The epidemic in our midst that went unnoticed (2.6.98)


The Guardian, 2nd June 1998


IN NOVEMBER last year, every newspaper in Britain carried the story of how Scotland Yard had worked with police forces around the country to raid the rooms of teachers at private schools in search of evidence of their involvement in a paedophile ring. The more interesting story, however, was one raid which never happened.

In the weeks before the operation, specialist detectives from the Paedophile Unit at Scotland Yard had discussed with Thames Valley the possibility of raiding a teacher at the most prestigious private school in the country – Eton College.

The move started after a teacher who had recently left Eton went to Thames Valley police and claimed that one of his colleagues had been indecently assaulting boys at the school. Detectives discovered that the suspect had been the target of similar allegations in the past; and that police in Yorkshire had seized…

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7 responses to “The epidemic in our midst that went unnoticed (2.6.98)

  1. more links between CHE and paedophiles including PIE…
    “Thank you for the above article. Peter Tatchell is also an associate of Richard McCance, the two certainly having shared a platform at a meeting during Nottingham Gay Pride in 2010. Richard McCance, when Vice Chairman (pun coincidental) of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in 1978, addressed a meeting of the now defunct Paedophile Information Exchange held at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. He wrote the following glowing report in the ’70s Gay newspaper Broadsheet:

    ‘Linking arms, marching abreast, women and men together, we succeeded in entering the hall, despite flower, fruit and veg., despite being clawed and spat at, kicked and punched by many of the hundred or so who awaited our arrival like starved dogs. Over the next hour about another hundred staggered in, like the battle-scarred reporter from the Daily Telegraph, his face bleeding, raked down by fingernails. Others arrived with torn clothing. Those who tried to enter on their own were led away bleeding from head wounds to a police van. There were only four policemen on duty at this time.

    ‘As the meeting began, I looked at the growing crowd (now several hundred strong) and recognized from previous demos several prominent National Front thugs and sympathizers – male and female – including Dereck Day, who was featured in the Observer article on the National Front.

    ‘In the hall we tried to listen attentively to the PIE speakers but the constant strains of “kill them, kill them” from the crowd, who were beating on the door, made this difficult. I was frightened and could not concentrate properly.

  2. Campaign for Homosexual Equality chairman Michael Jarrett was identifying paedophiles as an oppressed group, and the CHE list of “demands” included the complete abolition of minimum ages for sexual activity. The Labour Gay Rights Manifesto of 1985 said ‘A socialist society would supersede the family household. … Gay people and children should have the right to live together. … It follows from what we have already said that we favour the abolition of the age of consent.’

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  3. It didn’t go unnoticed by our Pedo politicians or police did it though? They new about themselves because they are the paedophile! It’s like Jesus and Beelzebub and Jesus getting rid of demon from people in the Bible. How can a politician pedophiles tell on himself or a copper tell on himself also?

  4. may i post this here gojam? good to see local non mainstream journalism doing its bit to protect kids…

    Edit: Hi Bob, I did try to contact the film maker as I wanted to post that video but I needed to check some detail first. He has not got back to me, so I don’t feel able to have it on the blog.- gojam

  5. Shocking stuff i Also remember posting this too.
    Gojam have you got the one with the guy Who did card tricks? It was in the mail i think…

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