Thank you for your interest in the work of the Macur Review, which is progressing well.
Mrs Justice Macur is keen to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible and would like to let you know that we will shortly be holding a public meeting in North Wales, to provide local people with an opportunity to identify the Review team and to provide any additional information relevant to the Macur Review terms of reference.
The meeting will take place on Tuesday 18 June and will be held at the Ramada Hotel in Wrexham, to provide a neutral venue in a location with good transport links. The event will be attended by Mrs Justice Macur and members of the Review team. There will be two sessions; one starting at 12:30, the other at 18:00 when the Judge will say a few opening words, but in keeping with wishing to hear views, she will otherwise be very much in listening mode. Given the sensitivity of the issues covered by the Review, we would like to offer attendees a private appointment by prior arrangement if this would be preferable. Please contact Marie Colton at the address /contact details below if you are interested in considering this option.
There may be some local media coverage of the meeting, but Mrs Justice Macur is clear that she is not holding a press conference.
We do appreciate that you may not be available to attend given the pressures on your time. However, should you wish to provide any relevant information in addition to that already submitted, this can be sent either by email to or by post to Room TM 10.02, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL.
Kind regards
Macur Review
TM 10.02 | Royal Courts of Justice | London | WC2A 2LL


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  1. Bishop Brightly

    And of course you immediately spot the devil in the detail:

    “falling within the terms of reference”

    I thought the whole point of Waterhouse was that it had too narrow terms of reference?

    So this review serves zero purpose?

  2. Bishop Brightly

    So many reviews etc I’m losing track. Just in case anyone else is wondering what it actually is:

    “To review the scope of the Waterhouse inquiry, and whether any specific allegations of child abuse falling within the terms of reference were not investigated by the Inquiry, and to make recommendations to the Secretary of State for Justice and the Secretary of State for Wales.”

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