RAWRO, Spartacus & The Chain Of Filth

In my last piece about RAWRO, Spartacus and Elm Guest House, I outlined the people involved and the relationships between them in relation to the running of Elm Guest House as a paedophile brothel.

Now I Want to go a step further and tell you more about the reality of what was happening at Elm Guest House, what their plans were and reveal the scope of what was being planned. Little of what I am about to tell you is not already in the public domain thanks to the Moss leak and the detective work of many people.  However, everything I write here is accurate.


I’m Just A Patsy.

The widely held view amongst those who are following the Elm Guest House scandal is that Carole Kasir was an innocent patsy.  She, as Mary Moss stated, was blind to what was going on.

That unfortunately is completely untrue.

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22 responses to “RAWRO, Spartacus & The Chain Of Filth

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  2. @BISHOP this is stunning stuff…i remember you saying that CHE was more involved than people realised ,, i have always thought this too..i even think that they had legal backing too within their ranks too..
    i notice Elm Guest house had a video suite..i think north wales did too..so stamford was in the UK in barnes then..makes sense..but can you help me on something please..as you know you like me have back copies of P.A.N. produced by spartacus,,and i have trwaled all the way through those back copies and cannot as yet find any clear reference to the Elm guest house operation ..no clues or adverts or news as yet..am i missing something??
    surely such an enterprise would be mentioned and publicized in that ”magazine’…??

  3. ***Thornton, David*** Capital Gay
    Thornton, DC Ron Richmond CID suspended, now at Hammersmith,
    (were they brothers??)


    Harry Coen and ***David Thornton***, himself a sub on various titles, retired to the Côte d’Or region of Burgundy in 2005. There they pursued the gentle pastimes of writing, playing music and turning a huge cow pasture into an English garden. Their small patch of vines provided sufficient even for two well-trained thirsts.

    Harry Coen died of cancer in Beaune. At his adoptive village of La Rochepot, the 11th-century church tolled its passing bell three times each day in the week leading up to his funeral. David Thornton survives him.

  4. peter Coell / harry coen?? as bishop is trying to explore….well as you can see david thornton appeared on the Elm gest house list and david thornton is listed as harry coens partner…

  5. gojam !!! bloody hell look at this…

    Story of Scouting Museum


    3: First Large Exhibition held at Greystone Heath School in 1967

    6: Visit by Trustees David Thornton, Ron Loomes, Colin Ovenden, Michael Loomes, Keith Fenton, Celia Nuttall and Sammy Lee, 6th March 2000

    greystone heath school???

    ***DAVID THORNTON*** colin ovenden???

  6. Parris, Matthew mentioned in CGHE newsletter who wrote a glowing tribute to peter campbell..CGHE…very cryptic obit too…mentioned greek poet who lusted after boys….

  7. the betrayal of youth that peter coell contributed to…

    Click to access The%20Betrayal%20of%20Youth.pdf

  8. richard littlejohn.

    i cant believe that all those perverts agreed to be photographed there must of been a 2 way mirror something like that.

  9. nuggy

    this looks like a blackmail operation similar to kincora.

    • “this looks like a blackmail operation similar to kincora.” If thats the case then MI5 or foreign agency ..but Who? And was spartacus in on it? If so then stamford and co knew people in high places in secrecy land…did brongersma ever visit elm guest house..he came to london a few times…

    • Peter Scott Presland wrote the complete history of CHE. Formerly known as Eric Presland he contributed to ‘ the betrayal of youth’ book BOY that peter coell contributed to as well. More links between CHE and paedophiles.

  10. Was John Rowe MI5 or not..he was listed as such but others have denied it…

  11. nuggy

    my guess is the south African intelligence.service.

  12. I know personally lads who were taken from a care home in South Wales I was in to various places in and around London… Including Elm Guest House… Kinda first person experience, but of course that does not fit in with your guesswork and sensationalist handling of these matters.. Maybe you should at least attempt to speak to somebody who is not up to the elbow in the MSM and you may then in fact start to see through the rumour and disinformation..

    But I am wasting my breath aren’t I?

    • I’m always happy to listen and learn.

      But I do not want to discuss this publicly on The Needle.

      You insult a number of extremely honourable people and do them a great disservice when you say, “Maybe you should at least attempt to speak to somebody who is not up to the elbow in the MSM and you may then in fact start to see through the rumour and disinformation”


      You have my email address. DO NOT include links or attachments.

    • Jimmy we are all trying to do our bit with all this . I hardly use msm i find stuff in odd places…maybe if you and gojam could at least see eye to eye we could get somewhere..till we arrive on that fateful day when the cops reveal all.

  13. nuggy

    jimmy if you know so much why dont you put it on your own blog.

  14. https://www.duedil.com/company/05480433/82-acre-lane-limited

    82 Acre Lane Limited was on 14 Jun 2005. and it currently has 2 directors. It was founded by Mr Harry Peter Coen, Mr David Robert Thornton.

  15. i dont know if this is the same DT but all the same check out this quote..

    “David writes,
    “I know from my 45 years as a scout leader how going on a World Scout Jamboree is a life changing once in a lifetime experience. Each young person had to raise in excess of £2000 and I know how much this grant has meant to each of them. Our Community Fund grant of £1000 has been really appreciated and cements the relationship between Scouting and Freemasonry which has so many similar objectives”.

    yeah we bet…..