Facebook Backs Down

But only after advertisers begin to walk away.

Still, good news nonetheless.

Facebook is changing their policy on content endorsing rape and violence against women after a social media campaign

Campaign #FBRape, set up by activists, highlighted the flaw in the social network’s guidelines which banned hate speech but not offensive remarks regarding sexual assault.

Following the hugely successful campaign, which saw several companies pull their advertisements from Facebook, the website agreed to change their policies.

In a public statement, Facebook acknowledge their failure to block the offensive content and promised  to train staff to be able to spot such posts in order to make Facebook a’ safe and respectful place for sharing and connection’.

‘The guidelines used by these systems have failed to capture all the content that violates our standards.

‘We need to do better — and we will,’ Facebook said in their statement.

Daily Mail


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2 responses to “Facebook Backs Down

  1. John

    Worth noting that Facebook have been censoring heavily recently in other areas. Anti-Monsanto demo photos, analysis of SandyHook, Mike Adams, Jon Rappoport etc.