Online: ‘The Dust Has Never Settled’

Described by a senior journalist as “a book that will become the Conspiracy Theorist’s bible in 10 to 20 years time” is now online The Dust Has Never Settled by Robin Bryans.



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  1. It’s been removed. Can anybody send it to me please?

  2. cassandracogno

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    The author’s father was cousin to powerful preacher ‘Hellfire Jack’ (as Anthony Blunt was said to call him), John Bryans, Justice of the Peace and International Head of the Orangemen – who was bible study teacher to William McGrath, the most sadistic of the three ‘housefathers’ abusing and pimping boys at Kincora, and attended British Israelite meetings at McGrath’s house. This book is essential reading since having been published in 1992, the intervening 22 years has brought a slew of fresh information in the public doman which provides more clarity to Bryan’s dense circuitous style of writing (to avoid libel as far as possible) not adopted in his travel writing

  3. Your “leave-behinds” are well worth reading, dpack! The Mage!!!

  4. dpack

    mr bryans covers many subjects which make interesting reading what he makes a point of not expanding upon and what he hints at redacting is also interesting.
    he has an interesting story to relate whatever his motives for relating it and some of the anecdotes are primary source if true.
    having got to the end of city of the dark knights so far it seems that he was well placed to know many things about individuals and the context of their roles.
    his personality is complex,his ability to adapt is stunning,his knowledge of many things seems real,he might be making it up to rubbish those who he wished to spite but why bother to make it up if the truth is plenty.
    i wonder what he felt his motivation and ethics were?
    he hints at his aims and those of his allies/enemies but he is very skilled in both telling and concealing and using one to achieve the other and both together to make his point.

  5. dpack

    finding this sort of thing is normal for crowley studies ,strange and out of place in the first page of a simple google swoop for a book reference .why was it there ?umm.

    smoke and mirrors aside or looked into crowley probably had sis links especially in relation to black propaganda from ww one onwards.

    probably best to include him in “persons of historical interest” but to focus on his world or see it out of context will lead to confusion imho

  6. dpack

    interesting reading so far
    crowley gets a mention and anything to do with him is extreme

    his best biographer described him as king of the shadow realm,d.ZWU

    his methods of asserting his will are well documented and mostly destructive in that book and many other places.many lies have been told about him .he would like that .

    the harris/crowley tarot pack is valid in the historical context of the tarot but the chap was not nice,a product of his environment but not nice.funny sometimes but not nice ,quite sensibly robust some times but not nice.

    he demonstrated some powerful techniques which can be used by folk who are nice or not nice .
    he was not nice.

    his followers try to be like him,most fail but some are very destructive whilst trying.

    he is probably important or an important red herring or neither.
    he was very able to “network”
    the “paris rite” is very disturbing however one interprets it ,a history of dead lovers and sending the deranged on impossible quests sets the pattern of the outcomes of his activities.

    maybe one way to filter the data is to check which chums of crowley thrived?who inherited the tradition ?

    the red herring thing could be the most valid assessment but smoke and mirrors is certain with crowley.

  7. Blessings to you for this resurrection.

  8. dpack

    this chap often seems to make some sense of some of the smoke and mirrors.
    cross referencing his material should be interesting.

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