Office for Children’s Commissioner For Wales – Racist?

I got a phone call today from a lady at the Office for the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.
She quickly ran through a checklist to make sure I had Mental Health support in place and then suggested to me that, in future, should I find I had further concerns relating to my time in Care in Wales, I should direct them at the English Children’s Commissioner.
This took me a little by surprise as the two guys I had been dealing with from that office had always been willing and happy to speak with me, listen to my concerns and offer any advise they could as to how to go about solving my issues.
I quickly explained that I had been a Welsh resident during my time in a Welsh children’s home, which was under investigation by a Welsh Police Force.
At this point she interrupted to tell me that I did not fall under their remit, as I was born in England, so I was the English Commissioner’s responsibility and any future enquiries should be directed there.

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4 responses to “Office for Children’s Commissioner For Wales – Racist?

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  2. chess

    Sounds racist to me ….and stupid, thoughtless, bigoted, cruel, uncaring….

  3. gus brown

    sounds like someone trying very hard to run from any sort of responsibility for anything – will go far in her chosen career no doubt

  4. rainbowsophie

    That is so ********* that I actually started laughing ! Absolutely unbelievable that you still get responses like that even in our ‘enlightened’ times (not).