Pallial Report

The 18 page report from Operation Pallial has today been released.


Newsnight programme
1. On 2nd November 2012, the BBC current affairs programme Newsnight broadcast an
interview with Mr Steven Messham, which included allegations made by him that he
was abused as a child whilst in the North Wales care system and that the Waterhouse
Inquiry (see paragraphs 4-8 below) had failed to uncover the full extent of abuse in the
1970s and 1980s.

Receipt of new complaints
2. Following the broadcast of this interview and the ensuing intense public interest, the
North Wales Police, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
(NSPCC), the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, National Health Service (NHS)
Wales, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and other public
and voluntary services began to receive multiple complaints of historic child abuse
relating to the North Wales care system.

Home Secretary’s Speech
3. The Home Secretary summarised these past events in a statement to the House of
Commons on 6th November 20121:


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18 responses to “Pallial Report

  1. Paddy

    Paisley knows kincora secrets loyalists involved many orange order members blackmailed by mi5. Even a royal sailor visited kincora ,,,,guess who

  2. Hmmm, so, like Savile, all of the abusers ‘acted alone’ not in concert, no conspiracy, no paedo ring(s), all mere coincidence (including the organised bussing in of victims to ‘private parties’)…Pull the other one, it’s got alarm bells on it…

    • @incusblog from my understanding there was so much surveillance on rocks lane it became a local joke, noise, ppl coming and going at all hours and mininbusses with kids where are the photos of who going in out and the minibusses..

  3. they have said theirs no evidence the police did anything before they have actually investigated that’s not a good start..

  4. dpack

    what struck me most was how careworn the two senior officers looked,both had thousand year old eyes.
    section 16 could be taken as an invitation to provide evidence of corruption/crime by ex or serving officers,all it really says is they have not found any so far.that may or may not be true.
    the media are trying to mitigate their failure to report these matters more thoroughly in the past and recently.
    i got the impression from the report and the statements to camera that the team leadership at pallial are well meaning and rather overwhelmed by what they are discovering about the truth in north wales and elsewhere.
    the conduct of part two needs as much help as possible,like part one did.
    if they mean what they say about “no stone unturned” they have crossed the rubicon and they must win their battle or be destroyed. if we can help them we should imho.

    my response to the thin blue line’s interim report is:
    – mind your backs folks looking under stones can lead to snakebites.
    most of the crimes you are investigating are simple,ugly and often interlinked with other similar crimes but essentially simple crimes of perverted lusts for power and gratification committed by those who networked via a common interest to indulge in those interests or to make a profit in some way.i include most of the local corruption and most of the profit motives in this category.

    – some of the crimes you are investigating might have very complex implications and these will require a different mindset from that needed for a simple crime being investigated by an honest copper in order to understand the background to the motives and actions of the dark forces involved,the outcomes they have resulted in and to bring those at fault to justice.

    – some of the events surrounding kincora are well documented ,elm guest house is another node ,righton and his networks in both very high and very low places are becoming clearer,some of clockwork orange and its effects are known. the context of these things may be relevant to the context of some events you are investigating.

    – the international aspect of such crimes is demonstrated by proven links and suggested by similar events at similar times in many places.
    such considerations must inform any investigations of the events in north wales or elsewhere.

    ps be brave but careful as you protect and serve.

    • kaztgray

      thank you dpack :)
      well put my friend.
      now why do u never leave comments like that over on mine? lol pffft.

      my response on the report can be seen over on Fighting Back. posted it last night.
      now we gotta start the fight for cotsbrook to be included.
      that is gonna be the hardest challenge in all of this. about to ring welsh childrens commissioner, again.

  5. Anon

    The Politicians will sacrifice a few high profile well-known Celebrities but will protect their own Perverted Political Colleagues whose names will continue to be shrouded in secrecy.

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  7. Bishop Brightly

    We knew the abuse was massive back at Waterhouse. So why are the press saying its bigger than people thought?

  8. simian

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    “16. No evidence of systemic or institutional misconduct by North Wales Police officers or staff in connection with these matters has been identified.” YET…

  9. so someone tell me quite why a lot of names at the waterhouse enquiry were deliberately left out?

  10. I notice that they were VERY quick to say, in the opening paragraphs, that

    “16. No evidence of systemic or institutional misconduct by North Wales Police officers or staff in connection with these matters has been identified.”

    Which immediately puts me on edge !
    That seems to be quite a blanket statement to issue at so early a stage !

  11. Len

    The BBC are making a point about 10 of 16 that named one particular individual are believed to be deceased. Wonder if that will be looked into?

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  13. Terry

    This could get very interesting. Could the Welsh Secretary at the time have ordered a cover-up? Will there be any mention of Sir James (Jimmy) McAlpine?