Lynton Crosby launches Twitter libel action against Labor

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Just as David Cameron could do without any further distractions  Lynton Crosby, his top strategist for the 2015 general election,  is about to become embroiled in a lengthy and costly libel action 10,500 miles away from Downing Street.

Mr Crosby the aggressive campaign adviser  who helped Boris Johnson win the last London mayoral election  and well-known for his ” dog whistle” techniques to woo voters is about to cause a furore in Australia in a trial that a judge says is already ” heading down the path of a famous defamation.”

He is the latest top figure after Lord McAlpine, the former Tory treasurer, decided to sue people for Twitter defamation ( in his case wrongly accused of being a paedophile), to take his chances in the courts. The interesting thing is this case is that it centres around his very election techniques that helped right wingers win power in…

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4 responses to “Lynton Crosby launches Twitter libel action against Labor

  1. Loverat

    Do not know much about libel in Australia but rule number one is:

    – Libel actions should be kept out of politics and election campaigns.

    The claimant may do well to look at Waterson V Lloyd in the High Court of London which sounds a similar scenario. The defendant won the appeal hearing. In my view as long as the law and judges in that part of the world are no less sensible than here, there should be multiple reasons why this should not succeed.

  2. O/T, but you could’nt make it up-

    ‘A prominent barrister specialising in reproductive rights has called for the age of consent to be lowered to 13.
    Barbara Hewson told online magazine Spiked that the move was necessary in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to end the “persecution of old men”.’

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