Stuart Hall: ‘Plea Bargain’ ?

To start with I’d just like to make it clear that the lady who is alleged to have been raped by Stuart Hall is entitled to do as she wishes, as do all victims/survivors of child sexual abuse.

The 83-year-old of Wilmslow, Cheshire, pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to the offences, involving 13 victims, which occurred between 1967 and 1985…

…Mr Afzal said the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would not be proceeding with the rape charge as the woman who made the allegation no longer wished to give evidence in light of the guilty pleas.

BBC News

But given the original text of this article in The Independent which alleges far more serious crimes than the inappropriate kissing and groping that it would appear Stuart Hall has pleaded guilty too, and certainly far more serious than the majority of the MSM are reporting. I am left wondering exactly who benefits from Stuart Hall pleading guilty to ‘lesser’ charges ?

 She went to the studios [BBC] encouraged by her mum and head teacher. And went back again, and once more. He seemed caring. Then, having groomed her, she alleges, he got her drunk and started the abuse. She kept going back. His mates, she claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.

Had read:

Then, having groomed her, she alleges, he got her drunk and started the abuse. She kept going back. His mates, including an MP who is now a Peer, she claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.

It would appear from this extract, which I must stress has been removed from the article but still appears in cached online versions, that Stuart Hall was part of a group of men who abused young girls at the BBC. At least one of those men is now a peer of the realm.

Though it has not been made clear in The Independent article the account appears to detail the rape charge which the CPS have dropped because “the woman who made the allegation no longer wished to give evidence in light of the guilty pleas”.

So, cui bono ? Who benefits from this guilty plea for lesser charges against 13 victims ?

Well, certainly the victims themselves benefit. They do not have to stand up in court and be abused by the defendant’s expensive lawyer. By not proceeding the woman that has alleged that Stuart Hall raped her has saved those other victims that appalling prospect.

But there appears to be others who are abusers themselves who will benefit also from this ‘plea bargain’.

Let’s hope the police have the bottle to pursue this investigation how ever high up it goes and however implicated the BBC are shown to be.

But I fear that is hope over expectation.



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  2. Bishop Brightly

    This is all becoming absolutely unbelievable. With the police not acting on clear evidence from Barnes and now a coverup over an map shagging kids with Stuart hall, the lack of justice is now sickening.

    If the police do not do their jobs then someone has to do it for them soon.

    • Jas

      And if “someone does ” the Police’s job for them , you can be sure that the ” someone” will feel the whole wrath of the corrupted regulatory process including the Police with amazing efficiency . Just for simply trying to get these people to do the job which they and only they profess to do and for which they get paid . Perhaps a lot of the blame should be with the Lawyers ? Milking the system by fee running ? Just look at the number of Judicial Reviews which they loose for those Claiming 4% success rate . How many people would risk all that grief & costs with a 25 to 1 chance against their winning — and then only on the procedure being flawed ?

    • It clearly shows how corrupt the authorities were and still are…

  3. simian

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Well, well, well if the plot isn’t just thickening. Nice bit of editing by The Independent?
    “Then, having groomed her, she alleges, he got her drunk and started the abuse. She kept going back. His mates, including an MP who is now a Peer, she claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.”

    Good call Mr Gojam!

  4. Pete

    Gojam, maybe I missed it but on reading this article there is no mention of the age of this girl when these incidents happened. It says she was still at School at the time but she could still have been above the age of consent and the article doesn’t make it clear whether she outwardly consented to these acts or not. She may well have hated it in her head but did she make that clear to Hall and co ?

    • Hi Pete,

      I’m fairly certain she was not above the age of consent

      • Pete

        If thats the case then clearly this is a most serious matter but do you know this for sure ? If she was above the age of consent that might explain why proceedings were dropped.

      • I’m fairly sure but not 100%.

        I’d rather not have to prove it as it would identify the girl.

      • Mitch

        Hi Gojam,
        read your article about the editing oif the original Alibhai-Brown article regarding Stuart hall and noted that you said that the original is still cached online; is it possible for you to supply a link to that cache?
        warm regards

  5. john carey

    Hall plea bargained as everone does in court – prosecution, defence, court costs for the tax payer – all a winner – Hall is off to prison I think he will get 3 years. I heard his only `defence` to the serious charges was the 9 year old girl had `used her joker` so technically she was 18

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  7. hes played his joker.

    • john carey

      he is going down – must be scared shitless, 83 and off to prison – the judge will suddenly be made aware that Hall has a bad ticker/ warts / dandruff etc etc – but to prison he will go – then fun and games for him!!!!

  8. kg

    No, he won’t go down. He still has mates in high places. I would be surprised if anyone, other than Gary Glitter go down.

  9. I think this comes under the category of ‘Damage Limitation’- expect a ‘poor me, poor me, pour me another’ biography after a spell in an Open Prison. His accomplices are all comfortably protected, especially his Lordship…

  10. Tim Sanders

    I have a strong feeling that there is a lot more to come re Mr Hall.
    Could be much bigger than Savile.
    Peer/MP suddenly missing from Independent report.
    Royal connections.
    Another BBC cover job.
    This could be a Knockout.

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  12. InterestedObserver

    Very interesting revision to the original text by The Independent. I agree it opens up the possibility of behind-the-scenes manoeuvring to protect the former-MP in question. Whether or not that is the case, none of us know, but it does seem highly suspicious on the face of it.

    I wonder if the Judge’s comments about sentencing (that he currently isnt clear on the appropriate sentence) was a subtle reference to these machinations.

    As for who the former-MP might be, I have no idea. But Hall’s professional life has been largely located in the North West, so I’d perhaps look there to begin with at least.

    Has he ever published an autobiography? Any references there to politicians he was chums with?

  13. JF

    Mrs Yasmin ALIBI-Brown – surely you can help; I am keen to know your position on the entire concatenation of matters. I feel sure you don’t agree with censorship, let alone embrace cover-up.

    • She doesn’t need me to defend her but you would be extremely wrong to blame her or The Independent.

      Also, there is an alternative interpretation of the publicly known facts.

      • InterestedObserver

        Agree. She should be commended for bringing this whole sorry episode to the attention of the Police, not criticised for covering up. I doubt she had any control over the Indie’s revisions to her original article.

  14. Rajnish

    As i have always said you do not have any laws in this country, you have perverts in fancy uniform. That’s the the reason these crimes went unpunished 40 or 60 years back and about to be WHITE washed again. Plea Bargain on such a serious case, a celebrity some one representing moral status of the nation, who are they protecting I wonder maybe the law makers them self’s. This is sickening beyond belief.

  15. JF

    No blame – I think it’s marvellous she’s entered the debate. If efforts are being made to censor or silence her then hopefully the cause has a formidable ally. Uncovering the cover up was always the journalistic Holy Grail, no? Sorry if I could not resist punning on the name.
    This is great work! Well done all.

  16. rev phil;

    I am in NO DOUBT that pressure and intimidation was at the centre of this ‘unwilling to continue’.
    Witness tampering is an offence and should be added to the list against all concerned.
    We do NOT have a justice system and we do NOT have an EFFECTIVE police force, what we DO have is a mafia style brotherhood that will stop at nothing to protect the ones that are REALLY guilty and we ALL know who THAT is. DON’T WE?

    • Jane

      The problem is that if the police do not do something about this soon, while they still have free will, the nano chip will be in place – it will be too late then. Once the nano chip is under the skin if you disagree with the powers that be you will find your nano chip linked to the sat nav of a bus/car/lorry/van – and under the wheels you will be pulled – the Police need to get their finger out whilst we still have time to rage against the machine. They really do need to address this.

  17. Stu

    I remember him endorsing a certain Labour MP in the late 80s or 90s

    • InterestedObserver

      He (Hall) is apparently a former Labour Party member unlikely as that may seem given his golf-club-bore persona.

  18. Tommy Turnbull

    Unfortunately it is a very common policy for lawyers and the judiciary to get the accused to plea bargain, the courts are cleared faster and in return lesser sentences are dealt out, a ‘quid pro quo’ that leaves the general public and the victims feeling that not only has justice not been done, but it has most definitely not been seen to have been done. Who is the legal system being run for, the judiciary or the public? Silly question really …

  19. callie

    I think this lady that wrote the letter and the dropped rape charge are two different people. It was widely reported the rape charge involved a woman who was 22 at the time. That actually makes it worse of course – he has dodged TWO rape charges.

    • Callie, I no longer know which is the real Callie.

      I liked the original one. I saw her as a critical friend but I know that someone has been using the Callie name to troll.

      If it is you could you please email me with the original email address you used which included not***************, so that I can establish it is you and so that I don’t trash your comments out of hand.

      IP addresses are not enough to identify accurately

      Thank you.

  20. They all need bringing in wether they are HRH, Peer of the realm or plain and simple Mr. The whole lot need stringing up and bringing to justice and those who are protecting them too.

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  22. Bishop Brightly

    I could not find the original article but covering up is going on:

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  24. InterestedObserver

    Lest anyone should doubt it, I saw the original article yesterday (ie before it was amended) and can, therefore, vouch for the accuracy of the references to it in this blog.

  25. Azaelea

    I would say that he pled to prevent a Royal from being dragged into the fray; It’s a Royal Knockout??

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  27. Just a thought… There can’t be that many people who were MPs at the relevant time, then a still-living Lord at the relevant time. Has anyone thought of doing a list?

  28. knowall

    that last poster hit the nail on the head