Brave Article, Very Brave Lady.

I think The Independent were brave to publish this article and the lady who wrote the original correspondence which launched the investigation into Stuart Hall was very brave indeed. Please read the entire article.

While most of the media are portraying the crimes Stuart Hall has pleaded guilty to as inappropriate kissing and groping this article betrays the lie to all that and indicates possible collusion with others in the establishment.

I have been waiting anxiously for this moment, the moment when Stuart Hall would either be found guilty or innocent of the sexual abuse of young girls.

Last year I became personally involved in this saga, and that involvement led to the investigation by Lancashire Police which ended with Hall’s confession. His victims must have feared that with his power and money he would fight their allegations and win. He did initially deny all charges and made statements about his “innocence” and distress at being falsely accused of terrible crimes. All that posturing is over. What a release that must be for the abused. I feel a sense of relief too.

It all started with an unsigned, anonymous letter sent to me via The Independent last May. We journalists and columnists often get missives from readers – not only about the views we express but about their sorrows and misfortunes. These days most such communication arrives via email. But this epistle came by post, in an envelope with a stamp. Perhaps that’s why it stood out.

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  1. rainbowsophie

    I was listening to Yasmin’s interview on Radio 2, she says that the letter was sent to her one year ago – last May – and was prompted by this :
    “Why am I writing about this now? Because I was enraged when I saw [Hall] had received his OBE this year. Because it seems that our culture is thinking differently about sexual predators… The furore over Jimmy Savile has spurred me on.”
    What furore about Savile was around May 2012 ? as that predates the Exposure programme by several months.

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    very brave to report, the courage the victims had to speak out is incredible – I am so glad he pleaded guilty in the end… even if he falsely protested his “innocence” first

  3. are we talking trotter? re dj in seventies by now?

  4. the current comment is along the lines of ”why did these women wait all these years until now?” as if they sat around for decades waiting to pounce on the person hoping to cash about this for an answer ? savile? who would believe a little kid against a celeb? the morons on yahoo threads get worse by the day..

  5. Bishop Brightly

    Has anyone asked Jasmin why the article removes the reference to an mp who is now a peer?

  6. If the comedian in his 70’s (not named in newspapers) is who I think it is, it will shock the nation.

    • Zadoc

      That would be DJ then, presumably. Can’t say I’m surprised. There were whisperings about this as long ago as 2005.

  7. has anyone actually see the report about jimmy savile?
    here it is :

    Click to access savile_report.pdf

  8. chrisb

    In the article, YAB states that: “His mates, she (the abused woman) claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.” Who are these ‘mates’? We need to know as I suspect TPTB have chosen Hall as a sacrificial lamb on the grounds that he can be portrayed as a lone predator. Can’t wait for the Dame Janet Smith Review to come out.

  9. gus brown

    let’s hope that the police do something about the named person who aided and abetted Hall even though his identity was quickly removed.

  10. Mark Bingham

    Amazing that Sturat Hall, Bill Roach and Owen Oysten are best friends and all are Directors in Owens company? Owen is a convicted rapist, Hall has confessed to rape and Roach is charged with rape. The mind boggles at how after all these years only one of them has served jail time????

    gojam edit: I’m guessing you meant Bill Roache who played ‘Ken’ Barlow. I can see how it happened but I don’t want an acclaimed film director on my back. :-)

    • chrisb

      I am not saying that Oysten was wrongly convicted. (He has always maintained his innocence, even though it initially resulted in him staying in prison longer). What I would say though is that there is more to his story than has been brought to the public’s attention. There seems to have possibly been a long-running conspiracy against him preceding the trial.

  11. dpack

    well done,not easy reading.
    i can also vouch for y a-b as a decent person from meeting her socially many years ago.
    the snowball is getting bigger and faster

  12. Loverat

    Agree with the article. Let’s hope that other child abusers like Hall are all brought to justice. I suppose the only positive thing you can say about the man is at least he did not continue with his claims of innocence, so did not prolong the agony further – nor did he try to hide behind libel laws as some of the others.

    Anyway – this example will encourage others to come forward. I am quite appalled to read that other individuals knew and even assisted these sex offenders and covered up their crimes. It seems this whole scandal needs to be blown wide open. The momentum is behind this now.

  13. chess

    Hear, hear.

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    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a particularly honest and decent journalist who is prepared to up causes and issues others might ignore. I am reproducing her article today on the exposure of Stuart Hall via The Needle blog because it is also providing an invaluable archive of child abuse over the last 30 years.Those who are following the Richmond child abuse scandal will find the articles well worth studying as they illustrate the depth of successive cover ups of this issue today and in the past.

    • Anon

      Shame about all of the other MSM Editors & Journalists who know what has being going on for years and are complicit in censoring & covering it all up, and ought to be jailed for this complicity.

  15. Bishop Brightly

    This is the truth that the news has mostly glossed over. He didn’t just touch a few people up, he raped a child until she bled repeatedly with others.

    I bet you a pound to a penny that digging will link this piece of shit to savile.

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