Graham Ovenden Avoids Prison

Graham Ovenden at Truro crown court. He is on trial for indecency with a child and indecent assault

An internationally renowned artist has been given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after being found guilty of a string of sexual offences against former child models.

Sentencing Graham Ovenden at Plymouth crown court, Judge Graham Cottle told Ovenden: “There can be no doubt that at that time you had a sexual interest in children.”

Ovenden, 70, who studied under the pop artist Sir Peter Blake, was convicted of six charges of indecency with girls and one allegation of indecent assault.

During his trial earlier this year Ovenden fiercely denied a sexual interest in children and claimed his images of naked girls were all about celebrating the innocence of childhood.

The Guardian


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19 responses to “Graham Ovenden Avoids Prison

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  2. Tom

    Been following the needle for months now but never felt the need to comment. put a search into google for overdons work and I cant believe this stuff is allowed to be seen. is their no way we can get this stuff off the net, or is allowed because it supposed art.glad the needle is here to inform us of these sickos.

    keep chasing them down for us.

  3. nuggy

    had he gone to prison t his market would have not been intact.

  4. Terry

    Is he at least on the Sex Offenders Register?

  5. “”This hasn’t embittered me. My reputation is impugned but in the art world fame and infamy are the same thing – look at Oscar Wilde. One of my paintings sold well at auction three weeks ago. It hasn’t buggered up my market at all. But I don’t wish to go to prison. I’m innocent at every level.”

    so his ‘market’ is intact so thats alright then…no..

  6. “FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE” So Disappointed,! are any of Them, Ever going to be brought to Justice.?? How on earth do we Change things?. Feeling like i want to go and punch any one of them!!!. And i’am Not a Violent Person………

  7. Principle5000

    It takes the Biscuit

    I do Not call Sick Filth Art it is a Travesty of Art

    • ive seen some of his pictures–they are not all….he had photos too..which he used as basis of his paintings. he had been raided before..

  8. nuggy

    if they gave him a jail sentence it might have reflected badly on some of his costumers and of course they dident want that.

  9. Yes, it is a farce. It was a farce that the case was brought to trial. Judge Cottle is no friend of Mr. Ovenden.

    • Who are you kidding

      An example Ovenden’s so-called art was posted online by Chris Spivey. Ovenden is a paedophile. He has used ‘art’ as a vehicle to abuse children and peddle the child porn he produces. Ovenden must have been laughing up his sleeve when he heard the trial judge was Judge Graham Cottle. Judge Cottle has a long track record of being extremely lenient towards paedophiles.

  10. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct

    The establishment continues to protect its own
    Just shows the size of the task we’ve got to change thing things and protect children
    Ovenden is still pleading innocence and showing no remorse whatsoever for his victim’s suffering – for non-establishment figures a major factor taken into consideration when sentencing decision is made

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  12. Absolutely disgusted by this but kind of knew it would be that way, the judge probably has some of his so called “art”.
    Doe’s anyone know if he is a freemason?? and if the judge is one also??. very disappointed as the judge could have chosen to make an example out of him to say that this kind of vile behaviour will not be tolerated, or maybe he is sending a message that you can abuse children and won’t be punished to hard, yet if you steal a bottle of water during a moment of madness whilst caught up in a riot you will feel the full force of the uk’s farcical justice system.

  13. deeply disapointed that blake supported him before when he was nabbed in fact there is a picture of a small girl sitting on ovendums lap with his hands rather near her groin area..which is fact i thought it was a picture of blake at first….

  14. Angry. So Angry I just trashed a keyboard.

    A total fucking disgrace. You or me had done that, they would have thrown us in jail for five years and we would have been on the end of a press vilification.

    McAlpines supplier gets nothing.