fair. He initially denied the charges, launched verbal attacks on his accusers as liars and fantasists, and complained about vendettas against people in the public eye.

It has been reported that at least one other girl who was abused has not yet laid any formal charges.

Certainly I believe there are other serious accusations which may never come to court.

Make no mistake, this man was confident he could do what he wanted and not pay a price.

For a long time, he was right. He even made sure his house (and probably other assets) was signed over to his wife, so any civil case for damages will not deprive him of his home. Then he lined up dependable friends — middle-class worthies — to give him excellent character references in mitigation.

One was Patricia Macmillan, a volunteer and chair of the East Cheshire branch of the NSPCC, who praised his charitable donations — yes, really. She has now stepped down and the charity has distanced itself from her remarks.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a columnist on the Independent.


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Exclusive:Honoured by the Queen, mugged by David Cameron

Westminster Confidential

This is  Graham Wilmer who received an MBE in The Queen’s Birthday Honours at the weekend.  He received the honour because of his tireless work to provide support for the survivors of child sexual abuse through the Wirral based Lantern Project (.

His citation reads:“For services to survivors and victims of abuse.”

The letter from the Cabinet Office says the award was made on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

But what the Prime Minister gives, the PM also takes away.

Just as he receives his award – a pinnacle of achievement and recognition for a sexually abused kid who now helps others – the government is stripping him of any funding which virtually means his operation has no cash after September. The full story can be seen on Exaro News –

Funny  that. Cash is no longer available just at the point when  the Met Police…

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Craig Murray

Craig Murray is a British political activist, former ambassador to Uzbekistan and former Rector of the University of Dundee.


From October 3, 2012

The Jimmy Saville affair broke on the internet in a big way a year ago, and yet the mainstream media is only now catching up – and still not making key links, like to Haut de la Garenne.

I receive, constantly, emails from people wishing me to take up various cases on my blog and furnishing information. 95% of the time I do not publish because I am not able to investigate fully (there is just one of me) and I do not know the source: the exclusives on this blog come mostly from my access to well-placed sources I have known for years through my past diplomatic career, and trust.

A notable proportion of the cases brought to me by those I do not know involve alleged paedophile rings. I was sent information about Haut de la Garenne for years, which named a string of senior people alleged to take advantage of organised paedophilia in the care home. Among the judges, politicians and aristocracy, there was indeed the name of Jimmy Saville. I have to admit it was not just that I could not prove any of it, I was actively sceptical about what seemed a random list of names of the famous. We now know for certain that Saville visited the place several times. The whole Haut De La Garenne investigation always seemed to obscure more than it revealed; I do hope it is now re-opened, and taken away from the local Jersey police.

Craig Murray’s Blog


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When is an Inquiry not an Inquiry ?

Everyone following The Needle will have seen the posts on Melanie Klein House, a secure unit for girls, run by the London Borough of Greenwich. You will also know there was an “Inquiry” into the allegations about this home following my letter to David Mellor.

I was told there was an Inquiry. Naypic were told there was an Inquiry. Mr Mellor said there was an Inquiry. Ditto London Boroughs Regional Children’s Planning Committee (LBRCPC) and the Chairs of all London Boroughs Social Services Committees. Most importantly the victims of the abuse suffered at this home were told there was an Inquiry. Given the allegations included rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sexist and racist abuse, child pornography and the use of the infamous “blanket searches”, where the girls were stripped naked by male staff members and thrown naked into cells, there was clearly much to “inquire” into.  Indeed in press releases Greenwich and the LBRCPC assured us of “a full and thorough Inquiry”.  Er, well apparently we were all mistaken….


When the redrafts of the drafts had been finally edited and amended by all relevant Directors of Social Services, the final, final report was published. Except it had become only “A Review of Management Practices and Procedures at Melanie Klein House”.
What’s that, I hear you ask? Victims? er, well, arrh, erm……


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