Yewtree Cop Sells Out To Pornographer


Richard Clive Desmond (born 8 December 1951) is an English publisher and businessman. He is the owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines, such as OK! and New!, and British national newspapers Daily Star and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns British television network Channel 5 [which broadcasts Big Brother] as well as Portland TV which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, and others.


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7 responses to “Yewtree Cop Sells Out To Pornographer

  1. Hardly any difference or a big surprise: BB and Yewtree are both sensationalist media spectacles. Yewtree, fuelled by a compensation racket, is another example of real child cruelty (remember it used to be called that, and the NSPCC used to do what it says on the tin?) being hi-jacked and exploited by wannabe victims conveniently rewriting their ancient groupie history to fit the standard victim-impact pro-formas spewing from the heavy-duty photocopying machines of claims-farming lawyers.

  2. HunterM

    Am I the only person who thinks that Richard Desmond has a touch of the lizard about him?

  3. Every sensationalist story related to child abuse is exploitation of child abuse.

    Richard Desmond has donated big ££££ to the Neoliberal Corruption Banker Party (Redrose Warcrime Faction). Their propaganda is thus part funded from the proceeds of child abuse.

  4. Why did he leave savile probe then? Didnt pay enough i guess. Sod the victims ..its the money that counts ..wh!t else is sickening is the lurid exaggerated headlines about benefit scroungers..aka disabled people


    Yewtree cop didn’t show up on thursday show but will be on friday show which means a complete sell out that ex cop should be a shame
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