A Consultation Is Not Good Enough !

In my view this is an excellent ‘must read’ article from The Independent on Sunday 

Though I am a little concerned that the Government appear to be launching a ‘consultation’ over an issue which rightfully should be part of an independent national inquiry into the way children have been treated in care homes in this country over the last 40 years.

This is a ‘sticking plaster’ approach, one designed to fob the public off and cover up the past failings and cover ups of Government and Local Authorities.

No doubt there will be another “line in the sand” / “lesson will be learnt” /”mistakes were made” conclusion.

Yet another distraction from the bigger issues.

Next month, the Government will launch a consultation to increase the responsibilities of local councils to do more to look after the children in their care. By the end of this year, only senior officials will be able to decide to place children far away from their home, and only then if it is in the child’s best interest. And children’s homes will be required to work more closely with police and local authorities to prevent children from going missing.

From April 2014, for the first time, the Government will collect national data for all children missing from care – not just those who are missing for more than 24 hours.

A Home Office spokesman said: “All missing people are recorded on a database held by the national Missing Persons Bureau, but we recognise that improvements can be made in the collection and sharing of information about children who go missing from care. We are working with other government departments and agencies to take this forward.”

The Independent


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7 responses to “A Consultation Is Not Good Enough !

  1. The Govs treatment of children and youngpeople in care is a National Disgrace. Only Sunday Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker has not been afraid to put his balls on the line in this regard.

    The Courts are a ghastly failure with clueless and largely elderly elderly male judges adopting party line ie state must bé right…

    Dear oh dear. No wonder LAs regard kids in care as fodder for Prison System!

  2. Jas Richy

    Hi ,
    I agree entirely with your comment . Its a distraction from the wider issues & bigger picture . It’s a sort of ” comfort ” word bandied around , which is intended to give people the impression of ” action ” or of a ” remedy ” to their real concerns . There is some case law where a Judge clearly defined the meaning of ” consultation ” as it should apply to Councils , R (Capenhurst) v Leicester City Council [2004] EWHC 2124 (Admin) , which perhaps should be waved as a ” yardstick ” where an Organisation has a Duty to Consult
    Thank you for all your work & postings .
    Jas Richy

  3. chess

    That’s all very well and let’s hope that it’ll go some way to addressing part of the problem in years to come.
    I still want the old buggers to be brought to account. I expect that. I demand that.
    Otherwise all those little kids who have suffered in the past will be judged as valueless, worthless, expendable.
    I was pondering over the weekend; there are more and more people who are finding out the truth of csa, trafficking, torture.
    Many of us won’t let this go, we’ll keep digging and pushing, I wonder if that’s what tptb want, insurrection on the streets, so they can put paid to the ‘troublemakers’ one way or another? Crazy theory, I know but it’s happened before.

  4. Anyone trust this? I don’t.. we’ve seen what happens with local authorities ..and this sharing info on missing children ..with who? Child molesters ? You have to start from the premise which is that there is systemic child abuse that is entrenched in the system..tinkering at the edges is just window dressing ..

  5. JF

    As much as it goes against my values I must endorse the blood pressure rupturing Daily Mail today. The the ‘Follow the Money’ principle is how they’ve explained why cover-ups are so effective, and desirous succinctly.


    Maybe I’m feeling particularly cynical because it’s a Monday but time and time again we see good intentions paving the road to Hell.

  6. This is more out of sight out of mind nonsense..will the police be checked that they are not corrupt. Also these officials and why further away from parents ..no this stinks…

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