The Account Of GL1


The following statement was given to me by a girl, then aged 19, on 2nd April 1990. I refer to her as GL1 (Green Lane Children’s Home resident 1).

GL1 would only speak about this once as she had now left care and put it behind her. After being sexually abused by her father, she was taken into care. She was fostered and sexually abused by her foster parents and returned to care. At her children’s home in Woolwich, she disclosed what had happened to her to a member of staff called Dorothy.  Not much happened – she had 2 sessions with a therapist.

GL1 came back from school one evening and was called into the office by Mr W.  The Principal Care Officer was also there. They told her she was being transferred to Green Lane Children’s Home in the morning.

GL1 said members of staff were very nice to her and some, including her keyworker, used to take her out to the pictures, Mcdonalds etc. She started an affair with one of these men just before her 13th birthday.  A female member of staff arranged for her to go on the pill.

Just before Christmas 1984, GL1, and two other girls, one from another home, were taken by a female member of staff to a party in Eltham.  Everybody was taking drugs and she said she was “stoned”.  She remembers having sex with two or three men (from photographs she identified an MP as one of the men).  She said that young boys were also at the party, she recognised a boy aged 11 from her children’s home in Woolwich having anal and oral sex.

GL1 went to about seven of these parties over the next two years, at a house behind Eltham High Street.  She identified a number of other men who attended.  These included three men who were senior local authority social services staff.  GL 1 said that one of these men was sexually abusing a 12 year old boy from Green Lane Children’s Home.  Another boy she remembered was ‘out of his head on coke and speed’.   GL1 said he would have sex with anyone.

In mid-1985, a female member of staff and her boyfriend would take girls to parties on the south coast.  GL1 and other girls were taken to a house outside Brighton, but near the sea – she was told all the people at the party were important.  One was a judge,  another a senior policeman (he told GL1 he investigated murders).  Another owned “some big banks” and yet others were MPs.  She recognised senior social services staff and a Tory councillor.

When the female member of staff was suspended, the trips stopped for a while and when she tried to get GL1 to go to parties again, GL1 refused, as she had stopped taking drugs following the death of her friend, a boy in care at Green Lane, from drugs.   GL1 was warned by the woman to ‘keep her mouth shut’ and was told ‘these are important people and have police who will deal with you and you will end up dead’ like your friend.

GL1 is now doing okay and wants to forget –  she doesn’t want to complain or claim compensation. There were naked photos of her and her friends with men, some taken by a female member of staff in the children’s home, she doesn’t know where they are now but some of her and her friends were published in a pornographic magazine.

GL1 looked through ‘Dodds’ parliamentary directory but could not positively identify all the men, as she had been so stoned during the party.  She was, however, very definite about one MP.

She was very clear that the parties were ‘anything goes’ sex orgies and she felt very uncomfortable talking about them.

GL1 agreed that this statement was a correct synopsis of our two hour conversation and requested that I was never to disclose her name under any circumstances whatsoever.  I agreed to this. She initialled my signature and the date.  I have the original signed statement with names.

Chris Fay


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