Hi Bishop.

You’re spot on HERE mate. We tried unsuccessfully for years to get a proper investigation of these people.

Just for clarity, we identified John Rowe as being Rhinehart/Rowe’s brother.  John Rowe ran the video conference/sauna suite at EGH, which was really a cipher for child porn. If you look at receipts I got from Carole Kasir, it shows the large sums of money that this facility was generating! Enough for Carole to send her daughter to a private boarding school and fund quite extravagant life style. You are also right about Jones, he was personally involved with running Rawro’s “Night Sauna” in the West End, the subject of the other advert placed in Capital Gay (see Rawro letter). This was a well known place for punters to pick up rentboys,most of whom would have been underage at the time!  Our own investigations had identified boys as young as 12 being pimped out there.

Nice work mate! Keep it up!



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4 responses to “RAWRO INVESTMENTS

  1. Len

    Chris Fay?

  2. Has a police operation ever had so many suspects identified and arrested so few? Step up for your prize fernbridge.

    Interesting also that we all appear to now be going public on the truth about Carole kasir and what she knew.

  3. And to clarify the point I was unsure about. The rowe brothers were both involved, so looks like they were both abused and turned into abusers as a team.

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