The Elm Guest House Money Men

Someone was really happy to support the Kasir’s at Elm guest house.

They helped with their advertising, they arranged events, they made money from the sauna facilities they put in there.

That someone was the men who “worked” together in a limited company called RAWRO Investments Limited.


The Paedophile Lovers.

This article from Capital Gay, the gay paper that went out of its way to hide the paedophilia all around, published this stirring piece during the Kasir’s whirlwind prior to their trial:


The important part is this:

“Paul Rinehart says the future of Partner Sauna (Ltd) is on the line. He and his lover own 90% of the company….”

The first thing to note is that there has never been a UK limited company called “Partners Sauna”, so you immediately see the smoke and mirrors that were routinely used by these men.

The next piece of smoke and…

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19 responses to “The Elm Guest House Money Men

  1. Bobindubai

    What happened to the great ‘Watergate’ scandal you had foretold?

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  3. gw

    spoke to met today

    fernbrige is no longer headed by one policeman, apparently. Said it was being run by the “C team” which I think is the Child Abuse Investigation Command?

    Whilst I was on the phone suggested they have a look at rawro if they weren’t already aware


  4. Bishop pure class work Bloody brilliant Now all you got to do is link Elm Guest House to North Wales vía spartacus link to CHE thus proving that It was a pretty big ring as several suspected oh and throw in CHE being involved at Crest hotel.

  5. Anon

    Folks, I’m pretty certain that Fernbridge is still being led on a day-to-day basis by Paul Settle while strategic oversight of the broader unit is now in the hands of Michael Duthie (following the retirement of Hamish Campbell, who replaced Peter Spindler). This is public info – Exaro ran it days ago. But it’s a bit of a merry-go-round, eh?

  6. dpack

    well done for shaking another block out of the walls bishop.

  7. @gojam there stuff about CHE and north wales in this link…

    “The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

    The most controversial claim made before the tribunal of inquiry was that prominent people in North Wales had been involved in an organised paedophile ring. The tribunal found no evidence for this but did accept that there was an active paedophile ring operating in the Chester and Wrexham area.(16)
    The tribunal considered the allegations against members and officers of the Chester Branch of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE). One witness, known simply as ‘B’, claimed that he was taken to a meeting of the CHE and to homosexual clubs and parties where he was abused. Even the convicted paedophile, Cooke, claimed that the CHE was a “pick up thing” or “the most vile organisation ever thought of”.(17)
    The tribunal accepted B’s evidence that “during the period under review, a significant number of individual male persons in the Wrexham and Chester areas were engaged in paedophile activities.”(18)
    The tribunal concluded that “Whilst we have no reason to doubt the evidence given to us by some office holders of the Chester CHE that precautions had been taken to prevent abuse of the organisation, it is clear to us that some of its less reputable members or habitués saw it as a useful agency for identifying and contacting potential victims.”(19)
    The tribunal only considered evidence relating to the Chester Branch and stressed that nothing it said about the CHE carried any imputation against the wider organisation.(20)

  8. from P.A.N magazine…”NEWS BRIEFS LONDON Scotland Yard, which in its spare time goes after criminals, has, after an eight-month investigation, complied a 60,000 word dosier on the Paedophile Information Exchange and sent it off to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The gentlemen in this office will presumably make up their minds in due course whether to try at least some of the members of PIE for . . . what? London’s News of the World, which may well be the vilest paper in Christendom, self-servingly takes credit for all of this: ‘We revealed the existance of a “Circle of Evil” — a nation-wide ring of men calling themselves paedophiles.’ (Source: NEWS OF THE WORLD, 25 Feb., 1979) “

  9. also from P.A.N magazine number 3 november 1979

    “BRIGHTON, ENGLAND Boy-love was a ‘hot topic’ at the coincident meetings here of the International Gay Association and England’s Campaign for Homosexual Equality on the last weekend of August. CHE, according to London’s Gay News, ‘ducked one of the most important questions of principle to come up for debate — should the law be involved at all in regulating consensual sexual acts.’ Terry Munyard introduced a motion saying, among other things, that ‘retention of criminal penalties for any kind of consensual sexual act between individuals is a totally unjustified encroachment on the rights of all persons to privacy and control over their own bodies.’ However, as boy-lovers well know, the great majority of gays is terrified that supporting any liberalization in age of consent laws, or even a reduction in the criminal penalties for their violation, will only stir up the Whitehouse-Bryant-gutter press forces against all gays. CHE executive committee member Christian Elliott was ‘outraged’ by the motion, not, apparently, on principle but on just these grounds of expediency. ‘We can’t afford to be associated with paedophiles,’ said another committee member. By a two-to-one vote of the general membership the motion was effectively killed by refering it to the EC ‘for further study’. A more positive position, however, was taken by CHE in overwhelmingly affirming that paedophiles should have a right at least to express their views on adult-child sexual relations without risking jail sentences. ***Twenty-two delegates sponsored a motion demanding that charges of ‘conspiring to corrupt public morals’ be dropped against four PIE men***.

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  11. P.A.N mentioned the assault and kidnap and abuse of a six year old boy in tried to rubbish that story but gave a graphic descrpition of that assault -eg buggery and urinating into childs mouth(APOLOGIES EVERYONE) how did PAN know this? anyway..was the Brighton assault on this poor child around same time of the CHE conference which also took place in Brighton..

  12. @gojam also in that article that mentions Terry Munyard is this quote:

    “Last year’s prosecution alone cost £ ½ million; and the costs of the appeal have not yet been calculated. How paranoid are the authorities in this benighted country that they spend hand over fist to persecute peaceful citizens? Terry is to be commended in his resolve to continue fighting injustice. We will continue to support his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, (which ruled in October 1997 that Britain’s unequal age of consent is unlawful).”


    “With very limited self-funded resources, C.H.E. (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) has monitored, in and around Bolton, a calendar of cases that should never have been allowed to progress in the way they did – and are doing.

    There’s been the infamous BOLTON 7 case, brought by Greater Manchester Police, which Brian Iddon, M.P. denounced as “silly” while calling for further law reform to prevent a recurrence. But only he of the local M.P.s and only one councillor, Noel Spencer (of Farnworth ward), spoke up that the lads had done nowt very wrong.

    An anonymous tip-off started it all: that one of the seven had messed with children. This proved absolutely untrue, but it’s enough to get bail refused. And GAYS BEWARE…It’s often a fellow gay who does the tip-off out of grudge or tiff or some really wicked malice that finds in Bolton and district eager homophobe ears in all kinds of pivotal positions of authority – eager and able to pour public money into investigating and investigating and investigating. And daresay – if half of your average Mr and Mrs Boltons had their attics toothcombed by investigating officers while they were locked up, some item(s) could be found that could be prosecuted as indecent. Be careful – as the ITN newsreader Julia Somerville learnt, even innocent snaps of your kids in the bath can get you into trouble these days”

  14. bear with me gojam ok? finding out terry munyard who was a CHE member proposing that mention about sexual acts…then find he is / was a QC then finding he was on cases involving allegations of child sex abuse is too odd..

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