Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths


The headline summed it up: “Is this the film that should never have been made ?”.

Just as telling was that the article under it – in the TV Times – was the only national press coverage of the film. Ten years after the Cleveland Child Abuse Crisis not a single newspaper reported on a documentary which told – for the first time – the truth about what had happened to the children at the heart of a “scandal” which had gripped and divided the entire country. Not for nothing was the film called “Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths”.

For those too young to recall it – and for those who still do – it’s worth recalling the events as they unfolded.

In the spring of 1987, 121 children from the (then) county of Cleveland – an area of some 583 square km and including the economically depressed towns of Hartlepool, Redcar…

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13 responses to “Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths

  1. Annie

    I was training to be a District Nurse at the North London Poly at the time the report came out. I read it from cover to cover and for the first time realized the lengths that the press and others will go to to misrepresent a story or
    situation. What amazed me at the time was how many “intelligent” people failed to check their facts and still kept spouting the rubbish that appeared in the press at the time.

  2. nuggy

    the 3 children who have spoken out in this case totally contradict what that film says.

    • Actually, no they don’t. They have stated that they were not abused: the film addresses the handling of 121 cases – not three. By contrast, the mother who spoke in our film had three children (all part of the 121 cases) who were sexually abused – a successful prosecution being the proof – and was deeply grateful to Drs Higgs and Wyatt.

      And, in answer to your previous post: yes, I was a researcher on The Cook Report. I left in 1990 and since then have won a series of international awards for my films (including Amnesty International and the Royal Television Society) I’m also the author of published ten books.

      Any further questions, please just ask.

      TIM TATE

  3. aliharris

    For any unbelievers out there – Healing the Unimaginable by Alison Miller is a book for treating ritual abuse – mind control (2011/2012). It is specifically aimed at therapists not survivors unless well and truly healed, even then be careful. She explains how a high powered group of individuals squashed ritual abuse as a concept (guess why) and induced media propaganda to make the public not believe it was true, Very interesting reading and notes the mind control exercised by the CIA (using Nazi doctors) et al

  4. nuggy

    this is tim tate who worked for the cook report hmmm.

  5. Tim Sanders

    Gojam, is Stuart Bell featured in the film the same Stuart Bell of Elm House fame.

  6. nuggy

    i find some of the claims made hard to believe dosent mean there not true but i find them hard to believe.

  7. john carey

    gojam – everybody wants to leave a legacy – let this be yours – keep on informing the public about this utter shite – child abuse

  8. john carey

    very interesting programme – all to do with the `climate of public opinion` – therefore if the MSM don`t report (as in all the police inquiries regarding historic child abuse undertaken at present) nothing will change child abuse is all to do with education and informing the public (all classes) that you cannot sexually abuse a child or you go to prison – full stop!

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