Leah McGrath Goodman, “We Will Name Them !”

From Voice For Children

From Voice For Children


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  2. Wow it’s all happening and about time! I’ve got this feeling in my water that this is, after all these years of cover ups this is the big one. These rapists murderers of our young children, its the end for them.

  3. Their scull and crossbone flag will be trampled into the mug.

  4. chrisb

    There is a link with the BBC here. LMG states that Haute de la Garenne was open while Bergerac was being filmed and that the stars mixed freely with the children. She says that the BBC denies this. If the BBC are lying, why?

    • …and given recent revelations about BBC ‘stars’ and abuse taking place in the BBC centre and other places…

      Thing is why lie about something that is so easily provable, unless there is something very very important to hide in amongst the denials !

  5. nuggy

    ive got mixed feelings about this i don’t like people being declared guilty without a trial but under the circumstances i think it has to be done.

  6. Multiple perpetrators have been quite obviously guilty without trial for generations now, so it does appear necessary. Trials against Jersey paedophiles very seldom meet the test of approval to hear by the complicit Crown Prosecution. The place is awash in bizarre super-injunctions against whistle-blowing. Jersey’s horrific institutional child abuse and related cover-ups are the lynchpin in the unraveling of wider UK cover-ups. Expect a massive, heavily funded PR initiative to attack the truth at every turn, on both social media and mainstream outlets. The available evidence, including documented forensic finds, are far too compelling to ignore yet again by a world stunned 5 years ago by Haut de la Garenne, before Jersey removed the courageous police investigators who exposed it. The cover-up since then has been desperately brazen, and implicates the UK. The role of the BBC, the Bergerac filming, Savile, VIPs and wealthy yachtsmen, even Nettles own daughter (the outrageous censorship czar at Jersey Data Protection) are all at the exposure tipping point.

  7. Linda

    I think the news today that the BBC have paid out £22m in hush money (our money) in the last 6 years leaves a nasty taste. And who are these people who are prepared to be bought off like that? How can they lives with themselves.
    Leah is a little vulnerable standing alone. She should team up with David Icke, Bill Maloney, Ben Fellows. Hey, perhaps this IS the big one after all . . . fingers crossed

  8. This will not be the big one if she teams up with the people you mention. She will never be taken seriously if that happens. She clearly has contacts in the MSM who are interested and there is a film crew working with her. I think she should be speaking with Eileen Fairweather and Craig Murray. She need to be careful, methodic and patient. I believe she will be. Remember, “softly, softly catchee monkey”.

    • Linda

      As a matter of interest, why do you think she will never be taken seriously if she teams up with David Icke et al? He has woken so many people up to so many dubious goings on . . . ?

      • Len

        Icke is tainted and will be forever thus, he is the MSM pin up for ‘conspiracy’. Bill is genuine but could be too easily led, we may see that with Ben F.

        The more independent lines of journalism the better, IMHO, lumping all anti CSA advocates together makes them easy to ridicule, the MSM will go for the obvious wins.

        The strategy to expose CSA is pretty clear, the tactical wins must come from separate groups using their own methods.

  9. nuggy

    david iscke has never exposed anything hes just jumped on the bandwagon when other people have.

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