The Ben Fellows Allegations

I’ve had this standing by for a while and now that David Hencke at Exaro has gone public I think it’s OK to post. I should point out that David Hencke is in a position to know. He was the senior journalist working for The Guardian on this investigation with the Cook Report and saw every piece of film.

It’s about time that somebody publicly responded to the allegations made by Ben Fellows concerning Ken Clarke, and I’m very pleased that David Hencke has done so, though I know this will not be popular with some people.

When the allegations first surfaced, I was extremely wary for a number of reasons. I discussed the matter privately with another blogger who I respect greatly and we compared notes, we agreed that the allegations were almost certainly untrue and neither of us have repeated them on our blogs.

However, a few weeks ago I was prompted to look more closely at these allegations. Not because I felt they had substance but because I could see that the story was not going away and that many people were potentially putting themselves in a precarious legal position.

I was extremely lucky in that I was able to talk about this with a few people who were in a position to know what exactly went on during the Cook Report  investigation into Cash for Questions and within a few days I had a broad understanding of the truth of the matter.

The first thing I’d like to make clear is that in regards to the Cook Report I do not believe that Ben Fellows is a liar. That, however, does not mean that his allegations are correct because a number of important details are certainly not true. Ben Fellows did indeed work as an extra for three weeks playing the part of a businessman’s assistant. He was just 18 years old at the time and that may explain why his memory appears to have played him false on some important details.

The most egregious error that he has made, and one that could have far reaching consequences for many others, is the allegation that Ken Clarke molested him. This is completely untrue.Ken Clarke  was never involved in the Cook Report investigation into Cash for Questions in any way, shape, or form. Ken Clarke was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time and the idea that he would be hobnobbing with Ian Greer is simply ridiculous.

That said there is another man who Ben Fellows almost certainly would have met during his time working on the Cook Report and that is Sir Peter Morrison, “a known pederast”, who was so close to Ian Greer that he actually had a desk in Greer Associates’ office.

Could this be a case of mistaken identity ?

Mistaken Identity ?

Sir Peter Morrison
Mistaken Identity ?

Ben Fellows goes on to say that the incident was secretly filmed. There certainly was secret filming but there was never any film of anyone groping Ben Fellows. That is not to say that Ben Fellows was not assaulted, only that there was never any evidence that he was.

And no film means that there was no ‘cover-up’.

So, why didn’t the Cook Report broadcast its Cash for Questions exclusive ?

One very plausible explantion can be found in Roger Cook’s autobiography which, although I do not believe is the full story which is a little more complex, will suffice for now:  The programme was working with The Guardian on the stings, but by the time the then active series finished the investigation wasn’t complete.  It would be another six months before the next series and The Guardian didn’t want to wait, so published.  At which point there was no mileage left in the film for Cook.

I’m not going to go into other details of the allegations that Ben Fellows has made about the Cook Report investigation. I hope that in time the entire story will be published elsewhere.

My greatest concern  is the effect an error, as great as that made by many relating to Lord McAlpine, might have on freedom of speech on the internet and the consequences for victims. Naturally, I feel very sorry for Ken Clarke whose name has been traduced but the people who will suffer the most will be the genuine victims of child abuse as such a high profile error once it has become public, as I feel certain it will, will only serve to increase skepticism about future allegations, especially those made against VIPs.


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  1. Em

    Finally! Ben Fellows has fooled a lot of people. He makes many claims that he can’t back up (Madonna, Stanley Kubrick, The Olympics) He like’s pulling on heart strings and asking for money too!! People should be very wary of him. He is as dodgy as they come.

    Im glad people have started to see through his bs. Him and his wife should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Skeptic

      Some people can be very plausible. Mix up the truth with untruths to make the untruths stick. Add some subconscious emotional blackmail (if I doubt him, I’m a callous person!) and it’s a winner.

      Anyone following up a gut instinct of something not being right with this guy’s demeanour (smiling/laughing/courting attention about a subject which abuse victims find difficult to discuss) and checking some facts will see the inconsistencies in this story.

      It’s a pity that this issue has suffered this distraction. We already know that the (real) victims have a hard enough time being listened to and believed without interference from attention-seekers.

      • Em

        Totally agree, Skeptic. I’ve had my doubts about Ben from the start. It came to a head when he ‘went missing’, (pretend to go missing, make people feel sorry/worried for him then come back as a hero) His wife didnt sound too concerned either on the radio interview she did. The whole thing stunk to high heaven so I had a look online and it became obvious that he is a liar.

        The sad thing is people are still convinced by him and he is still being backed by some well known activists, it would take these people 10 minutes on Google to see what Ben is all about. Why have they not checked him out? and if they have, why are they still backing him? It just gets stranger and stranger.

        I just hope this whole mess doesn’t damage future investigations but maybe that was the plan from the beginning.

      • Skeptic

        I agree, Em. It’s strange that activists are backing him without doing research. It’s natural to give people the benefit of the doubt, but that’s no excuse for ignoring warning signs and abandoning common sense. Perhaps the activists are so happy he’s telling them what they want to hear that they don’t want to listen to anyone else. Or scared to lose face by admitting to being fooled. Hopefully they’re not in on it themselves. As for the disappearing acts, Tania Head seems to have done the same thing, according to that video. But at least she doesn’t seem to have used the 911 issue to collect money for herself.

      • Em

        He also has a chronic pain condition and can only eat brown rice and vegetables for the rest of his life.

        Mustn’t have eaten any of the Mars Bars and Cakes or Sandwiches the monks made then..

        Actually rolling my eyes at how ridiculous this is now!

        Skeptic, They’ve got Ben as some sort of poster boy now. How they going to get out of that without looking silly?

    • Skeptic

      Amazing! He also says he’s “recently disabled”. Not sure anyone would want to be around someone on a constant diet of rice and veg, let alone have them flying overhead!

      Wonder what happened to that fundraising effort and if he was successful in “finding sponsorship to do the expedition”.

      He’s now fundraising again, having been made “homeless”, etc.: “Please help me continue this fight to expose the truth by donating whatever you can afford in order for me to be able to survive, travel and take the fight to the Politicians door. The more I can raise the more I will do to protect all our children from high level Paedophiles, child abusers and their protectors.”

    • Simon

      I just want to check whether or not this is a bone fide site by trying to reply here.

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  3. Did TIM Tate the cleveland documentary guy work on this in cooke report ?
    Also ben fellows appears in. video on you tube with bill maloney .the sun sea and Satan documentary maker .

  4. nuggy

    did somebody tell him it was ken Clarke i wonder.

    • Herbie Hancock

      I too am unsure about Fellows. Listening to Liberty Tactics podcast for 20/6/13 Ben Fellows states unambiguously that it was Ian Greer who personally introduced the man who allegedly went on to assault him, as Ken Clarke. So, either 1. It was Ken Clarke, 2. It was someone else who was introduced as Ken Clarke and Fellows didn’t recognise the discrepancy or 3. Fellows is delusional/controlled etc. Either way, without the alleged tapes we can’t be sure. Greer could theoretically confirm but that must be unlikely. Regards

      • Skeptic

        See the article “The Cook Report: The One that Got Away” on the Guardianlies site and look for the references to “Ben”. No-one else is mentioned when “Ben” allegedly visits Ian Greer and propositions him. It’s also rather difficult to believe that investigative reporters for the Cook Report (didn’t Roger Cook make programmes despite getting death threats?) should keep quiet about finding an MP in a lobbyist’s office when they were… er… investigating cash for questions!

  5. nuggy

    im not sure i believe the mistaken identity thing i mean ken clarkes never of the tv surely fellows would of seen him at some time and the penny would of dropped.

    • I think your last 2 comments contradict each other.
      If BF knew who Clarke was why would he need to be told ?
      BF was 18, most 18 year olds know very little about politics. As for whether someone told him ? I can’t answer that and nobody can ever really confirm it except the person who told him, if indeed he was told that.

  6. nuggy

    im developing 2 different theory’s at once that’s why im contradicting myself.

  7. Have watched the Maloney/Fellows video, and Bill seems to believe every Word that comes out of his Mouth. Maybe he should , Just stick to doing His own thing??????……………………………..Oh and just another thing why is Max Clifford able to attend a Charity Ball for Children!!!!!!! in the Costa Del Sol. If you are on Bail, Thought you had too stay in the Country……. can anyone explain?

  8. chilternsman

    What is also quite bizarre is that Kenneth Clarke’s name is now being talked about as being on the Elm Guest House visitor’s list. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t on it originally. It’s inclusion now is very suspicious and possibly designed to discredit the investigation.

    • opgreenlight

      Hello chilternsman, you are 100% correct, guaranteed. Kenneth Clarke’s name was never on any of the Elm Guest House documents. I have questioned this on other forums but my comments never made it through moderation. The documents are all here, with transcriptions, under the Richmond tab. If anyone can find Ken Clarke’s name on them, a pint is on me!

  9. Whilst not wishing ill towards Clarke just maybe, had he spoken out about his fellow paedos at the time and not simply pretended it wasn’t happening then he might not have been dragged into this like he has been. Given that, the tea person on the Altrincham Globe was hearing tales of high ranking paedos in the Tory party the chances of Clark not knowing what was, at least being rumoured, are somewhere between fuck all and none. By the same token, had a sizeable number of Tory politicians not been total and utter hypocrites and simply admitted their sexuality then, they also would not have been dragged into this sorry mess years down the line. One can only think that it’s actually karma kicking them in the arse for voting for legislation such as section 28, simply in order to curry favour with that hideous abomination Thatcher.

  10. Em

    I was thinking Ben was a fantasist/ attention seeker but reading what Chilternsman has said makes me think this could be organized to ruin the investigation. Very concerning!

    • Cedar

      Perhaps it’s just a personal need for attention. He seems to pop up with his own stories in the indy media off the back of stories that have broken in the mainstream media: e.g. Olympics whistleblower story prompts own claims of being an Olympics whistleblower, Savile story prompts his own groping allegation, Woolwich murder prompts his own claim of someone threatening to kill him in the same way on the same day (though he got the day wrong – oops!). And now he wants to lead a march on London like Wat Tyler!

      • Em

        aaah I had forgot that he said the masked threat was on the same day as Woolwich! He loves linking his stories, doesn’t he! I didn’t realise he got the days wrong though, oops indeed!

  11. Little Me

    The whole “Ben Fellows is missing” episode made me re think my opinions. I became uneasy about him. I can understand his “matter of factness” when talking of such things because that is how I speak in relation to stuff in my past. Then again I did remember he is an actor. His address has questions in itself. There is that much stuff going around that sometimes my head starts to spin. I do trust Theneedleblog and I know I can tell people to refer here because you are fair and true and dont allow for speculation. I respect this site.

  12. nuggy

    its funny nobody said Clarke was on the elm guest house list till the ben fellows allegation started to be discredited.

    clearly theirs a fair few people who just don’t want Clarke to be innocent.

    • Mudplugger

      I suppose if you’re an ardent Europhobe, then it’s a conveniently topical way to throw a little poison dirt at Ken Clarke, the Cabinet’s greatest Europhile. Mud sticks, no smoke without fire, etc. ?

      • Spot on about the Europhobe agenda the whole story about Heath was cooked up by the intelligence services peeved at Heath taking us into the EU. The main “witness” against heath is/was a bloke from the SBS whose testimony has to be questioned long and hard given what many members of those forces were up to throughout the 70s. For the record, as far I know, Heath’s partner was a strapping great Coldstream Guard.

  13. richard aliwell

    Look at the guardian article proving McAlpine was wronged by Messham. Look at David Hencke’s current vindication of the falsely accused “Minister without portfolio” who believes secret courts are a good idea to protect Britain against terrorists. We are being asked to make a choice, Icke / Maloney / Gerrish or Slog / needle blog / AAngirfan. (incidentally I don’t believe that these either/ or choices are valid – they are just designed to channel our thinking). If you look back, you will see the same tactics are being employed, as in the McAlpine scandal, just with different players.

    • richard aliwell

      Incidentally, if anyone thinks Stephen Messham was not “got at” check out the Channel Four videos before and after his term in the care of our mental health service. Gojam, why have you (or the slog) never reported on Stepen Messham?

  14. I don’t know the truth of this matter as I was not there with Ben Fellows but there is certainly clear evidence that Ken Clarke covered up the chlild abuse in North Wales his letter to Tony Blair shows this. Ken Livingstone knew about the abuse, Edwina Curry knew about the abuse, Ken Clarke knew about the abuse Morrison was a child abuser, Whitelaw was a child abuser. Savile was a good friend of Margaret Thatcher. They were all involved in one way or another. If Fellows is an elaborate ruse then maybe Ken Clarke is behind it!

  15. indespair

    I agree! Ben Fellows is plausible on this, unfortunately, Gojam and Simon Long are not! I am just waiting for Keith Vaz to tuen up!

  16. unlimitednow

    Funny how this story about Ben Fellows and Ken Clarke was avoided by the mainstream press. What the bet suddenly now that Hencke has spoken its all over the Guardian about how Ken Clarke has been harmed by Ben Fellows. The Police did not question Clarke or did they? This has ended up with accusations against a dead man. What do Morrison, Savile and SIr Cyril Smith have in common they are dead.

  17. All Roads to Hades are Equal

    Great article Gojam!
    The Ben Fellows lie was designed to be revealed as a patently obvious lie, right from the very beginning.They didn’t even need a lot of people to believe the lie (and I notice that a lot of people didn’t) simply cos they can use fake accounts to make the ‘Ken Clarke touched me’ lie go viral. As long as they have a few of the main heads – Icke, Maloney, UK Column, Spivey etc… then they are bound to get the idea out there that this accusation is true, even though it is completely unsubstantiated. Now, they have the perfect excuse to limit what can and cant be said on the net – after all these ‘damaging accusations’ Ken can bring in new legislation to monitor and regulate twitter, facebook, blogs etc…
    It was clear from the beginning that Ben Fellows was the least credible guy who could be found. He had told a long list of whoppers in the past (circumnavigate the globe in a paraglider, free energy inventor…WTF?), and the info was still lying about online for anyone who could use google. This is why I suspect foul play here.
    Are Ben and his wife just serial liars, or are they employed to say what they say? I’ve asked this a thousand times, but I’m gonna ask it again….how do they have Public sector housing? What public sector work do they have?

  18. Well done gojam. Time this came out. I have been quietly warning people away from this for some time.

    Fellows and Maloney are making arses of themselves, plain and simple.

  19. prefer to remain anonymous

    As far as I know it was ’94 that the cash for q was being looked into. Thats 19 years ago. Meaning presumably thats the period in question. Now listen to what BFs wife says on the radio interview when he was apparently missing. right at the beginning. does she say they have been together 19 years? and yet only saw photos of BF at aged 18? Or am I imagining that one….

  20. Anon

    “Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.’”

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  22. Anonymous

    It is sad and very harmful to victims of child sexual abuse that so called false allegations generate volumes of publicity while genuine allegations generate very little .
    Having managed for many years in the 80’s and 90’s a specialist team of social workers and police officers dealing only with allegations of child sexual abuse,I can say with absolute certainty( our unit having received over 4000 referrals in 7 years) that instances of false reporting are infinitesimal.
    The instances of adults making false allegations in custody/matrimonial disputes against an ex-partner was marginally higher.
    Adults disclosing abuse in childhood some 20 plus years later are known in an extremely small number of cases to have some confusion over details, brought about by the damage abuse can cause to everyday functioning.
    Deliberate made up allegations by adults about abuse in childhood are extremely rare,but it happens and that is why all allegations need to be handled by skilled and experienced workers and not played out in the mainstream or social media.

    • Skeptic

      Perhaps it follows that suspicion is warranted if someone decides to avoid reporting something to police and facing those skilled and experienced workers and instead goes down the media route.

  23. “My greatest concern is the effect an error, as great as that made by many relating to Lord McAlpine”

    What error?

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with Zoompad re Lord M.
      He played a huge part in luring people in to a trap by taking no action, despite having unlimited wealth, for over 20 years and by writing a very bizarre book.He also allegedly bought a very significant amount of Graham Ovenden’s paedophilia. A fair trial for Sally Bercow would have resulted in all that coming in to play and the only just decision was that she and everyone else were innocent victims of a very devious individual.
      Anyone claiming to be a Machiavellian disciple is by definition devious and possibly immoral.
      Time will tell whether another chapter is yet to be written about Lord M

      • I don’t think Sally Bercow was a victim of anything. I think the libel trial was all a big show. I don’t believe any of it. Sally Bercow is peculiarly uninterested in too much that would have been rock solid defence of any genuine libel trial against her.
        I think it was the same trickery that was played on me in the Secret therefore illegal) Family Court at Stafford by Murray Cantlay and Judge Anthony Cleary. The little play, in one Act, for an audience of one.

    • Skeptic

      How could he go from being dead in 1997 to alive in 2012?

      “Known to almost every journalist who cares to take a look at the case was Mr Messham’s testimony at the original Waterhouse Tribunal held in 1997:
      Gerard Elias QC: “Does the name McAlpine mean anything to you.”
      Steven Messham: “Yes, sir.”
      Elias: “In what context?”
      Messham: “I was also abused by him sexually.”
      Sir Ronald Waterhouse: “Is the person you referred to alive or dead?”
      Messham: “I believe he is dead.” ”

      Wanting something to be true doesn’t make it true. This is what makes a lot of these accusations a bit weird. Some people seem to really want VIPs to be abusers and will continue accusing them even if the victim says otherwise. It’s as if they can only take child abuse seriously if done by a VIP. So they throw mud everywhere and try to make it stick with rumour and innuendo. Meanwhile, children are being abused and possibly even by VIPs, but people who might otherwise have listened will start switching off because they’re tired of hearing false accusations.

  24. Fredrico

    Perhaps it was a Clark without an ‘E’

  25. dpack

    truth is best we can hope for

  26. justanothernutterisuppose

    Until it’s PROVEN otherwise I’m still with Ben. I’m sure this is what happened to the people who made accusations against Jimmy Savile and why they didn’t come forward. People don’t make up things like this about public people as they can get their asses sued off (like the McAlpine/twitter debacle). It’s the mighty propagada machine at work as usual. If you’re reading this Ben, keep your nerve mate.

    • Hi Nutter
      You don’t seem to be asking for proof from BF.
      Ridiculous. Several people have talked to the police and everyone has not corroborated BFs story. Each would agree more with this version of events.

      So, several respected people against one person.

      Just believe what you like but don’t post it here.

  27. justanothernutterisuppose

    So, a closed shop website then Gojam – what a great pity – don’t think I want to post here anymore in that case – bye . . . :(

    • Good.
      I’d rather not have people here who are unable to have their misconceptions challenged and demand ‘proof’ of something that did not happen rather than ‘proof’ that something did happen.

      Others may have repeated these libelous allegations, I have not and I don’t want them on this blog.

      • colin

        Well golum, I would have thought that proof either way would be good, If you listened to the police interviews and subsequent police denials and then harrassment that Ben had to deal I would imagine if you were lying that it would be an appropriate time to back down, I’m keeping an open mind as your article doesn’t prove much to me, seeing as it is thin on facts with your info seemingly coming from media insiders

  28. Little Me

    We will never ever know the truth…..and that IS the truth…….

  29. Another reason Fellows might be targeting Clarke is because Clarke is against the war in Syria and BF is working for that little nation who so desperately want it.

  30. paul jackson

    what I want to know is why ken Clarke has not sued he must be aware of the BF story ?

    • TonyM

      There are all kinds of reasons why people might not sue: they don’t have the money, fear of escalating the publicity (newspapers might report on a legal case) or even because they feel the person making the accusations is “troubled” so to speak and it’s better dealt with in a less severe way.

  31. Rover

    is not suing proof of guilt? people have been known to sue when something is true. like Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitken and another politician mentioned in Private Eye last year who apparently got away with it

  32. chilternsman

    So, here are a couple of links to sites that mention Kenneth Clarke being involved at the Elm Guest house (the second is to a pretty vile anti semitic site) :

    Edit: links removed

    I’m wondering whether anyone has scoured ALL these documents (not just the guest list one) to state comprehensively that KC is not mentioned anywhere so this can finally be put to bed.

  33. Why has Clarke not challenged Fellows’ claims legally? Why have YouTube videos naming Clarke and others not been removed? A sceptic should not entertain ad hominems, whatever other claims Fellows may have made have no bearing on his allegation against Clarke. If he is, as some suspect, a disinfo agent, then those employing him should recognise that this tactic is counterproductive in the internet age, when discussion of unsubstantiated allegations brings attention to more sustainable ones by association.

    • Skeptic

      It defies common sense to ignore gut instinct, inconsistencies, evidently false claims, pre-existing information about the same event, or evidence pointing to a person’s track record in coming up with personal stories tying in with topical media stories (“Whatever story Ben has worked on hits the headlines” says Ben Fellows on his radio show website), not to mention a possible financial motivation, unless you really want an allegation to be true. He didn’t bother reporting this alleged assault to the police either at the time or more recently, though he was an adult then and now. Instead, he goes public (as with previous stories), posts online, does online interviews, etc. Cooperates with the police when they come to him, but records them covertly (and publishes the videos: to inform the public or for self-publicity?), complains afterwards about being “interrogated” for hours for his statement (don’t victims usually want the police to take their details?) and refuses to give detailed statements about other people he accuses of abuse (despite this being suggested several times), thus potentially leaving victims at risk if the allegations are true. While victims of abuse interviewed elsewhere show little sign of enjoying speaking about a painful experience, he seems to relish the limelight this story is bringing him, smiling/laughing in interviews, even hopping up and down (e.g. 02:15 in above video).

      Switch off common sense and anything you want to be true can be true if you’re willing to let someone convince you.

  34. Rover

    guy has apparently made a movie about finding his birth mother
    “His poignant, gentle film, I Was Jonathan Pitt, looks set to be a huge international success and is already being considered for a Bafta award.
    Not only that, but Madonna requested a copy of Ben’s debut documentary shortly after she adopted baby David Banda from Malawi. And the day after the Material Girl appeared on Oprah Winfrey defending her controversial decision to adopt little David, one of the programme’s producers called London-based Ben inviting him to guest on the show.”

    anyone know if the movie is for real? not listed in his IMDb profile and apparently not reviewed…39823.41021.0.41161.….0…1c.1.19.serp.I-e9PxGtAdQ

    • Em


      Reading that forum post it says ‘This self-destructive attitude led to him cheating on his fiancee and the breakdown of their relationship’ This was in Ben’s late 20’s apparently. It also goes on to say ‘Now settled with girlfriend Julia, Ben is looking forward to the future’ which to me implies that Julia wasn’t the fiancee he cheated on?

      Julia claimed in a radio interview that they had been together for 19 years, meaning they got together when Ben was in his early 20’s. Hmmmm…

      • Skeptic

        “… once we get to London, if there is enough public support we will sack parliament and call for a general election….
        English Heritage are charging eight pounds to see Stone Henge, again this is theft of our heritage. We learnt yesterday that the ancestors were removed from the site in order to justify the entrance charge. The ancestors are in cardboard boxes in Sheffield University to then be put in a museum. Those ancestors were buried here for deeply religious and spiritual reasons to remove them is against there wishes and makes the site simply a tourist attraction. My estimate is that they are making around 11million pounds a year! I will be speaking to English Heritage today and putting questions to them such why have the ancestors have been removed? …
        Thank you to everyone who has donated but we need continual support in order to buy water and food.”

  35. He really is a Blagger David Icke wannabe! ,and people just lap it up, what a fantasist prick Ben fellows really is, they guy can’t even articulate his words without expressing his love for his own ego, distracting timewaster on all levels and his followers are no better! sycophants on very dubious bullshite!

  36. Skeptic

    From the Ben Fellows Walk Facebook page:

    “This is the only OFFICIAL Ben Fellows Walk Against Corruption 2013 page that is administered by Ben and those walking with him….

    [17.7.2013] BREAKING: Ok so Ben’s gofundme page has vanished from the internet, and so has his email account??? We are working on these issues right now and are not far from Andover.”

    The logical explanation for this is that the gofundme page has been removed and the account cancelled by whoever set it up:

    That page included, among other things, Ben’s allegations about the Disney Corporation and Stonehenge ( 02:30), having apparently confused the company with an unrelated engineering firm ( An attempt is even made to force this connection to work by making claims about named people’s alleged Disney connections on the above Facebook page.

    Presumably this vanishing fundraising page is not the prelude to a tale of mysterious forces bringing about a cancellation of the camping holiday … er … walk against corruption or a return to hiding.

  37. Robert

    What I don’t understand is why, Ken Clarke has not taken any legal action against Ben Fellows. Ken Clarke must be fully aware of what he is being accused of, and that it is growing in momentum.
    If innocent of this accusation, he would be vindicated and it would bring an end to the accusation. + surly he would be awarded costs by any court.

    • “Growing in momentum”?

      It’s not. No one in their right mind would believe this now.

      • Skeptic

        Ben and his girlfriend are claiming that she was assaulted and have posted a video of the “assault” and of their visit to a police station to report it:
        It is not clear whether the policewoman who took the statement was aware that she was being filmed or that she has been named (along with the alleged perpetrator) in a video posted online.

  38. How Weird

    His wife is called Julia, the girl in that video is called Hannah Remington.

    It looks very much like he is cheating on his wife, and so publicly, too!

    He even shared a tent with Remington at Stonehenge.

  39. What on Earth...

    I have just visited Ben’s ‘gofundme’ website, and found his latest update: EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP! After my arrest yesterday…


    After my arrest yesterday by operation Fairbank for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice, I was released without charge and on unconditional bail to return in November. The solicitor who attended Belgravia Police Station thought it was a “fishing exercise” aimed at the Police attempting to persuade me to change my statement which I refused to do.

    However, they have now raided our location taking all our equipment including computers, phones and USB sticks. My bank account was hacked as the Police have access to all my passwords for various sites including this one and we’ve been trying all day to get back into this site which has gone down for the second time. If anyone can help us we’d really appreciate it, our situation is desperate now as the Police are trying to make life as difficult for us as possible.

    This is what happens when victims complain about abuse they turn it round and make you the criminal to get the perpetrator out of the investigation. We have no access to money now. I know times are difficult for everyone but please try and help as this is our only way of getting funds just for food, water and travel. Hannah has now lost her place to live as her landlord hasn’t been paid and we can’t get back to Somerset.

    Stan has run out of money and the electricity, gas and internet connection is due to go off. So even though we are using a borrowed laptop for now, we are unable to put up any footage of my arrest or what happened in the Police Station with Stan and Hannah. This is really desperate please help if you can. BenXxx


    I would love to know what is going on with his WIFE (Julia), I wonder if she kicked him out of her house. When he ‘disappeared’ that time, I wonder if he ran off to Hannah?

    I think he’s making a rod for his own back, that ‘assault’ was ludicrous. The woman apologised, and they still went to the Police- that is LOW. The warden lady didn’t even assault Hannah, then they got cheeky with the officer taking down the complaint.

    I think he is in self-destruct mode!

    • Skeptic

      Ben seems to be the source of the idea that it was assault (“That’s assault”, he says at 1:52 Presumably it was also his idea to report it to the police and film it.

      Did this arrest and raid really take place? Who is the original source of that information? Presumably these facts can be checked independently. Though plausible, it also fits very nicely into the storyline. Strange that the police should have allegedly done all this, yet failed to close down his Facebook account, allowing updates to continue. Now that the walk is over and can’t be used as a reason for fundraising and since they’re not camped out demonstrating and that can’t be used as a reason either, this could just be another twist in the story to reboot the fundraising. They had already raised quite a lot, but since they didn’t hang around Parliament Square for very long let alone bother to storm Parliament, the total was stuck at 893 for a while. Now these dramatic events and an apparent need for money for food, water, travel, housing and electronic equipment. The total has now risen to 1,073. Brilliant!

      • What on Earth...

        It looks like they sponged about 150 Pounds yesterday.

        I think the next part of the sage will be the lie-detector test, with Bill Maloney.

        I find it strange how no-one is talking about him having a wife (Julia Fellows) but gallivanting with Hannah Remington.

        Seeing how they operate, I have totally lost respect for Mr Fellows.

        He is doing a lot of harm to the cause of the very people he is meant to be representing- victims of paedophiles.

        Maybe that’s the general idea, make the public apathetic and sceptical of those who step forward.

        I will laugh if the ‘authorities’ pull the plug on his begging website!

        The walk has finished, he seems like a parasite to me.

        Why can’t he go and live with his wife (Julia)?

        Many questions need to be answered…

      • Em

        Bens on the scav again, hide your money!

  40. TonyM

    Have you seen the recent video at Stonehenge in which Ben claims it is being turned into a Disney theme park? The confusion seems to be because the architects who are building a visitor centre just happen to be called “Norman Disney & Young”! UKColumn is reporting this totally imaginary sale to Walt Disney as fact. I’m speechless.

  41. What on Earth...

    The saga continues:

    I am starting to view Fellows with great suspicion. It just doesn’t seem right, it’s like one big disinformation operation. Either that or Ben Fellows is profoundly mentally ill.

    It just gets more and more WEIRD…

    • Skeptic

      He definitely seems to crave attention, and manages to get online and repeat his allegations despite allegedly having no electronic equipment.

      About the lie detector test: judging from Ben’s official Facebook page (!/BenFellowsWalk?fref=ts), he doesn’t want to be tested by the company proposed by Bill, which, according to the company website, is “the largest privately owned polygraph company in the UK”, specialising in “providing highly confidential polygraph testing for the corporate sector, government and private individuals” and has “highly qualified” examiners:

      8 August:
      “Update on the Polygraph test, email to Bill and Maria M…: As you will see the company Bill is recommending for the polygraph test have lucrative contracts with G4S … Note the G4S logo on their home page and the boasts about working with various government departments. Please read my email to Bill.

      In fact, Ben seems to be uncomfortable about lie detection testing in the UK:

      7 August:
      “After the email we sent to Bill M… re the polygraph (lie detector test) we were told about this video by J… H…-F…. We urge you to watch it as this is one of the senior polygraph testers in the UK and it left us uncomfortable.”

      This is the same Ben who told Bill he’d do a lie detector test “every day of the week and twice on Sundays” (7:10

  42. In relation to BF, I was also surprised at how chirpy Ben’s wife seemed when interviewed while he was “missing.” Surely, most women would be nervous wrecks and on the verge of tears? She sounded so composed and upbeat that this is when alarm bells rang, for me!
    Another aspect which puzzles me is, where were Ben’s parents while he was so young, being transported in taxis across London to auditions, posh hotels, and New Forest drug ‘n sex parties that went on until dawn? They loved him enough to adopt him and to encourage the little luvvy’s show biz career as a child actor yet he appears to have spent a great deal of time alone, unprotected and surrounded by sleazebags? I though kids on the stage and in tv had to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times? I wonder what his mum and dad make of all this?
    I am sure that a plot WILL be underway, at some point, to discredit/sue the UK Column, to bring it into disrepute and shut it down. When I first started reading the UK Column, which is quite a few years ago now, I said to myself that I would be HIGHLY suspicious of any celebrities that got involved with it or the British Constitution Group. BF makes me feel very uneasy for the UK Column.

    • What on Earth...

      Edit: We’re not going to get into personal stuff.

      By all means hold him to account for what he has said but I do not want anyone on this blog to attack him personally.

      • What on Earth...

        I don’t think that pointing out that he has a wife and also a girlfriend is attacking him personally. I know, I’m old fashioned, I don’t believe that one should be married and have affairs on the side. I held him to account for his behaviour.

        Oh well, whatever… the truth will surface, whether you try to suppress it or not.


  43. Em

    Ive stayed away from the Ben Fellows fiasco for a while as it was making me extremely angry. How can people honestly believe a word he says?

    Google tells you all you need to know about Ben, he is nothing more than a liar who attaches himself to stories in order to gain attention.

    That ‘assault’ is ridiculous but i bet Ben was rubbing his hands together with glee when he filmed it, making out the warden tried to grab the camera when she actually moved it out of the way so she could film that womans face! There was clearly no malice intended.

    and I cant believe people have donated over £1000 to this fraudster! Karma is going to bite him on the arse one day…

  44. anothertruthseeker

    He is a BIG hole in his Kenneth Clarke story…

    Ben Fellows said that whilst in was in the office where Clarke allegedly molested him, they were talking about ‘G4S’ (security company).

    Well, G4S wasn’t formed until 2004, some TEN YEARS AFTER the alleged incident, back in 1994 (The Cook Report).

    He said that Kenneth Clarke remarked that it was called G4S because of the placement of the Dollar sign on keyboards.

    Here’s a direct quotation from Ben Fellows (his letter to Mr Clarke):

    “Oh I just remembered this is funny. Remember when you were talking about G4S in Ian Greers office back in the day. You said that, why when you were asked why the company was called G4S, after the fiasco with Group 4 Securicor, you said that “It’s called G4S as the 4 was the dollar sign on the keyboard”…Oh so it is!”

    Remember, G4S was formed in July 2004, so that conversation could not have taken place in 1994!

    I kept meaning to look up when G4S was formed, as I remember Group 4 and Securicor but not G4S back then.

    So, I agree with ‘Em’, what a fraudster!!

    It’s funny how the UK Column have gone quiet about him…

  45. anothertruthseeker

    (Sorry, I meant: HERE is a BIG hole in his Kenneth Clarke story)


  46. Rune

    What a mistake to make about G4S! It’s odd that UK Column and other supporters have gone quiet. It doesn’t look as if they’ll admit to being wrong!

  47. anothertruthseeker

    “The Real Ben Fellows A Walkers Perspective Part 2 The Epilogue”
    The person who posted this was on the walk with Ben Fellows and his girlfriend, Hannah.

    The blurb states: “A brief glimpse of the not so public side of Ben Fellows, investigative reporter, and spoiled, sulky ex child actor, on his Walk Against Corruption.”

    I’m glad to see the truth surfacing, he has hood-winked too many people, and taken hand-outs from people who fell for his story…

    As for the UK Column, it’s weird how Malcolm Massey and Louise Collins don’t seem to be around anymore. It’s rare to find people who admit it it when they are wrong, they just go quiet and pretend they the issue never arose.

  48. Gary Bushell

    I have just been watching The UK Column, someone in the chatbox asked about Fellows. Louise said that she hadn’t heard from him since the summertime. They have a thread about Fellows in their forum, it seems that some people are just determined to have the wool pulled over their eyes. Brian Gerrish said that they will look into the matter. I have noticed that they still have an article on their front page regarding Fellows, an update from when he went “missing”.

    Anyway, a couple of people on the UKC forum are dubious of Fellows, at least some people can see the wood for the trees. I find it strange how the UKC are so unquestioning where it comes to Fellows. I hope people watch that video above, Fellows seems to be quite an abusive person, not the poor innocent victim we are lead to believe that he is. He obviously lied about G4S as it wasn’t even established until 2004, I’m willing to bet that the whole Ian Greer/Ken Clarke story was manufactured from his own fertile imagination, not even a case of mistaken identity.

    He seems to try to make himself to be the hero out of other people’s stories/experiences: He tried to take the credit for being the “Olympics Whistleblower”- it was a women who came forward first with the story. He came out about being abused as a child actor after the Savile revelations… he reports people to the police (the Heritage Warden) when there was absolutely no reason to do so. That video opened my eyes to how selfish and vindictive he can be. Too many weird things have happened, people need to take of the blinkers and realise that they have been duped by an ACTOR!

  49. Matthew O'Sullivan

    I’ve just stumbled across this anyone wishing to prove Ben fellows is a fantasist its easy he went ****** school in West Midlands at the time he says he was in London he was at school I know because I broke his noise after he went for me in an unprovoked attack there should be a record of it in the courts as it went that far

    Edit: The name of the school and the town has been edited by me.- gojam

  50. J Lloyd

    I used to work for G4S, i started working for them in 2003 when they were securicor. Security companies merge and change their names all the time. Securicor were about to go bust, so Group 4 joined with them. Lots of people lost their jobs because of this. G4S have always had a problem keeping contracts, as have many other security companies. I think it was 2005 when G$S was awarded the olympics, they had already been doing the security at Wimbledon Tennis. When i got the company magazine it had all about the Olympics on the front. Everyone started laughing because people in the know knew that it would be another one G4S would be walking away from this one too. The October before the Olympics everyone knew it would end in tears. it would never work with just one security company because they would never get enough people together. Other Companies who have merged are Chubb and Reliance they were sold to Securitas.