ebay: ‘The Dust Has Never Settled’ by Robin Bryans


The Needle was lent the personal copy of ‘The Dust Never Settled’  of a very senior journalist who described it as “a book that will become the Conspiracy Theorists bible in 10 to 20 years time”

Another good friend of The Needle described Robin Bryans as “the kind of character who would keep on popping up every time I reached a dead end in my investigations. He’d supply a name on a piece of paper and suggest that this was the person I needed to talk to, invariably he was right. It was always a mystery how he seemed to know what I needed to know.” He went on to describe a rather extraordinary meeting at his home where Robin Bryans, Paul Foot, and himself were trying to piece together connections between Kincora and Elm Guest House which they believe existed. (O’ to be a fly on the wall)

Now Paul, a reader of The Needle, has pointed out that there is a copy of this book for sale on ebay. HERE

We’ve referred to Robin Bryans a few times on The Needle. A teasing introduction HERE (We’re still trying to track down a video of the ‘After Dark’ episode referred t0)

A letter from Bryans to James Hanning HERE

And two extracts from ‘The Dust Never Settled’ HERE and HERE

This is a very rare book. Out of print, not available in the UK.

JG ‏@TheChilterns has just pointed out that he has bought a copy on this book for 20 Euros here- http://www.gettextbooks.co.in/isbn/9780951936900


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  2. Bishop Brightly

    Very interesting isn’t it. Especially the mentions of Cambridge and paedo rings going back a long, long way. It will make Profumo look like a tea party if it ever comes out – that is why it hasn’t.

  3. i am suffering from coincidence factor again ! i just posted on spotlight about Foot , livinstone hansard , peter wright and kincorra and stuff that alleged satanic stuff…that foot dismissed…now satanic seems mad, except that on the documents of ‘type of abuse’ apart from all the sex abuse comments there was an entry which read ”black magic”…and the murder of a young boy around the time of kincorra boys home where the body was burnt and remains thrown into a river..

    • Yes ‘Satanic’ seems mad, but more and more it seems that this is one of the ‘glues’ that hold these vile practices together. Whether family based or institutional, there are more and more references to SRA appearing in the alternative media everyday. But I fear we would never get a full scale investigation on that score as they are the darkest secrets of all, and go right to the very top.

      Here is a comment from a recent post on Aangirfan ‘OXFORD CHILD ABUSE RING – PROTECTED BY THE GOVERNMENT?’
      “Anonymous said…
      Yesterday, I was told of a historic paedophile ring operating in Manchester, United Kingdom (Satanic ritual abuse involving their own children), which spanned two or three generations. Apparently social services had been alerted to it a number of times and failed to act, obviously local police would have got wind of rumours. Many professionals (nurses, solicitors etc) allegedly involved. Is this something you would know about Aangirfan?”

      I have also done a bit of research on SRA myself, and it seems that it was something that Geoffrey Dickins was looking closely at, at the time of his Dossiers.

      • gw

        If I say so myself I think that talk of satanic ritual abuse is barking up the wrong tree and is likely to turn people off who would otherwise listen.

        In my opinion talk of SRA should be consigned to the bins much like the MMR-autism link.


      • @gw it appears on an official document..

      • @rainbowsophie in the C4 series past on trial with the interview with the council woman with stacks of files if you pause the video as it pans over the docs you can see the the words ‘black magic”

      • gw

        bob – That’s not to say that SRA exists. There is a multitude of information available on the subject and the sensible conclusion is that it was an ill-informed moral panic. Precisely the stuff we want to avoid if these matters of CSA (especially when they involve “the establishment”) are to be taken seriously.


      • John

        gw. Now the USA CDC cover up of the MMR/autism link has been exposed, you have hopefully become a tad less naïve ?

  4. I’ve an idea the dust will settle this time in our history. That’s if the police and the powers that be do their jobs properly this time around. Fingers crossed!

  5. Bishop Brightly

    Found this online interesting though:

    “Bryans was a deeply disturbed man, and in her biography of the traitor Anthony Blunt, Miranda Carter says that while Bryans did know Blunt, many of his statements about the spy are demonstrably untrue.”

    Perhaps nothing should be gospel?

  6. PS. The German Book store has it at 12.37 Euros and $50.00 postage !!

  7. I have just tried to buy from German store but no luck mainly because I can’t speak German and I couldn’t get it to ask me for payment details. I recently bought Bryans egyptian travel book on the Khyber which I’ve not yet read on the chance it might throw some light on Savile’s house in Cairo that he bought for his elder sister Marjorie (mentioned in DM articles where Savile’s niece tells of her abuse by him). If anyone does manage to purchase this book some more scanned copies shared online would be really helpful please. Kincora inquiry due 2015.

    • Just bought it Cassandra – luckily I did German to A level standard so it wasn’t toooo difficult. Now the fun will start in trying to upload any scans as I am a complete technophobe. On the Cairo connection I might even have the opportunity of going there later this year as my brother has just been posted there for a 12 month job.

  8. according to Colin Wallace the Satanism thing was put about in order to discredit the allegations.

  9. dpack

    sra/common purpose murder would be a powerful tool for blackmail.
    a minority interest probably,perhaps another node but unlikely to be central to most of the issues exposed so far.
    however smoke and mirrors teach by where they are placed to hide something.

  10. Re: SRA, a remarkable detail from Michael Salter’s remarkable book “Organized Sexual Abuse” —

    pg 64 – “The rhetorical importance of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ for the ‘false memory’ movement is illustrated by the fact that, of the 144 newsletters released by the FMSF between 1992 and 2011, 140 of them used the term. Scott (2001) argues that the deployment of the term ‘satanic ritual abuse’ was a deliberate strategy undertaken by ‘false memory’ activists and journalists sympathetic to the ‘false memory’ movement in an attempt to portray cases of ritualistic abuse in a salacious light. In doing so, they were able to shift the debate about sexual abuse allegations from the terrain of child welfare, reframing the issue in terms of the susceptibility of women and children to coercive influence.

    The emphasis on satanic ritual abuse was a particularly important part of this strategy, characterising child protection workers and therapists as ‘antisatanists’ on a ‘witch hunt’. This was a rhetorical strategy that substantively broadened the field of people evincing scepticism over women and children’s testimony of organised abuse from the core of the ‘false memory’ movement to include a range of progressive and relatively liberal commentators.”