Leon Brittan and the Paedophile Information Exchange



Leon Brittan became Margaret Thatcher’s Home Secretary on 11th June 1983. Not long after starting in the role, he came under pressure to ban an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange.


The Paedophile Information Exchange, or PIE, campaigned to have the age of consent reduced to 4 years old, which would have effectively legalised paedophilia. PIE published a contacts page in its newsletter with a PO Box number, so paedophiles across the UK and abroad could forge links and trade tips on how to access children, and how to obtain images of child abuse. This was how organised paedophile networks developed in the UK, and helps to explain how paedophiles ended up infiltrating so many schools, children’s homes, and other institutions. By the early 1980s PIE had over 1000 members, including people in prominent and powerful positions in the British Establishment such as diplomats, MPs, aristocrats, intelligence…

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5 responses to “Leon Brittan and the Paedophile Information Exchange

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  2. I’ve got an idea about this Paedophile business in Britain and the UK governments approval of what was going on. I think it’s to do with Alastair Crowley and he’s Age of Horus or the aeon of the child. Maybe the aeon of Child Horus is over and this is why the Pedophiles day are numbered.

  3. Sorry I forgot to say that maybe Jimmy Savile and he’s paedophile gang worshiped the god Horus/Apollo.

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