Poison Pen



by | May 9, 2013 · 8:36 am

5 responses to “Poison Pen

  1. dpack

    geoffrey dickens and family had similar and worse.
    kincora witnesses got dead somehow.
    being sensible can mitigate many risks.
    awareness and appropriate action is probably the best defense to any risk.
    some nice folk can find that a steep learning curve.

  2. chess

    That’s horrible and vile and cowardly and directed at kids, who’ve done no harm. The recipient got too close for comfort. I don’t think violence solves anything but seeing something like that could persuade me differently. Though I wouldn’t to stoop that low.
    We’re seeing 2013’s equivalent on social media sites and that’s just as nauseating. It’s still bullying and intimidation by anonymous people whose only recourse it is and who can’t maintain a reasoned or reasonable debate without resorting to offensive language, threats and dirty tricks. Sad, isn’t it?

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