‘The Evil Men Behind Child Sex Empire’

Following on from the Exaro story today, the first that addresses the child pornography dimension, it is time to remind readers of one important but by no means the only, major player. That is Spartacus , John Stamford, Peter Glencross, and their connection to Elm Guest House.



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  2. Clive

    The Drama Centre London was actively involved in Satanism and child sex.
    The Crowley circle met at the Chalk Farm church off Prince Of Wales Road in North London, where the circle held its ceremonies, under the direction of Yat Malmgren, assisted by Christopher Fettes.

    • Donald Mullins

      Russell Brand can tell you what went on at the Drama Centre, with Charistopher Fettes and Yat Malmgren

  3. Colin from Shepperton, Surrey

    The late Bryan Forbes who was an actor/director, was involved in the paedophile rings in the UK and abroad, together with many of his film and theatrical friends.
    Bryan Forbes was involved in the murder of Peter Arne, another actor who was the victim of a murder after he fell on hard times and tried to blackmail a number of big names, including Forbes.
    Peter Arne’s killer was never found and he was said to have been very well paid to do the job and to relocate outside the UK.

  4. sharon smith

    Pedophiles are not normal they are disgusting and its time we forget there rights and start to protect our children

  5. @gojam do you think the bits about ‘criminal activity’ deeply ironic?

  6. P.A.N (produced by spartacus-shows here in this text extract that they are avid supporters of P.I.E)

    “In the last issue of PAN we published extracts from a long, thoughtful letter from Sri Lanka (PAN 9, page 27). Among other things, the anonymous author was sharply critical of the English Paedophile Information Exchange, and shortly after PAN 9 was published we received an equally thoughtful reply from one of the PIE board members objecting to this piece and confusing the position of its author with our position at PAN. It shouldn’t be necessary to say that we have a much higher regard for PIE than does the writer of this article, that we do not agree that paedophiles should identify with or adopt the psychology of criminals — although it maybe wise to study some of the precautions they take. (The last issue of PIE’s Magpie, No. 16, incidentally, although a bit thinner than its predecessors, is perhaps its very best yet and contains, as well as an up-dating of the O’Carroll trial and imprisonment, one of the most perceptive articles on the situation in Sri Lanka ever printed in the English language. It is impossible to praise too highly this remarkable and courageous publication — and another more modest news letter recently inaugurated called Contact.) In printing below the further thoughts of this man we realise that there are probably things in it with which many people will disagree. There are also things which need saying, and which he says very well. We have far too much respect for our readers to pre-digest this letter, point out what we suspected is exaggeration born of bitterness, to analyse it in light of some sort of dialectic, as the philosophers of the Left are constantly doing, or a supposedly universal boy-love Position. Not long ago I had a talk with an English guy who was on vacation after completing a couple of years in an Engish <ARCHIVIST'S CORRECTION: English prison…..

  7. @GOJAM bloody hell righton had naked boy pics / books sent from holland..ie spartacus maybe?

  8. @gojam i just watched ‘secret life of a paedophile’ again..in it it states that righton was PIE member and his sidekick napier treasurer..dammit that means you can connect Righton to Elm Guest house…Righton->PIE->Spartacus->Elm Guest House->P Bottomley ( via V Bottomley patron of Righton charity)…

  9. @gojam ou know its weird looking at this blog and seeing the photos of these people when i am going through their own publication written by these perverted individuals….its almost surreal….thanks for posting this as it gives me some idea what these bastards looked like…and what they were up to….

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