The Censored Testimony Of Des Frost

I highly recommend you visit Rebecca Television and watch this 16 minute video. The Link is below this accompanying article.

Des Frost

Des Frost

THE NORTH Wales Child Abuse Tribunal is the only full-scale public inquiry ever to be held in Britain into sexual and physical abuse in care homes.

It cost £14 million and produced a substantial 937 page report in 2000.

Rebecca Television has long argued that the Tribunal, chaired by the retired High Court judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse, was “flawed”.

The key piece of evidence concerns a man called Des Frost.

Frost was a senior executive in the privately run Bryn Alyn Community in Wrexham whose boss John Allen was gaoled for child abuse in the 1990s.

Des Frost was potentially a key witness for the Tribunal because he claimed he told police about Allen’s activities a full decade before he was brought to book.

But Frost was never called to give evidence — and the Tribunal prevented the Welsh television company HTV from broadcasting his testimony.

The result was that the Waterhouse Tribunal never heard Frost’s evidence.

As a result, the North Wales Police was cleared of any failure to bring the abuse on its patch to an end ten years before it actually did so.

The video of the censored testimony can be found at Rebecca Television


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13 responses to “The Censored Testimony Of Des Frost

  1. Oh and to add to coincidences as i stated earlier CHE chester branch was infiltrated by paedophiles. Peter Morrison was MP for chester.

  2. nuggy

    even if they dident have to charge him with sex offenses in the 80s there was enough dodgy accounting to charge him with something certainly warranted a fraud investigation.

  3. Anon

    Good on Rebecca TV for making this. John Allen was obviously well protected, not too difficult to understand why. North Wales Police are not going to come out of this too well by the looks of it.

  4. Gojam is it me or are there so many coincidences in csa issues ? Virginia bottomley was a social worker .she was patron of NCB national childrens bureau of Which peter righton was a member who studied social work. NCB was based in islington a place where csa care homes scandals took place . Terry munyard QC was member of CHE who defended a guy charged with csa who was an ice cream van driver .virginia bottomleys other half was an ice cream van driver..CHE which was infiltrated by paedophiles chester Which was Linked to north wales…Its too bizarre..

  5. Tax fraud. Not fax fraud ..Its this phone gojam sorry

  6. And ronald waterhouse let off a certain ken dodd over a fax fraud issue and ken dodd who just happened to be a free mason as i found out ….

  7. Here we go again Boats and yachts as murun keeps mentioning again

    Regarding John allen of bryn alyn and estyn…i got this from rebecca tv site “Allen bought a substantial country mansion for himself and paid £18,000 for a half-share in a yacht based in the Mediterranean called Dualité.”
    Wonder why he did that? A place for more abuse?”

  8. nuggy

    i cant see a reason to censer what he said he dident name anybody who hadent been convicted and that’s the only reason to put a gag the program.

    well the only legitimate reason.

  9. Couldnt watch the video for some reason..
    All the same having this link may help

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