Alan Rusbridger & convicted paedophile Tom O’Carroll


Below is the latest comment left on this blog by the source of Tom Watson’s PMQ about “a powerful political paedophile ring”. It raises many questions about why The Guardian are still not covering the national scandal of children procured from care homes being abused by rich and poweful paedophiles, while at the same time giving a platform to paedophile activist Tom O’Carroll. When reading this bear in mind that Tom O’Carroll has a conviction for possession of a collection of 50,000 images and films of children as young as 6 being raped and tortured. This was not mentioned in The Guardian’s coverage.

It has just been brought to my attention that Tom O’Carroll has launched a pathetic and infant like attack on the remarkable Liz Davies on his website.

I won’t waste time on responding to that utterly depraved and deluded individual other than to comment that it…

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3 responses to “Alan Rusbridger & convicted paedophile Tom O’Carroll

  1. Little Me

    Abuse is abuse. If there are 2 children and both are abused in the same way, years later, if 1 has had a really poor quality of life because of that abuse and the other has had a very good life despite the abuse, they are still both victims of an evil crime, equally so. Some people/children can block the abuse out, or deal with it and move on, or find it hard and never lead an enjoyable life, or even end there own suffering through suicide, some go on to abuse others etc etc………in the end, the way a victim is affected should not make the crime any less or any more than what it is. (does that make sense?)

  2. gus brown

    There is something intrinsically rotten amongst the highest levels of our society that is seeping into all areas of our lives that makes me wonder if this will ever be stopped. I despair of these vile people ever being brought to justice but you can bet the less well connected will be offered up as a sop.

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