Michael Gove Clears Sex Offender To Teach.

Geoffrey Bettley, an RE teacher from a Catholic School in West Yorkshire, who had almost 200 indecent images of children on his computer is allowed to continue to teach, the Education Secretary has decided. Michael Gove said “I have considered this case and the need to be proportionate and also to act in the public interest … Although the findings in this case are serious ones, I support the recommendation of the panel that a prohibition order should not be applied in this case.”


A disgraced RE teacher who was sacked for possessing indecent images of children has been given the go-ahead to carry on teaching by Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Geoffrey Bettley, 36, was dismissed from his ten-year career at St Mary’s Catholic School in Menston, West Yorkshire, after he accepted a police caution.

Mr Gove has now supported a disciplinary panel’s recommendation that he does not pose a risk to children and that he should be able to resume his teaching career.

But MP Phillip Davies has raised concerns about the ‘worrying situation’ and warned that it will make parents feel ‘uneasy’.

The National College of Teaching and Leadership professional conduct panel ruled that the child abuse images were at the lower end of seriousness and that Bettley, who had ‘shown remorse and victim empathy’, did not pose a risk.


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16 responses to “Michael Gove Clears Sex Offender To Teach.

  1. Principle5000

    Totally Takes the Piss

    I Know a Resignation is in Order

    What the Hell is Going On a Disgusting Pervert can still teach in
    a School

  2. kaw

    gw – Seriously?! How do you think those child pornography pictures are created? Whether the “person” looking at them goes on to abuse or not, he or she has violated that child once again, do not forget a child had to be abused to create the photo!

    It’s too much of a risk, in my opinion, to let him keep teaching children, what is this country coming to?!

    • I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct

      It beggars belief that in 2013 , with so much research and empirical knowledge available, a ” professional conduct ” panel can make such a decision
      Gove doesn’t surprise me
      What does “lower end of seriousness ” mean. Most paedophiles sadly remain undetected for most if not all of their paedohile career. When you get early warning signs you take drastic action
      No normal healthy person downloads indecent images of children
      Together with Ovenden, in reality a supplier of indecent images of children to the likes of Lord Macalpine, we have an extremely out of touch judiciary and professional standards staff
      Still a mountain to climb

  3. BarrieJ

    Politicians soft on paedophiles, it’s up there with the papal see’s enthusiasm for Catholicism.
    There’s more to it than complacency and they’re confident enough of their situation not to be bothered.

  4. gw

    for the sake of balance / debate I think each case should be considered on it’s individual merits. Looking at child pornography does not necessarily mean one is going to abuse children. I have, (and I’m sure plenty of us here have as well!) watched “normal” pornography – that does not mean I’m going to attack someone.


    • jen

      People who look at “Normal”/adult porn want to have sex with adults. People who look at child porn want to have sex with children. Anyone who is found to be that way inclined shouldn’t be allowed to set foot inside a classroom.

  5. Wrathful Dakini.

    Off topic for this posting but wanted to post link for this –
    [you can avoid the 20 article only paywall at the Telegraph by deleting cookies]


    From the report ‘Sir Brian interviewed Sir Bill about Miss McAlpine’s death. The report states: “I questioned… Billy Cotton about this matter. The girl had come to see him [Bill Cotton] on several occasions and had invented stories for the purpose of getting access to him. He said she seemed to him in a sort of fantasy world but that she had not made any sexual advances of any kind.”

    I hope he was asked if he made any advances to her !

    Also, it’s been reported that the Attorney General is opening a review into the leniency of Ovenden’s suspended sentence.

  6. dpack

    coming out in the open telling folk that collecting csa images is not a reason to be excluded from teaching is rather special.
    a huge political blunder by a crass fool or a huge political blunder by an arrogant fool or a message to friends and enemies by a evil fool?
    who recommended/approved this decision as well as gove?

  7. jen

    What on earth is going on in this country? Ovenden get’s a suspended sentence for abusing little 6-year-old girls; A soldier who racially and sexually abused young Afghan children is granted anonymity; A pervert teacher is allowed back in the classroom.
    The sentencing of paedophiles is getting evermore more lenient, yet after the horrifying deaths of April Jones and Tia Sharp, any sane person would’ve expected the exact opposite to be the case. But no, it seems kids have to die before those in politics and the judiciary take the crime of child abuse seriously.
    Gove has surpassed himself this time. He is not fit for the job of Education Secretary and should be booted out forthwith. Parents must, by law, send their children to school and can be prosecuted for not doing so… but they must vote with their feet and refuse to send their kids to any school that employs Bettley. During school hours the school is In Locus Parentis and must act in the best interests of the child, How can giving the go-ahead to a child-porn-downloading pervert possibly be in the best interests of the children he will teach? What is behind these insane decisions? Are the upper echelons are crawling with paedophiles, or what?

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  10. john carey

    fair judgement – fuck off you c!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LOST FOR WORDS………….Once Again!!!

  12. Oh dear there’s end to paedophiles giving or finding jobs for each other is there?! Where are the police again! Mr Bettley should be investigated! blimey it’s obvious what he is. if he does this for a paedophile. This bastard is taking the piss out of us.

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