SEVEN Boxes Of Evidence.

Seven boxes of of evidence found during the raid on Peter Righton’s home…

What did those boxes contain ?

Well, we understand from David Hencke’s Blog, HERE , that “Tom Watson’s source had three days to study the documents and the first investigation was inexplicably closed down after four months.”

My own sources confirm this.

So, what did those boxes contain ? Well, I’ve been told that Peter Righton was an inveterate hoarder and that he kept every communication that he ever received.

I’m guessing that following the arrest of Charles Napier, there will be a large number of people who will be wondering whether or not Operation Fairbank have in their possession letters that they wrote to Peter Righton.

Seven boxes… my oh my. That is an awful lot of correspondence…

And why was the investigation closed down ?

I had a rather interesting conversation with a couple of people far more expert than myself about this matter last week. Funnily enough, both immediately focused on the name of the police officer in charge.


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  1. Anon

    Is he still alive?

    • opgreenlight

      Hello Anon. Peter Righton is dead. We understand his partner, Richard Alston, head of New Barns School and another avid ‘note-taker’, is alive.

      • Anon

        Sorry, wasn’t clear. The Police Officer in charge? His career would have flourished after burying this lot.

    • ex-officer

      Wonder if its the same PO who dealt with the Pine End Special School allegations @Reigate in the early 80’s – never made public.

      • Laura

        Hi ‘ex-officer’ – do you still have the material on Pine End? I was a pupil there in the early 1980s and there definitely were problems. I would be interested in what you have.

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  3. Didnt virginia bottomley write to peter righton just After his arrest?

  4. opgreenlight

    Ah, very good question Anon. No idea, will ask around. In fact, it is a question that could legitimately be asked of many of the police investigations into the abuse of children in care. Who, ultimately, was responsible for all these ‘cover-ups’, as Tom Watson calls them… ?

  5. Is momentum building? Did Watson mention the boxes had been found deliberately so there is no losing them again? Napier arrested and people still not letting it drop.

    That big fish needs catching. Only then will the media grow a pair.

  6. nuggy

    i knew Watson was on to something be the reaction he got when he asked the question.

  7. ” the childrens home act 1982 was never
    brought into force and is repealed as result of 1991 childrens act”

    1982 original act had provions about responsibility and offences
    and banning ppl with previous convictions
    from working in the homes

    I found the original 1982 provisional in the childrens home act..

    I will post them up..why wasnt the 1982 childrens home act brought into force?

  8. 1982 childrens home act .disqualifying ppl from working in childrens homes

  9. Gojam accirding to this hansard its saying they had no power over privately run child care homes..hence the registration…

  10. Bo, have you ever heard of “on topic”. :-)

  11. martin walkerdine

    Hello Go Jam

    Concerning the above posting who was the Police officer that stopped the police investigation after 4 months ?

    Why would 7 boxes of MPS files end up in LEICESTERSHIRE AND whereabouts in Leicestershire was they found ?

    best regards Martin

    On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 9:44 PM, theneedleblog

    • Hi Martin,

      1) I don’t think it would be prudent for me to give you the name of the officer in charge. Suffice it to say that this was not the only investigation into child abuse that this police officer closed down prematurely according to the people I spoke to last week.

      2) I don’t know.

  12. Is the police officer involved still alive and is he a mason

  13. chilternsman

    Can you please tell us if it was the Police Chief who booted Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll (of Stephen Lawrence investigation fame) in 1998 off the Lambeth abuse investigation case and put him on a disciplinary after revealing politicians were named among the suspects?

    Was it the same senior officer who was given a file of evidence by DCI Driscoll which subsequently went missing containing details of allegations against politicians?

    Was it the same officer who visited former Labour councillor Anna Tapsell to “warn her off” after she raised concerns that detectives would not properly investigate allegations of paedophile activity in Lambeth care homes?

    Just asking.