Elm Guest House Charge Sheet.




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  2. They used a law going back to 1751 ? How many times was it used ?
    Is the first part to do with their son?

    • chris46

      Seeing the charge sheet again reminded me of the issue raised by Carol (supported by her lawyer) as to whether the raid had been carried out under PTA or vice laws. In charge 2 the police used the 1933 Childrens Act , by 1982 this had been replaced or amended by the 1966 Childrens Act. The use of 33 was very rare. The point was that the police, knowing a child was at the house would have to notify Social Services and obtain a Place of Safety Order alongside the warrant from a magistrate ( under 66 Act).In fact this wasn’t done until after the raid (I have a copy of that). The use of the 33 Act strengthened her case that the raid was carried out under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. Indeed this was the main reason why charge 2 failed to stick when the case went to the Old Bailey. As to the use of the 1751 Act this was the most common one used to raid brothels right up to the 1990’s!

    • chris46

      Yes Colin Peters was at EGH, both Carol and Harry told us and it was confirmed by victims. More importantly he was a frequent user of the sauna/video conference facilities – and there was only one reason anybody used them!!

  3. Two of these convicted lived not far from Barnes..Eg hounslow and acton..bayswater to richmond is easy journey as i have done it several times


  4. Claire

    Interesting seeing this, thanks.

    Considering they were under surveillance and didnt contactSS to obtain a place of safety order, I would definitely conjecture it was the police then who neglected that child ”in a manner to cause unecessary suffering”!

    Does anybody know the date of the CHE newsletter that recommended the guest house, it was in June wasn’t it, pretty darn close in date!

    And what happened to the five video tapes?

    Also, someone pointed out to me that William Everett was associated with Colts bookshop, was this in any way I wonder, as they point out, connected to Coltsfoot press, a Frank Torey/Spartacus ‘endeavour’?

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