Op Fernbridge: Over 300 Lines Of Inquiry

Scotland Yard is pursuing more than 300 lines of inquiry in its investigation into allegations that a VIP paedophile ring abused children in care during the 1980s.

The figure suggests that Operation Fernbridge, the investigation centred on historic allegations of abuse at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, is a bigger inquiry than previously acknowledged and could lead to the identification of dozens of potential victims.

Detectives are focusing on claims from former residents of a care home run by Richmond Council that they were taken to the suburban guest house and assaulted by prominent individuals.

The Independent understands that the 300 investigative lines include allegations of multiple assaults on single individuals and a list of “several dozen” potential victims is being drawn up.

The Independent



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  2. Hope these are not the same old Names being re-hashed, and Still Nothings DONE!!!

  3. Three hundred lines of enquiry that have been stifled for decades.

    Not holding out much hope. Its been months and there have only been two blindingly obvious arrests when there are dozens of people who should have already been hauled over the coals.

  4. @Bishop what do you think of the role of terry munyard who was on executive of CHE who later went on to defend gays accused of csa…he Put forward motion in CHE condemning. discrimination against gays. Also 22 members of CHE backed PIE members on trial .

  5. Mark

    At a time Irish republicans were bombing and killing Tory politicians the then Home Secretary was consorting at a brothel with a member of Sinn Fein?

    Carole Kasir said she knew nothing about young boys being abused at her small guest house, but she had evidence that one of her guests Gary R Walker was ‘into boys & had kiddie porn’. Did sweet innocent Carole inform the police?

    The day before the police raid, it is claimed a member of Sinn Fein told Harry & Carole they & their son were in danger. The Sinn Fein member had already obtained false birth certificates and offered to take them abroad.

    How did Carole and Harry not know about children from care homes visiting their small guest house, but knew about Walker. Their partners in turning the guest house into a brothel were frequent guest Barry Haddon a pimp & pornographer specialising in providing young boys for sex and pornography and Terry Dwyer a small time pornographer and paedophile.

    Yet we are to believe poor naïve Carole didn’t have a clue what was supposedly happening.

    During the time former Labour Greenwich councillor Christopher Fay was advising NAYPIC and Mary Moss was there, what were the difficulties within the organisation that led to funding being suspended?

    • I think Chris Fay, Gojam and others have already hinted enough as to what the kasirs really were.

      • Mark

        If Carole Kazir was a child abuser why not say so?

        Assuming her arrest notice was A4 sized, try folding a piece of paper that size 1) So it fits in the mouth, 2) So it fits under false teeth.

        With a website obsessed with big brother and secrecy, bloody ironic the website author hides behind an alias, has anyone met him or her. Demands to know the truth, but is extremely reluctant to be forthcoming about themselves.

  6. Mark

    By the way, how long was Elm Guest House open for?

  7. Carol

    With 7 staff working on this and the amount spent then I expect we will be told that ‘they hadn’t the time or resources’. – job done.

    • Mark

      So it seems bloody stupid to divert their time from investigating child abuse to answer FOI questions. 300 lines of enquiries could be the number of children housed at Grafton in the period Elm Guest House was open.

      Maybe only 7 officers are on the case because the Elm Guest House has proved to be a load of rubbish, the same as stories about Savile being head of a nationwide paedophile network supplying children to the great & the good turned out to be rubbish.

      • Len

        Savile not involved with any rings/networks? Really? oh yes of course, he was a ‘lone wolf’ that ‘groomed a nation’. Towing the line then Mark?

      • Mark


        Are you calling the hundreds who made claims against Savile to NAPAC, NSPCC, Childline, etc are also towing the line?

        Where is your evidence from the Duncroft girls evidence to the police or stories recounted to the media anyone was shipped off hither and dither by Savile?

  8. Mudplugger

    Interesting that the report states it “could lead to the identification of dozens of potential victims”. It would be a refreshing surprise if it led to the identification of dozens of abusers – they seem to be happier just to increase the list of victims, rather than ever get close to those VIP abusers. What a surprise.

    • Mark

      Or there were no VIPs, just those currently or previously arrested and the police are checking with all former residences of Grafton and other homes to get a scale of any alleged abuse.

      • Then the fact that, one of those named on the Mary Moss list has, for the first time ever in their life, been publicly filmed with their “companion” within days of their name appearing in public, is mere coincidence is it? What’s more after 55 years of avoiding all questions about their private life and their sexual proclivities, the photograph quite clearly showed them in the company of a very mature person of the same sex. All this, the same week their name is mentioned as being on the list of those who attended the Elm Guest House, pure coincidence of course…

        To Savile…. well ok, he worked alone apart from the parties his own relative attended and, at times, helped organise. So let’s say Savile wasn’t the main procurer, then there’s the little matter of the 1988 investigation into Sidney Cooke that was suddenly stopped the moment they had him and Bailey “in the bag”, this despite a certain Mr Jimmy Savile’s name cropping up in association with their vile activities. on several occasions. So, he just happened to be linked to a bunch of child murderers whilst he merrily went on his way abusing any one he could who crossed his path. I mean, it’s not like he had a history of befriending other fellow psychopaths is it? Oh.. hang on….. At the very same time Savile’s name was continually cropping up in relation to Cooke and his little gang, Savile himself was being given the keys to Britain’s top security prison for the mentally ill where he abused local girls on the premises and flouted the rules of said establishment. So absolutely no motive there, for anyone in power to stop any sort of investigation into his private life then? They have lied about his closeness to the royal family, they have lied about him “owning” several officers in the Yorkshire force so, what makes you think there was the slightest inclination to go digging up stuff that would directly affect people still alive and wielding political influence today?

        Let’s move on to Dickens. Well, here’s all the signs of a classic “Aviary” style side swipe. In effect, it goes like this…. “Shit… shit.. shit, someone has hit on something we don;t want made public or discussed in public” The simplest answer is to find out what motivates the person and then send them off on a total wild goose chase looking for that they hope to uncover, in Dickens’ case, so called satanic abuse. Meanwhile, the original story is quietly brushed under the carpet and Dickens runs around crusading on behalf of something that simply is utter bullshit./After all, what’s a few kids in care being abused, when you finally can prove to the world that there real life Satanist at work? Now I don’t know your background however, I have over 40 years dealing with people such as The Aviary,, I know, from experience, how it all works, what’s your real experience?

  9. Topsy

    If all MPs VIPs etc are innocent then why do so many documents go missing. Geoffrey Dicken’s dossiers are one example but there are many others. I would love to have an open mind but transparency is being conveniently blocked and some important people have developed amnesia.

    • Mark

      You’d love to be open minded but start by asserting Dickens dossiers contain names of MP’s and VIPs up to no good. He mounted campaigns that led to many children being removed from their parents based on a theory that the reflex anal dilatation test confirmed sexual abuse.

      I didn’t hear him apologising for the distress and upset he caused to many children because he saw the hand of satan and child abusers at every opportunity.

      Cleveland 1987…

      “Using their controversial reflex anal dilatation test, Dr Geoffrey Wyatt and Dr Marrietta Higgs’s came to the conclusion that enormous numbers of children were not only being sexually abused, but that it involved the most extreme acts – buggery – and was going on within the home.

      But many experts believe that the Higgs/Wyatt assessment of anal penetration is worthless – and research in the United States suggests that more than half of unabused children will show “positive” in this test. The conclusion – borne out by the courts and the parents campaign in Cleveland – is that there were many cases where children were taken into care who had never been abused at all.”

      • gw


        yes – I think it is important not to take to much faith into the mary moss list. To be fair this blog has had an article on this subject a week or so ago (I think) Its more then safe to say that a lot of those names mean little – so is the impression I get.

        fwiw I do not believe in ard, sra, etc etc

      • Mark

        But this website and others put tremendous faith in a rather bizarre list of names possibly compiled by a woman who was likely fully aware of what went on at her property, orchestrated by two regular guests one of whom is said to be a paedophile and the other supplying young boys.

        One of the names on the list defies logic due to what websites such as this have reported about that individual, yet it goes unchallenged by the seekers of truth.

        Oh look a Gary Walker of Sinn Fein is listed as a visitor is this the same person who Carol Kazir threw out for having kiddie porn, but would that be the same member of Sinn Fein who warned Carol and offered faked birth certificates the night before the police raid in 1982?

        Harvey Proctor is described as a well known convicted paedophile, yet at the time of his arrest if the willing prostitutes had been female he would not have broken any law. Neither young man complained to the police and since 2000 what they and Proctor got up to would be perfectly legal and no concern to the police.

        What do these websites want, a return to the 1950’s, pre Lady Chatterley and Fanny Hill, outlaw any homosexual act, ban the pill and re introduce back street abortions?

        These websites bang on about secrecy yet the authors of such sites are extremely secretive about themselves.

      • chris46

        Mark, why do you continue to misrepresent facts? We have had this conversation before. What “bizarre list” are you on about. If you are referring to the guest list for EGH from the Mary Moss file, then this is in my handwriting. It is a list of people who stayed st the guest house told to me by Carol Kazir and backed up by the evidence of the guest house register. It is NOT a list of abusers! Unlike you gojam does check his facts and I can testify to that, unlike your wild assertions!

      • Mark.

        Complete rubbish.

        Your misrepresentation of what I’ve written is as bad as any online.

      • Mark

        gojam edit

        This was the place where ‘Mark’ attempted to make his last post.

        Mark has abused my hospitality by misrepresenting evidence and my own words.

        This last post primarily concerned itself with perpetuating lies concerning Cleveland.

        For an objective view of Cleveland please watch the video found here- https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/cleveland-unspeakable-truths/

        The edited post also pushed the paedo-friendly False Memory Syndrome.

        Goodbye Mark, you won’t be missed.

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  11. I have read this article and some of its links, including the video “Unspeakable Truths”. At first I was pleasantly surprised that there was a commenter, Mark , who appeared to be offering a viewpoint that was not the usual 100% “hands in the air, shock, horror, string them up, they should all be castrated” type of response. This only provides people with an opportunity to say the same thing in many different ways, and gets us no nearer the truth. In these sort of situations, a 100% view in 1 direction only is unlikely to be very helpful in getting to the real truth of any matter. I therefore appreciated the counter-argument to the generally-held views among the commenters.

    When I viewed the video, I found that it had been made by the same man who had done the programme on the Nebraska child abuse situation, which had been banned, but had finally found its way on to the internet. I have a great deal of respect for somebody who can make a programme such as that one, which I have watched at least once, and found that this later film gave a different point of view to that put up here by Mark.

    My immediate feeling was that they both cannot be right; the problem for me is that the general belief among the public is that Social Services interfere far too much, and take children away from their parents at the slightest excuse. This view is put forward by such people as Brian Gerrish. However, in this particular situation, it seems that the various social workers had their hands tied by the influence of some important people, such as Stuart Bell, M. P., whose name subsequently appeared on the Elm Guest House visitor list. This tends, with hindsight, to put a very different aspect on the matter.

    At the time, the newspapers and television tended towards the view that there was nothing in this child sexual abuse idea, much less Satanic ritual abuse, as in the case of the Orkneys. I feel that this has resulted in these and many other cases not being approached in an objective and unbiased way, leading to a less than perfect resolution of the situation.

    It may be, should the Elm Guest House saga pan out into anything significant at all, that the repercussions of that will stretch the length of the country and provide an excuse for all these so-called settled cases to be looked at once again with fresh insight and, yes. the benefit of hindsight, which, in this situation is not such a bad thing.

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