When is an Inquiry not an Inquiry ?

Everyone following The Needle will have seen the posts on Melanie Klein House, a secure unit for girls, run by the London Borough of Greenwich. You will also know there was an “Inquiry” into the allegations about this home following my letter to David Mellor.

I was told there was an Inquiry. Naypic were told there was an Inquiry. Mr Mellor said there was an Inquiry. Ditto London Boroughs Regional Children’s Planning Committee (LBRCPC) and the Chairs of all London Boroughs Social Services Committees. Most importantly the victims of the abuse suffered at this home were told there was an Inquiry. Given the allegations included rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sexist and racist abuse, child pornography and the use of the infamous “blanket searches”, where the girls were stripped naked by male staff members and thrown naked into cells, there was clearly much to “inquire” into.  Indeed in press releases Greenwich and the LBRCPC assured us of “a full and thorough Inquiry”.  Er, well apparently we were all mistaken….


When the redrafts of the drafts had been finally edited and amended by all relevant Directors of Social Services, the final, final report was published. Except it had become only “A Review of Management Practices and Procedures at Melanie Klein House”.
What’s that, I hear you ask? Victims? er, well, arrh, erm……


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    that link did not connect ,404 file not found ,may have etc


  2. More munyard

    [PDF]Page 18 – Arab Times

    Oct 24, 2010 – net foreign paedophiles as it looks to shed its image as a haven for sex criminals. ….. Defense lawyer Terry Munyard said the anonymous witness, identified only as DCT …

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  4. Gojam i didnt know where to place this but its a link to do with barristers who have dealt with child abuse cases..i see mr munyard is part of these chambers