Mark Bridger Found Guilty


Mark Bridger and Stuart Hazell

I’m not going to write too much about this, other than to point out that the murderer of April Jones viewed Child Sexual Abuse images before killing her and that the murderer of Tia Sharp likewise watched child pornography before he killed her.

Perhaps this is something that any man ‘curious’ about child pornography should consider before he runs an internet search. Curiosity can quickly become an addiction, an addiction becomes an obsession, and who knows where that obsession will lead you ?

If you accidentally come across Child Sexual Abuse images (child pornography) please bear in mind that you are looking at evidence of a crime and report it immediately to either the Internet Watch Foundation or CEOP.


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11 responses to “Mark Bridger Found Guilty

  1. Can people use te correct language. It is not, nor ever will be child porn. It is images of sexual abuse. Make the language matter.

  2. I did accidentally find porn on YouTube and reported it to CEOP and the FBI, but all that happened is that I was given a 6 month punishment warning by YouTube moderators, they were more bothered about my hasty and angry words of retalliation to the porn barons than dealing with the filth that was being posted! I also recieved a death threat soon after which Stafford Police dealt with by sending a WPC round to my house to threaten me to stop blogging, and to frog march me to speak to the Crisis Mental Health team. So what the hell can I do, if I report stuff I am the one who gets harassed and punished!!!

    • @zoompad that is disgraceful . Not so long ago i reported child porn to Twitter i had to keep reminding them a few times though but they wrote back and thanked me. Not long after i noticed one of the child porn subscribers complain that his ‘usual stuff’ wasnt there on twitter. Poor thing…ha ha


    I have been on the net from the very early days,I even exchanged e mails with Tim Bernards Lee and have never come across child abuse either deliberately or by accident


      sorry my point, being I don’t believe in accidental kiddie porn on my computer

    • @smartsam i come across child sex images almost every day sadly..and have reported quite a few by now..the list is still growing however..

    • Well you must have not gone onto the Milk Boys site as I did (trying to find out who was responsible for the Secret Family Court using syndromes invented by paedophiles in court cases against mothers, terrorising them and their families, as what happened to me for 7 years) and stumbled accross videos of a horrible man whose identity I didnt know until a few weeks ago, not having seen a picture of him before that, having sex with a young lad and another horrible man involved. I didnt exactly stumble on that site as I was looking for the bastards who were responsible for wrecking my life for years, but I was pretty shocked at the content of the video posted online, and even more shocked to see a photograph recently of one of the men in the video. The boy may or may not have been 16 or over, I dont know, but I do think people expect politicians not to act like that one was acting, because it was disgusting.

  4. fact is one can stumble into that shit quite easily..ive reported stacks of to twitter….before they did nothing now i see the paedos complaining they cant find ‘their’ stuff on twitter no more..poor things…also be aware that where they usually see ‘their ‘ stuff can be reposted on innnocent image sites as i have been finding out of late..

  5. nuggy

    now who could of predicted that verdict.

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