THE PAEDOPHILE: Part 2 of a Slog Special….

The Slog

How Cumbria County Council hired a paedophile-pimp childkiller in its child protection department…and promoted another employee while he stood trial for distributing paedophile pornography

And why MP Madeleine Moon is unlikely to take any real action in Bridgend

Yesterday, I posted at some length about how Conservative Under Secretary of State Edward Timpson is a dyed-in-the-wool member of the Care System being set the task of reforming that system….and doing everything but that. In today’s second part of this study of contemporary systemic child abuse in Britain, The Slog looks in more detail at how tribal instincts promote cover-ups of every kind, and with astonishing regularity, at local government level.

Having been hounded by a couple of irate ‘care’ system workers following recent Slogposts about endemic perversion in Britain’s childcare system – “it’s just more conspiracy theory fantasy” etc etc – I thought last week it might be useful…

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2 responses to “THE PAEDOPHILE: Part 2 of a Slog Special….

  1. The council managers only get theire orders from the highest people in the land the aristocrats. And they seem to be the leaders of this countries paedophile rings i mean the aristocrats not the mugs who work for the councils. Whether the royals are all child abusers or not who knows? only the police know this, and they seem to be covering for each other..Bastards.

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